6th of October 2022 Shayne Tilley 0 Comments

Creating Products: Before You Even Think About Creating Products, Think About This

Darren Says: Today we’re continuing our ‘creating products’ week here at ProBlogger by looking at some of the areas of groundwork you might need to do before or while creating a product. Our Marketing/Product Guru Shayne’s written this post but I’ll chime in along the way with some thoughts too.Over to ...more
21st of September 2022 Grove Galligan 0 Comments

2022 Genius Bloggers Toolkit

Every year thousands of bloggers buy The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit because it represents unbelievable value for a massive compilation of extremely useful blogging resources. The only catch – and the reason why they can sell this bundle so cheap – is that this offer is only available for a strictly limited ...more
How to set SMART goals for your blog in 2021
13th of January 2022 Bill Harper 0 Comments

How to Set SMART Goals for Your Blog in 2022

This post is based on episode 218 of the ProBlogger podcast. It’s been a very long year, and like most people you probably can’t wait for it to be over. And with the new year just around the corner, now is a good time to set yourself some blogging goals ...more
9th of December 2021 Stacey Roberts 0 Comments

Say Goodbye to Bad Habits: Five You Should Ditch in the New Year

I don’t know about you, but it’s around this time of year when I start thinking about all the things that didn’t quite work out over the last 12 months in my blogging efforts. Things I got wrong, things I didn’t try hard enough on, things I know I should ...more
Be Productive
International Start a Blog Day 2021
7th of February 2021 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

International Start a Blog Day Class of 2021

Why would you start a blog in 2021? The past 12 months have shown us how important human connection is. Particularly when people have become physically isolated, blogging has brought people together, providing a space for ideas, conversations and community. In the new Covid-19 world, amidst crisis and fast changes ...more
30th of December 2020 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

The Best Reason to Start a Blog in 2021

The world needs YOU. Right now. We currently find ourselves in a crazy time with COVID-19 – all that is meaning for us in the world we’re living in, the effect on our lives this coming year and the unforeseeable changes for many years to come. With so many people ...more
7 habits of lucky entrepreneurs
8th of October 2020 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

7 Habits of Lucky Entrepreneurs

This post is based on episode 45 of the ProBlogger podcast. How many times have you heard or read about an entrepreneur’s latest opportunity and thought, How lucky were they? And yes, in some instances it may well have been luck that gave them that opportunity. A simple case of ...more
7th of February 2020 Ngahuia Galligan 0 Comments

International Start a Blog Day Class of 2020

How long have you been blogging? Is it days? Weeks? Months? Years? Or are you yet to start? Do you know that 2020 represents my third decade blogging? No, I haven’t been blogging for 30 years, but I started in the ‘Noughties’ and continued through the teen years of this ...more
Black Friday Blogging Deals – Believe the Hype!
28th of November 2019 Ngahuia Galligan 0 Comments

Black Friday Blogging Deals – Believe the Hype!

We always caution ProBlogger readers not to buy something unless you need it, no matter the deal. BUT.... Right now is a great time to minimize the costs of your blogging by taking advantage of the incredible bargains available on the essential services you require to run your blog.  The momentum that has ...more