What to Write About When You Feel Like You've Got Nothing Unique Left to Say
15th of January 2016 Darren Rowse 6

What to Write About When You Feel Like You’ve Got Nothing Unique to Say

If you’re still on holidays, or are up to your ears in start-of-the-year business, today’s episode of the ProBlogger podcast is a short and sweet one, designed to be easy to listen to. Why Your Story Will Always Be Interesting to Someone If you’ve been blogging for some time, you ...more
For when you're stuck in the "I must publish new content on my blog every day" cycle: three things to try to build quality links back to your site using the content you already have. Click through to read the whole post on
14th of January 2016 Stacey Roberts 8

3 Tactics for Building Quality Links to Your Blog

This is a guest contribution from Alex Ivanovs. Links remain as one of the most important assets for building a Google search presence. Many know that the Google Panda algorithm update was a tipping point for recognizing authoritative sites. Having a page of your website at the top of the ...more
Have you been batch-writing your blog posts to save time and be more productive? Here are a few things to think about.
13th of January 2016 Guest Blogger 3

5 Reasons NOT to Batch-Write Your Blog Content

This follow-up to 5 Reasons to Batch Your Blog Content is a guest contribution from Christian Karasiewicz. Are you thinking about batching your blog content? Batching your blog content can be incredibly beneficial as a business owner and/or blogger – it can help you save time, be more productive, and work ...more
Have you seen comments drop off your blog in the last few years? Try these 11 quick tips to get them back again! On
12th of January 2016 Darren Rowse 2

11 Quick Tips to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Episode 79 of the ProBlogger podcast is another episode short on time but long on information! Today we tackle the topic of how to encourage your audience to interact with you more on the comment section of your blog. Nowadays the trend for readers to reach out on social networks ...more
11 Quick Tips for Writing Compelling Blog Posts - On
8th of January 2016 Darren Rowse 6

11 Quick Tips for Writing Compelling Blog Posts

How much time do you have? For today’s ProBlogger podcast, I challenged myself to create an episode that was packed full of useful, practical advice, but would take less than two minutes to listen to. At this time of year we are all busy with something, so I’m taking your ...more
Blogging with Intention: Creating an income from a successful blog with Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom
7th of January 2016 Stacey Roberts 3

Earning an Income Online with Intentional, Mindful Blogging

The last thing you want to do when thinking about how to blog in the new year is make the same mindless mistakes you did in 2015. Those mistakes where you bit off more than you could chew, you let a project drag on that had seen better days, you ...more
6th of January 2016 Stacey Roberts 5

Keep it Simple – How to Stand out in a Crowded Blogosphere

In late 2014, Amy Lynn Andrews shared the story behind her super-popular email blogging tips roundup The Useletter, and totally-trimmed down blog: their simplicity is a breath of fresh air in a cacophony of online noise. If you’ve been thinking of paring back and going slow, let her words inspire you. ...more
How to Set Blog-Changing Goals for the New Year
5th of January 2016 Stacey Roberts 4

How to Set Blog-Changing Goals for the New Year

For the first ProBlogger podcast of 2016, I wanted to get you all into the planning mood – to think long-term and broadly about where you and your blog are going in the years to come. The beginning of January is prime resolution-making time, but I’m a little different: I prefer ...more
4th of January 2016 Stacey Roberts 6

Start The New Year off Right with Jeff Goins’ Three Secrets to Full Time Blogging

Welcome to 2016 on ProBlogger! I hope you’re ready for an amazing year of blogging together. We at ProBlogger HQ are really looking forward to being able to help you achieve your online dreams! Last year, we heard from writer and blogger Jeff Goins about how he finally made the ...more