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International Start a Blog Day Class of 2020

Posted By Ngahuia Galligan 7th of February 2020 General, Start a Blog 0 Comments

International Start a Blog Day Class of 2020

How long have you been blogging?

Is it days? Weeks? Months? Years?

Or are you yet to start?

Do you know that 2020 represents my third decade blogging?

No, I haven’t been blogging for 30 years, but I started in the ‘Noughties’ and continued through the teen years of this century and now it’s 2020.

I don’t tell you this to brag, but instead to let you know that blogging has sustained me – and I don’t mean just financially – for this duration. What sustains me is the medium for connection that blogging provides and what inspires me is the fresh perspective and vibrant ideas new bloggers bring.

I always look forward to the start of every new year, because many people resolve to start a blog at this time. Each year we have a fresh crop of new bloggers to welcome to our online world and we do our best to help them make their own mark and share the benefit of our experience.

2020 is a great time to start a blog. Blogs are not going away!

While blogs have changed over the years, they are still the best way to stake out your own little piece of the internet, to provide a home base for all your content on whatever topic or niche you’re into, serving whichever audience or community you choose.

In many respects it’s a lot easier to start a blog these days and to get up-and-running quicker. The tools and technology available for bloggers enables so many modes of communication and online business models.

While the array of options can sometimes feel overwhelming, the fundamentals of professional blogging remain constant:

  • Start a blog
  • Create content
  • Find readers
  • Build community
  • Make money

No, it’s not easy and making money blogging doesn’t happen overnight, but the journey is worthwhile and fulfilling in and of itself.Today, 7th February 2020, is ProBlogger’s International Start a Blog Day – a day when we celebrate new bloggers taking their first steps along this path by launching their blogs.

These new bloggers will inform, entertain, connect and help people. They will enrich and even change their readers lives.

Please support these new bloggers by checking out their sites, reading their stories, leaving them a comment and following them on social media. They’ve taken action by completing ProBlogger’s Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog course and following through on a commitment they’ve made to themselves and their future readership.

Starting a blog is hard work. Building a profitable blog is harder still. If we encourage and help each other out, the task becomes easier, even if it is just knowing that we are not alone.

Not yet Launched?

We’d also like to recognise those pre-bloggers who are currently working through the course and taking steps to launch their blogs. We’ll be bringing you updates on them in the coming weeks. So if you’re still working to launch your blog, make sure you update your student profile in our members section (you need to be logged in) with all your blog details, when you’re ready.

Course Graduates

New bloggers, if you’ve got something out of doing the course, we’d love you to leave us a testimonial (you need to be logged in) recommending us to other new bloggers.

Would-be Bloggers

You can view all the testimonials here for ProBlogger’s free course The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to take the course and start your own blog.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

You can check out all the new bloggers below – enjoy scrolling through the entries! You can also sort by Blog Topic to find some new blogging buddies in your niche. For more details about each blogger, click on the button to expand their entry.

Note: We’ve only published launched blogs in this list. Parked domains and URLs that lead to hosting service landing pages were not included. If you don’t see your new blog in the list (and it is launched and you have completed your student profile in our members section) it may be because you missed the cutoff. Don’t worry we’ll be updating the list in the coming days and including it in next week’s newsletter.

About Ngahuia Galligan
Ngahuia Galligan is General Manager of ProBlogger and the founder and director of Harness, business systems improvement. When she’s not helping people sort out thier business systems (or on Slack with the PB team), you’ll find her on the roller derby track or spinning a hula hoop.

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