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The $54,000 ProBlogger Giveaway – Prizes and Sponsors

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgOkay folks, it’s what you’ve been waiting for… the official sponsor list, with prizes!

This is just the sponsor/prize list… there will be THREE chances for you all to win within the next 24 hours, so if you haven’t subscribed to our RSS feed yet, you’re going to miss out!

The following list is quite amazing. The total value of the prizes submitted exceeds $54,000 USD (actually it’s probably closer to $60,000 with a couple of late prize additions to the list). You’ll see the variation of prizes is amazing and ranges from the fun and slightly bizarre – to the the very useful!

I hope that this whets your appetite. Stay tuned for the first three opportunities to win in the next 24 hours!

One last thing – as a thank you to all of the sponsors below (listed in alphabetical order for ease) please do visit them – they’ve been generous with us – so please be generous with them!

The Prizes

  1. WallStreetFight got my click, that prize is damn funny!

  2. What a prize list! Thanks to all fine sponsors!!!

  3. I’d like to say WOW like everyone else.

  4. Just checked out the prize list – how fantastic! I’m delighted to be part of it.

  5. frank burns says: 10/03/2007 at 8:48 am

    Great Links to other sources and if I’m lucky, I’ll give half of my winnings to Unicef! Thanks to the site Authors.

  6. Hi Darren, this is massive. Congrats for putting together such an impressive promo. Interesting to see blogs following magazines and radio down the traditional media route with giveaways of this magnitude.

    What’s the legal situation like with something like this? I know when I have run competitions here in Australia there are enough hoops to jump through with getting the official Terms and Conditions right as well as registering them in individual states. I’ve never run a competition for a world wide audience so have never had to deal with something this broad crossing internatial borders regarding competition and giveaway rules. Any light you can shed would be great.

  7. Wow! Great list. I’ll take it you weren’t interested in my poor little joke of a prize 3 lbs of M&M’s. It’s okay.

  8. Cool list Darren,

    Nice amount of sponsors thanks to all of them we can now live in suspense for the rest of the day. :-)

    Looking forward at a stake.


  9. Darren,

    Glad the Palmetto Guesthouse http://www.palmettoculebra.com could help to support your giveaway. I think the number of prizes you were able to get donated is a true reflection of how many people get valuable information from your site.


  10. oh man… yesterday was too busy to read my news, its a shame I missed the start!

  11. Ok, well that’s not exactly how I would have described our offering from Color Themes, but I guess we can clarify when a winner comes forth.

    For posterity, Color Themes is offering a complete color consultation in any one room, home or office. For a description, check the comments today’s Spike In The Numbers post on our site.


    Lara Says: Thanks so much for taking the time to elaborate on this, Dave! I linked to the comments section of that post here, I hope you don’t mind!

  12. Bah of I hadnt of been so busy I could have donated something

  13. Andre says: 10/04/2007 at 8:18 am

    Include my WOW along with everyone else!

  14. Some of the prizes look very good. I can’t wait for the contest to start so that I can get myself entered. I really want to get a prize here (like those 20″ monitors!!!!)

  15. Lulu – that monitor contest is already in progress, and we’ve already given away many of the other prizes… check the category archive!

  16. $54,000 in prizes and no cheese….

  17. Hi –

    Great idea for a contest. I’ve put my entry up at http://delabarre.us

    If chosen, I’d like one of the site design packages – my wife is starting up her own business and I’d like to get a new site up and running help her advertise.

  18. I want the 50 pesos, 2 Jamaican dollars, 5 Canadian dollars, 50 American dollars, and an unused NFL Pro Bowl Ballot from 1994. I want some cash sweetie pie

  19. Yeah i agree… this is an amazing list of prizes… I’m hoping to take something from the pot.

  20. Happy B’day Problogger. Thanks Darren for including my
    prize. Lara was great too.
    Elizabeth G.

  21. defiantly great list of prizes.. i’d be glad to ever have one… as a nice memory from such a wonderful site like yours Darren.

  22. wow.
    im so xcited heard fro that ..
    hope some one person who really need …so i wish that prize won..him.

  23. Wow
    Some great prizes here and what a way to celebrate a great site.

  24. Wow ….
    that is incretable offers i m so excited to hear that …
    well guys u must share that comments…..
    & i wish some one win that whos really need money …
    gud luck whos need money

    Hammad Khan

  25. Wow! That’s some list of great prizes and I could use a few of them right now. It’s Christmas in October. :)

    I wish you all good luck.

    Aloha,Rusty K.

  26. Very good move to make the hype. Money always inspire people.

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