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Another 24 hour giveaway – Where are the poets?

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgCalling all wannabe (or professional) poets!!

This one closes out at noon (EST – New York, USA) on Friday, October 5.

Prizes at stake:

How to Enter:

It’s “Ode to ProBlogger” time! All you have to do to have a qualifying entry to win one of the above 5 prizes is to leave a comment below with a poem about ProBlogger. It doesn’t have to be a “love poem” or written in any particular style (though yes, rhyming would be nice). You don’t have to link to anything or write anything on your own blog – you simply have to write a poem about ProBlogger the website or Darren, the man behind the site, right there in the comments section (of course if you really want to share your Ode with your readers you can post it on your blog – but we’d also ask you to share it here in comments so we’ve got them all in the one place).

Please include the word problogger or Darren in your Ode to help us catch all of these comments in Akismet.

There will be no judging, so please feel free to write BAD poetry!

The random number generator will choose 5 winners who will be notified by email.

Here comes the rub: If you have already won something, we’re sorry but you’re not eligible. If you win one of the iPods, you will then not be eligible to win anything else. Entering is not a guarantee of winning anything, and this whole thing is just for fun so if you think you’re a bad poet, write something anyway that somewhat resembles poetry. We seriously don’t care if it’s good or not!

Check out the full prize list (now updated to show which prizes have already been awarded or are in progress!) and if you’re not subscribed to the RSS feed by now, you’ve likely missed your chances to win a whole bunch of cool stuff already!

PS: If you’re looking for a little ‘inspiration’ – here’s an Ode that ProPoet Robert Bruce did for ProBlogger a while back:

Sorry, had to remove the video because it was acting all wonky… if you like, you can view it here.


This giveaway is closed, and all winners have been selected and notified. Thanks for all the really fantastic stuff (yes, even the “bad” stuff) – You all amazed both Darren and myself with your creativity!

  • missspeckles

    a bit of entertainment is looking around on ProBlogger,
    so is playing that old game frogger!
    but opening a package with my very own ipod.. is what i call entertainment!
    Happy Birthday Darren.

  • A young man called Darren started a blog,
    ‘Cause so many people found blogging a slog,
    Now all the bewildered can visit and see,
    That being a blogger is simple. Yippee!

  • Problogger gives us great hints
    What Darren does look like a cinch

    We’ve learned many things
    With my iTunes I’ll sing…

    And continue praising ProBlogger

  • Dev

    I am an artist and I like to draw,

    Hoping to be famous to someday buy a nice car,

    Until that blissful day comes, off to Darren’s site I go,

    To learn how to make money like all those regular Joe’s!

    (off-topic) Sorry, I’m really bad at this. :\

  • Ode to Darren

    Darren Rowse the blogging king
    Took rookie bloggers under his wing
    He Taught them the ropes
    And gave them great hopes
    They they too could succeed with monetizing

    ProBlogger dot net is the number one site
    Where beginners learn blogging late at night
    Ads and widgets, readers and posts
    Though quite successful, he never boasts
    Humble and wise, godfather of blogs
    And now he rewards us with shiny iPods

  • Blogging, Jogging, Dogging
    It’s all a game of life.

    Read the Web,
    Contribute or you’re dead.

    There’s Rowse and Rowse of Prizes
    to be had,
    Just pick me Darren and I won’t be bad.

  • Darren and his laptop,
    sitting down a tree,
    He’s helping people,
    and after that, he said
    “I feel so great, O-M-G”

  • Tim

    Darren oh Darren

    Darren oh Darren,
    King of blogger that I respect,
    Star of blogger that I wish to be.

    Darren oh Darren,
    Thousand of presents to give away,
    But only one present he put in my pocket,
    Hopefully it is the best Ipod Nano!

  • In my head I am a pro
    And master of SEO
    My adsense brings me income
    And ProBlogger beings inspiration

    Like Darren I will be
    Successful, cool and free
    To write while drinking coffee
    And my local cafe shopp-y

    At the top of Technorati
    And Dugg till I am batty
    I win the Blogging cup!

    Oh dear… I just woke up

  • Good on you great monetizing site,
    On google’s terms you make your fight;
    Great feed of all the problogger race,
    Above them now you take your place.
    Digg, technorati and stumbleupon
    Resound with pings and links thereon.

    Comments we write to take a prize,
    Enough to blur and damage eyes;
    For earlier monitors we did not win,
    And thinking that no little sin
    We post again in comments rhyme,
    And meter too with poor design.

  • Darren, Darren, he’s the man
    (Whether or not my poem will scan)
    Ask him for a blog-tip, he’ll know what to do
    He’ll help you make money, no need to be blue.
    Get him to feed you
    A post every day
    Your blog will get better, you know that its true.

  • iBlog for iMust

    I met a guy from Oz
    Tim Miller his name
    Of SpyJournal fame
    We have never met in person
    But are friends all the same

    See I was trying out
    This fad call blogging
    Tim said its more than a game
    Blogging is not a fad
    It’s here to stay

    People make a living
    In this digital world
    Publishing their own word
    Tim advise, “Check out problogger
    A site by Darren Rowse.”

    Problogger showed the way
    Follow these rules
    And you can make your pay
    In the comfort of pajamas
    Sitting at your computer all day

    I have yet to make a dime
    But Darren must be doing ok
    For it’s Problogger’s birthday
    And good ol’ Darren
    Is giving $54,000 away

  • Two years I’ve journeyed
    Sometimes finding
    Writing, surfing, writing, surfing
    Whatever that means
    Somewhere in the mist
    A friend with wisdom waits
    Never forcefully
    A beacon

  • Darren is the problogger,
    He teaches all the other bloggers,
    we bloggers follow his line,
    to make money online,

  • podcast podcast
    where can you be
    I’d love an ipod
    yes please, for free!

    to listen at leisure
    to tuneful downloads,
    my favourite web rants
    and propoet blog-odes.

    praise be to problogger
    and Darren, as needs be,
    for spectacular content
    and occasional freebies!

  • Darren is a pro-blogger.
    And that is true.
    He helps us all blog well.
    Yes that means me and you.

    With down to earth blogging.
    And advice we need to take.
    We should all just follow him
    Like a religion for Blog-ness sake.

    So he helps all these bloggers.
    Of all shapes and all sizes.
    He even runs some great old games.
    Where we can win loads of prizes.

    So with all the good things.
    On pro-blogger I shall plunder.
    I shall listen to our man Darren.
    Even if he is from the land down under.

    So as this poem does near end.
    Perhaps an Ipod I shall have won.
    But if it doesnt come to pass.
    Writing this ode was still some fun.

  • There once was a problogger site
    Where a man named Darren would write
    He made a success
    Helped those in distress
    And now we’re all doing all right

  • Want a blogging job?
    Check ProBlogger’s tips ‘n lists
    Great information

  • becky

    clever minds is darren,
    he is so barren,
    written by the man with the name,
    Problogging is the game!

  • To blog is what he does,
    What he does, he does best,
    At Problogger is the blog,
    This blog is the best.

  • gon

    this is a very bad, bad haiku:

    Hey, you should know this
    ProBlogger and Darren
    Give you free iPods.

  • There once was a blogger from Down Under
    He want to keep down the blunders
    His wife said “try it”
    He said people would buy it
    And now he’s the king of ProBlogger

  • neuryl

    Oh, Darren, you blogging creature
    you make me want to gossip
    and make my lousy poems feature
    on ProBlogger.

  • Jaxim

    Instructional, Insightful, Inspiring?
    Make money from blogging?
    Attract more web traffic?
    Obtain helpful blogging tips?
    The blogger’s blog?

  • A Poet
    I Have Never Been.
    But A Problogger
    I Yearn To Be.
    If I Could Write Like Darren
    That Would Be Keen.
    I Better End This Poem Now
    So I Can Go Pee.

  • I wish to be a blogger.
    I try to be a blogger.
    I learn to be a blogger.
    I am to be a blogger.

  • Darren has a site
    Problogger is its name
    I love Birthday Bash Giveaways
    An Ipod for me would be Insane!

    break it down…

  • About Problogger and Darren Rowse?
    so here goes my prose…
    He’s not evil
    He’s not brutual
    He makes money online
    So do we make money online
    By reading his Problogger Blog everyday
    We get inspired that we’ll reach the top someday
    I wish I could have written a essay long Ode.But Hey!
    I’m not Percy Bysshe Shelley! :)

  • Like an ocean of reason in a maelstrom of noise,
    Is Darren Rowse from Oz,
    But Darren, Oh Darren, how I long for your toys,
    But it’s really just because…

    I long for an iPod,
    I yearn for an iPod,
    I hunger for an iPod.


    Oh boy, good job I’m a blogger, not a pro poet!

  • I’m new to ProBlogger it’s true
    My knowledge of blogging is few
    There’s so much to learn
    My brain feels burned
    Can this old dog learn anything new?

    I started my blog as a way to not have to send a ton of postcards and end up leaving people out. I picked the easiest platform I could find and am now wanting to try to make some money from it. That’s my story.

  • Ode to Problogger

    O, sleek shiny internet
    the money maker’s pet
    with all of your glorious ebb and flow
    please tell me more about the techniques of SEO

    For who has become your master
    none more fairer and faster
    , Darren and Problogger the knights of the money making machine
    Definitely, no others are as keen.

  • October is fine on its own
    with crimson leaves and pumpkins sown
    but then you find
    when you’re all alone
    a Problogger contest that awakens your mind

    it’s hard for a writer to write some clips
    it’s easier to read Darren’s fantastic tips
    you image your poem will rise the ranks
    and Darren will post to give you thanks

    a shiny new Ipod will find a home
    in that worn back pocket that once held a comb

  • Oops this is the correct version!

    October is fine on its own
    with crimson leaves and pumpkins sown
    but then you find
    when you’re all alone
    a Problogger contest that awakens your mind

    it’s hard for a writer to write some clips
    it’s easier to read Darren’s fantastic tips
    you imagine your poem will rise the ranks
    and Darren will post to give you thanks

    a shiny new Ipod will find a home
    in that worn back pocket that once held a comb

  • Blogging is no easy game
    ProBlogger is the biggest name

    If it wasn’t for the birthday bash
    You wouldn’t see such a comment back lash

    I don’t mind unless I get the iPod
    Celebrating the birthday bash with a nod

  • This was pretty fun to write… who doesn’t like a good Limerick?

    When I need fresh blogging advise
    problogger dot com is quite nice
    The posts are very friendly
    My problems they remedy
    And you can’t go wrong with the price

  • just under 3 hours to go!

  • Problogger rocks
    I hope new readers flock,
    Darren is the man
    I’m his biggest fan.

    Short, simple, and the best I can come up with.

  • While to some its just seems extreme,
    Darren’s living the Problogger dream,
    He works from noon till night,
    Writing content to put us all right.

    Darren you are watched in awe,
    As you write content without flaw,
    Helping those who need help the most,
    Even telling us how frequently to post.

    From early morning til time to write,
    Darren browses his favourite websites,
    Finding topics that help and inspire,
    It won’t be long before he retires.

    This ode is not witty,
    Nor is it very pretty,
    But its made its point quite well,
    We all think you are kinda swell.



  • Problogger you are the blog for me
    without you I’d never make money.
    Problogger you are the blog for me
    I couldn’t sell this poem for free.

  • SAM

    I’m much better at prose, but for an iPod…
    I give you
    my haiku

    I started to blog
    I was floundering out there
    Problogger saved me

  • Fili

    Smoozing through the net,
    blabbing all around,
    doing nothing special,
    is what we’re all about.

    They know not of our secret,
    probloggers of the guild,
    we shall rejoice together,
    oneday, they will all just yield.


  • ProBlogger is the best
    It helps us pass the test
    In our ever-changing cyber world
    We all love Darren Rowse!

  • Problogger
    MInd Jogger
    Thought Toggler
    Feed Slogger
    But by his looks, not a lens fogger
    Sorry, not offense meant, Mr. Problogger

  • Darren, Darren
    Without thou, Problogger would be barren
    Your blogging tips and tricks,
    Really gives me the kicks
    Today, if I win a prize
    that would be really nice
    Even if I don’t Mr. Rowse,
    Problogger is one site that I would ever browse!

  • Oh, my favorite blogger is Darren,
    He doles out the blog tips with much carin’
    He knows a lot
    He gives it all he’s got
    And he doesn’t give a hoot what I’m wearin’

  • Pro Blogger

    What Darren does for Bloggers
    he blogs about blogging

    every week he blogs
    and blogs
    and blogs again
    into infinity

    with fun and ease
    he writes stories for us to read
    as he sits in his home office or a bar
    teaching us the tricks of the trade

    wouldn’t we all like to be like Darren
    and have one of the top blogs
    niches, advertising, how to write tips,
    those are the topics Darren writes about

    you, Darren, are one of the top bloggers, blogging for – Pro – Bloggers!

  • everybody checks problogger,
    day after day new tips appear there,
    darren’s even better than some vlogger,
    he can bring you into the new money sphere!

  • everybody checks problogger,
    day after day new tips appear there.
    darren’s even better than some vlogger,
    he can bring you into the new money sphere!

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I love Problogger
    and Darren too…

  • Problogger was a pastor,
    a pastor was he,
    now he makes money,
    like it were on a tree.