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Free Masterclass Webinar: How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic, Develop Leads and Make Sales

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of February 2016 General 0 Comments

Today we’re announcing a ProBlogger Webinar with Special Guest Nathan Chan from Foundr Magazine.

The Short Story:

Want to learn how to rapidly grow your Instagram Following and use it to drive traffic and leads? Sign up for this week’s free Instagram masterclass webinar here.

Update: this webinar is almost at capacity. We’re closing in on 2,000 registrations so please secure your spot now to avoid disappointment.

How Nathan Chan Built a Business by Leveraging Instagram:


Over the last 12 months a certain online entrepreneur’s name just kept popping up in conversations with friends. It was always in the context of him being a young go-getter who was doing amazing things in growing his business. The name was Nathan Chan (that’s him in the picture).

Nathan is a Melbourne entrepreneur who just over three years ago (in his early 20’s) launched a digital magazine – Foundr – with the idea that it’d be a digital magazine for young entrepreneurs by young entrepreneurs.

In the last three years, Nathan has grown Foundr into an amazing business and in doing so has gotten the attention of some big entrepreneurs – like Richard Branson.

I recently had coffee with Nathan and heard his story. It blew me away to hear how big an audience he’s grown.

What blew me away even more is what he said when I asked him how Foundr grew so fast. He replied with one word – Instagram.

In 12 months Nathan grew his Instagram following to over 500,000 and had converted a significant amount of them into readers of his publication and buyers of his products.

That shocked me.

I know Instagram has been key for some of my fashion, food, travel and style blogger friends… but a business-oriented publication?

Nathan began to share some of what they do with me and then started to tell me stories of other niches who were kicking goals with Instagram. One that stood out was a Melbourne dentist who had done so well from Instagram that he couldn’t keep up with new clients!

Free Instagram Masterclass: This Week Only

I asked Nathan over our coffee a few weeks ago if he’d be up for doing a Webinar with the ProBlogger audience.

The good news is that he already was working on some training for Instagram and was keen to share it with our audience.

This week we’ve decided to do a free masterclass webinar event exclusively for ProBlogger readers to teach you how to use Instagram to build an audience, get leads and convert them to sales.

I’ll be hosting the event but Nathan will be doing all the teaching. I’m very excited about this because as I mentioned in last week’s newsletter I’ve just started a new Instagram account purely so I can test Nathan’s teaching for myself!

The webinar is scheduled for this Tuesday 23 February at 5.30pm Eastern US time (EST).

You can register here

I know we have a global audience which is hard for scheduling these but if you’re around the world that’s:

  • Los Angeles (PST): 2.30pm this Tuesday
  • London: 10.30pm this Tuesday
  • Singapore: 6.30am this Wednesday
  • Melbourne: 9.30am this Wednesday

There’s a countdown clock on the signup page so if you’re somewhere else you can work out when it is there!

Secure Your Place Now

Please note that our webinars do fill up quickly and there is always limited space on these calls so make sure you register early.

Also please note that while I am running this webinar partly to learn myself and because I believe Nathan will deliver some great teaching I also want to disclose that I’m an affiliate for Nathan and that he will make those who attend the live webinar an offer (with some sweet bonuses just for ProBlogger readers) at the end of his value-packed presentation. You’ll get some great tips whether you take that offer or not but I want to be transparent with you about that fact.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you (and learning alongside you) later in the week on this masterclass call.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Oh shoot, I just missed it! Will the webinar itself or information discussed during the webinar be available anywhere?

  • Maureen Lake

    I watched the seminar today and it was great. I’ve been trying to login to buy the class and the link does not work (either link) Can you please send me the link that goes with your site (drget)

    Thank you