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Another 24 hour giveaway – Where are the poets?

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgCalling all wannabe (or professional) poets!!

This one closes out at noon (EST – New York, USA) on Friday, October 5.

Prizes at stake:

How to Enter:

It’s “Ode to ProBlogger” time! All you have to do to have a qualifying entry to win one of the above 5 prizes is to leave a comment below with a poem about ProBlogger. It doesn’t have to be a “love poem” or written in any particular style (though yes, rhyming would be nice). You don’t have to link to anything or write anything on your own blog – you simply have to write a poem about ProBlogger the website or Darren, the man behind the site, right there in the comments section (of course if you really want to share your Ode with your readers you can post it on your blog – but we’d also ask you to share it here in comments so we’ve got them all in the one place).

Please include the word problogger or Darren in your Ode to help us catch all of these comments in Akismet.

There will be no judging, so please feel free to write BAD poetry!

The random number generator will choose 5 winners who will be notified by email.

Here comes the rub: If you have already won something, we’re sorry but you’re not eligible. If you win one of the iPods, you will then not be eligible to win anything else. Entering is not a guarantee of winning anything, and this whole thing is just for fun so if you think you’re a bad poet, write something anyway that somewhat resembles poetry. We seriously don’t care if it’s good or not!

Check out the full prize list (now updated to show which prizes have already been awarded or are in progress!) and if you’re not subscribed to the RSS feed by now, you’ve likely missed your chances to win a whole bunch of cool stuff already!

PS: If you’re looking for a little ‘inspiration’ – here’s an Ode that ProPoet Robert Bruce did for ProBlogger a while back:

Sorry, had to remove the video because it was acting all wonky… if you like, you can view it here.


This giveaway is closed, and all winners have been selected and notified. Thanks for all the really fantastic stuff (yes, even the “bad” stuff) – You all amazed both Darren and myself with your creativity!

  1. Darren is a blogger
    He’s great at writing
    Sometimes it rains
    But that doesn’t stop the typing

    Problogger is the man
    He’s featured in books
    His blog is popular
    And he gets lots of looks


  2. Darren is quite the Problogger
    And video post generator.
    Some people may say that he’s ‘”bats”,
    But it’s ’cause he has so many hats.
    If your link love is begging for hosting,
    Then scheme for a little guest posting.
    Soon your traffic you see will be soaring
    And your income streams filled to overflowing.

    (I know, don’t give up my day job…but wait, I don’t have one.)

  3. Hope Darren will take this all in fun:

    The Survivors

    Standing alone,
    The hearty survivors stand,
    There were once many,
    Now there are few,
    The last of their kind,
    The remaining hairs
    On Darren’s head.

  4. Problogger my foot
    Blog me like a blogger should
    It is time to win

  5. Problogger is the site to read
    Everyone should subscribe to the feed
    Darren is man
    He does the best he can
    I love Problogger and Darren too
    Together it is a dream come true.

  6. appreciate problogger
    darren shares the knowledge
    he walks his talk
    and thus he

  7. There was a young blogger from ‘Strailya
    If you want his blog feed he’ll mail ya
    He helps people learn blogging
    About software or logging
    And I hope this rhyme wins araphenalia!

  8. there once was a blogger named Darren
    who if i was to compare him
    would be like a god
    in the land of the Blog
    and I would be one of his harem

  9. Margaret Peyton says: 10/06/2007 at 1:42 am

    Darren is a smarty
    I like him more than marty
    he invented problogger
    and now I am a logger
    I wish he was my friend
    so we could set a trend
    I find this really fun
    but I really must be done.

  10. There once was a blogger named Darren

    Who thought he knew another blogger named Sharron

    He asked all around, but she couldn’t be found.

    So he decided…to stop looking?

    (yeah I couldn’t think of anything else to rhyme. lol. It’s supposed to be a limerick)

  11. That should be Paraphenalia — trust me not to proofread when a prize is at stake!

  12. Problogger, problogger, problogger,
    I see you in my inbox everyday.

  13. There once was a lady named Tootsie
    Who walked along on her footsie
    She found ProBlogger
    and now she’s not a dogger,
    she loves Darren to bits.

  14. I just made the contest,
    I just entered on time.
    I hope it turns out I own and ipod,
    I want to make it all mine.

    Darren and problogger folk,
    you all do your best,
    but I just made it right on time,
    to enter this contest.

  15. Entries are now closed – winners will be notified by email, and I’ll be posting an update in the main post section above.

    Thanks everyone for some really great stuff! Now go get checking out the rest of the giveaways!

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