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Adsense Tips for Bloggers 1

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of September 2004 Adsense 0 Comments

How do you make money from the Google Adsense Program? What AdSense Tips can you share with us?

I have been asked this question so many times in the past few weeks that I thought I should write something on the topic. It seems increasingly bloggers want to try to cover their hosting and ISP costs with some revenue from their blog – and increasingly they’re doing it and are able to make a few (or quite a lot) dollars on the side. Many are turning to Google’s Adsense program.

Covering costs of my Digital Photography Blog is why I originally signed up with Google Adsense – blogging can get expensive when you have high levels of traffic and a lot of pages.

Whilst the agreement you sign with Google stresses that you are not allowed to give specific information about your earnings from the program I can say that I’m glad I’ve signed up because its well and truly covered my costs – and then some. In fact I think its quite feasible to expect that Adsense coupled with other strategies for making money from Blogging could quite easily generate a decent living. It takes time and hard work, but I think its very doable. (Update: Since writing this series I’ve revealed that I am now looking at making over a six figure income this year in 2005 from blogging).

So how do I make money from Google Adsense? Let me share some AdSense Tips that heve helped me.

This will be the first in a series of posts on this topic. Let me say up front I’m no expert – there are a lot of people out there making a lot more money than I am using Adsense – however most of them are not telling their secrets – well not for free anyway. I’ve got no secrets to hide and am willing to share what I’ve learnt since I signed up for the program 8 months ago. If you want a REAL expert’s opinion on Adsense I’d recommend buying Joel Comm’s What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense E-Book. Joel earns $15,000 per month from Adsense and has some good things to share.

I know some bloggers are put off or offended by the idea of making money from blogging so I’ll try not to let these posts dominate my blog – however if you are not interested in the topic, simply skip over these posts.

I am going to assume a few things in this series to cut down the amount of introductory comments I have to make. Here is what I am assuming:

  • You have a blog. Whilst most of the following tips will apply to other types of websites I run Adsense on blogs and will speak from that experience.
  • You have (or will) read a basic overview of Adsense and have some understanding of what it is.
  • You have(or will) read the program policies as outlined by Google. These give details of site eligibility, ad placements and other requirements for using the system.

Enough introductory comments – lets get stuck into the Adsense Tips for Bloggers!

The full series of AdSense Tips is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 and Part 8.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. There is no secret… If your site is popular, you will see the difference. :)

  2. Thanks for the tips… No matter what I put up on my site, Adsense usually ends up outperforming all the others…

  3. Hi,
    I try to tell people the life story of my friend and get advice in HubPage community;


    they offered me adsense and just implemented it there. I do not know anything about adsense. Your info was helpful but I have some more questions. Is there any way to contact you, to get answers?

  4. Let’s face it, a big percentage of bloggers’ income come from Google Adsense.

  5. earn money from adsense is the way most easily on the internet, by following the rules and the visitor is simply a guarantee. the number of units and placement of ads that is easily seen eye is very telling

  6. Great Tips! Thanks for sharing such a useful tips.

  7. I have been at this for about 6 months, using only adsense. Gotta admit, I was disheartened at first as I could not get one single visitor. Kept posting. Kept getting deep links. Kept writing articles. I am not up to about 100 visitors per day and over 400 per day on weekends. Not impressive but for a computer illiterate, I will take that. Only making about $2 per day but will keep going. My questions: Anyone know why article one way links seem to die out after several months? How should we keep them fresh? Also, is there anything to the theory of getting backlinks for my backlinks?

  8. First off I recently bought Pro Blogger, great read so far, and just wanted to mention the biggest thing I’ve learned so far about trying to drive traffic to my website is by using Facebook and other social networking sites, my traffic has gone up immensely. However I’m still having problems trying to get people that view my site, to click on my Google ads.

    It seems as though if i don’t mention about my Google ads then people really don’t waste their time looking at them. I’m also only a few months into blogging, so I’m not complaining at all cause as I read over time and time again, it takes time.

    What I’am saying is, that using the social networking sites are helping me to drive traffic to my site, and down the road I hope this will help me making a little money using Google Adsense.

  9. I learned this the hard way. Spent ages setting up a site with the sole purpose of earning money from adsense to find that my kewords were practically worthless!

  10. I think its hit or miss most of the time, but its always good to get as much good new info as you can to test out new ways to advertise.
    Just takes a lot of time and effort to get the best results.
    Have fun,
    Blazing Hot Concepts

  11. I was a newbie … I recently joined with adsense, please help me with a very simple blog to get traffic and earning … thank you with share information about google adsense ..

  12. i have 200 – 300 visitor per day and have many blogspot..and everage 60 – 70 click per day ..my question..why i get cheap ads..i get only 2 – 3 dollar…

  13. Good information in this article i must say, I just started my second website about 4 weeks ago for fun (really just for fun) mostly adsense is placed on it and already I see traffic coming in slowly but steady. Patience and consistency will tell you how to adjust or fine tune your website. As I said I just started a couple weeks ago and update or place post when I have time. thats it.

    Grinnn Greetz U all.

  14. really great informations, especially for “newbies”. Thanks!

  15. Would like to intergrate some high paying ads on my website eventually. Great information, thanks for sharing.

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