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23rd of May 2024 Grove Galligan 0 Comments

What Can Bloggers Learn from Pickleball?

I may be late to the party but I’ve just discovered Pickleball! And after playing almost daily since my first hit, I have to admit I’m a little bit addicted… Pickleball, a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, is not just a pastime with a quirky name—it’s ...more
21st of September 2022 Grove Galligan 0 Comments

2022 Genius Bloggers Toolkit

Every year thousands of bloggers buy The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit because it represents unbelievable value for a massive compilation of extremely useful blogging resources. The only catch – and the reason why they can sell this bundle so cheap – is that this offer is only available for a strictly limited ...more
30th of June 2022 Grove Galligan 0 Comments

Discover a New Way to Protect Yourself from Data-Loss Nightmares

How do you backup your computer/s? This past month I’ve changed my approach and I wish I’d done it earlier. In this article I’ll tell you why I’ve switched. For many years I’ve used hard drives onsite at my house and have then backed up those drives to others offsite at ...more
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31st of March 2022 Grove Galligan 0 Comments

What Links to Use in Your Affiliate Marketing Emails

This article is based on ProBlogger Podcast 107. This question comes in from Scott who asks, “I want to try my hand at some affiliate promotions and have selected an ebook to promote. I’ve heard you say that your affiliate promotions work best when you email your list, but I’m ...more
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Top tips for a clean and healthy blog email list
16th of August 2018 Grove Galligan 0 Comments

Top Tips for a Clean and Healthy Blog Email List

At ProBlogger, we talk a lot about the value and importance of using an email strategy to drive traffic to, and make money from, your blog. But if you don’t keep your email subscriber list clean, it can negatively affect your blogging business. By a clean list, I mean making ...more
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