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Adsense Tips for Bloggers 1

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of September 2004 Adsense 0 Comments

How do you make money from the Google Adsense Program? What AdSense Tips can you share with us?

I have been asked this question so many times in the past few weeks that I thought I should write something on the topic. It seems increasingly bloggers want to try to cover their hosting and ISP costs with some revenue from their blog – and increasingly they’re doing it and are able to make a few (or quite a lot) dollars on the side. Many are turning to Google’s Adsense program.

Covering costs of my Digital Photography Blog is why I originally signed up with Google Adsense – blogging can get expensive when you have high levels of traffic and a lot of pages.

Whilst the agreement you sign with Google stresses that you are not allowed to give specific information about your earnings from the program I can say that I’m glad I’ve signed up because its well and truly covered my costs – and then some. In fact I think its quite feasible to expect that Adsense coupled with other strategies for making money from Blogging could quite easily generate a decent living. It takes time and hard work, but I think its very doable. (Update: Since writing this series I’ve revealed that I am now looking at making over a six figure income this year in 2005 from blogging).

So how do I make money from Google Adsense? Let me share some AdSense Tips that heve helped me.

This will be the first in a series of posts on this topic. Let me say up front I’m no expert – there are a lot of people out there making a lot more money than I am using Adsense – however most of them are not telling their secrets – well not for free anyway. I’ve got no secrets to hide and am willing to share what I’ve learnt since I signed up for the program 8 months ago. If you want a REAL expert’s opinion on Adsense I’d recommend buying Joel Comm’s What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense E-Book. Joel earns $15,000 per month from Adsense and has some good things to share.

I know some bloggers are put off or offended by the idea of making money from blogging so I’ll try not to let these posts dominate my blog – however if you are not interested in the topic, simply skip over these posts.

I am going to assume a few things in this series to cut down the amount of introductory comments I have to make. Here is what I am assuming:

  • You have a blog. Whilst most of the following tips will apply to other types of websites I run Adsense on blogs and will speak from that experience.
  • You have (or will) read a basic overview of Adsense and have some understanding of what it is.
  • You have(or will) read the program policies as outlined by Google. These give details of site eligibility, ad placements and other requirements for using the system.

Enough introductory comments – lets get stuck into the Adsense Tips for Bloggers!

The full series of AdSense Tips is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 and Part 8.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I can not sign up into Adsense while registering it using my blog information (word press and blog spot). I am getting a mail from google saying that they will not allow chat sites for this.

    Is it possible to resolve this problem. I am anticipating your reply.

  2. i got 50,000 page impression a day and 700+ clicks and my earnings is only $30 bucks?? OMG do you think thats right??

  3. Great tips on adsense. Always it has been a discussing matter on how to increase adsense revenue.

  4. adsense account with non unique content is possible

  5. I would still prefer chitika to adsense.. . How about a chitika tips for bloggers article ?

  6. Thanks a ton for these Tips!

  7. Thanks for posting such a wonderful information

  8. Great Series!
    I continually find myself coming back for more. I found this post back in March of 2008 and whenever I need some inspiration or ideas I come back here.

    I find that using Adsense has its real highs and lows, but after reading the series here, I always manage to get back to the highs part.

    I recieved my first Adsense cheque back in April 2008, and I hope to be getting my next one soon! I just have to keep reading and researching but most importantly : I have to keep trying and not giving up. I think that that is one of the toughest challenges to making money on Adsense. People like me expect instant results. But it doesn’t happen like that. I encourage everyone to keep on trucking.

    The first paycheque is a great motivator!

  9. Where do I host a blog that will be Adsense-friendly? I started my blog on wordpress and my research so far reveals that this may have not been the wisest decision.

    Thanks for your input.

  10. Hi there im trying to get my adsense income up a bit but struggling to get anywhere!!

    ive had $7 in two months, but im trying to get more visitors on themm i have 3 sites with ads on them currently!

    my views on adsense:


    im really interested to here your comments on there :)

    others sites with my ads on

  11. i’m only earning few cents a day, and someimes ZERO :)

  12. Great tips for all adsense users like me..
    thanks problogger.

  13. i really wish if someday i will be lucky enough to use…google adsense..many time i tried registering for google adsense…and they rejected all of my blog…because according to them i write about hacking..!!

    and now even a single post is about hacking..!!!

    giving a tag “HACK” does it..count illegal…

    Im looking for other best alternative which will help me the most..!!

  14. Adsense can be very hit and miss, you’ll be getting paid $1.00 for one click, then just $0.01 for another, then you’ll get 1,000’s of impressions some times with no clicks!

  15. I just published what for me is the most crucial factor for making money with Google AdSense:


    Feel free to comment.

  16. For some very strange reason, I seem to recieve no page impressions at from my blog on blogspot.com. The reason that this is strange is because I know that people have been viewing that blog. Does anyone know if this is normal?

  17. I tried my luck with Adsense but i don’t earn much. The biggest problem i face is generating organic traffic. I tried so many ways but i guess it really is a time consuming process. I started out to create a site having only Adsense Video Clips to help users understand the Adsense Program. But the user response wasn’t encouraging at all. I shall keep trying out though. Is it possible for your team to help my cause?

  18. This is a great tip for all adsense users out there! I just came across Joel Comm’s book and will be buying it soon.

  19. Thank you for this helpful series it has definitely come in handy.

  20. For some very strange reason, I seem to recieve no page impressions at from my blog on blogspot.com. The reason that this is strange is because I know that people have been viewing that blog. Does anyone know if this is normal?


  21. I think we have to drive the blog traffic. More traffic will increase more money probability.

  22. I think adsence + high traffic can work as adsence only is not going to work. Getting traffic is really difficult for a very compititive niche.

  23. Thank you for this helpful series it has definitely come in handy.

  24. When you’re deciding to become a website publisher you will fall into one of two broad categories:

    * Publish 100 websites that each earn $1 a day profit
    * Publish 1 website that earns $100 a day profit

    The reality of it is, most people end up somewhere in between. Having 100 websites leaves you with maintenance, management and content issues. Having one website leaves you open to all sort of fluctuations (search engines algorithm’s, market trends, etc). You can adapt your plan on the way, but you’ll have an easier time if you start out going in the direction of where you want to end up.

    read more..



  25. I agree with you about the number of web sites. I have around 2o and I find it extremely difficult to monitor all of them all of the time.

    I was going to expand the number based on your $1 a day principle except have now changed my mind and am just going to concentrate on those 20 web sites making them earn $5 a day each

    Come check out my new unofficial Google Forum. Hopefully you will join and become part of the community today.

  26. I think the more traffic to the blogs, the more money you will make. You also need to place ad’s in the right location otherwise it be a waste.

  27. Adsese is brilliant for Google , there’s 40m of us putting adsense on our sites earning on average $100 a year but earning afortunefor Google , pro blogger(s) are the exception !!

  28. Yes it truly is a hit and miss type of program. As a professional web developer (php mysql programmer) I get to work on both sides of this Google advertisement programs, adwords and adsense. To be totally honest I’ve placed bids of .02 cents per click on the adwords end of things and have to say the earnings have deflated much. I remember almost 5 years ago, the adsense program was bringing in 1 – 5 dollar clicks, and now you would be lucky to make 1 – 5 cents. It’s very depressing especially when you work day and night on a project to realize that your getting nickeled and dimed. I created a live auction template generator @ ebaygen.com I have the 1st position in yahoo for ebay templates and many high ranking positions (all my sites that is). My plans were for increased click earnings for a market that relates to auctions and classifieds where the clicks are supposedly well valued but guess again… it’s not.

    So if you really think that you can make a rich living off blogging or a website online… those are for the lucky and hard working… Daren, your a lucky s o b :)

    For all those people I’ve traumatized by revealing these facts, it’s still fun to make some earnings that could pay for your lunch every day! Hey, think of it as an investment and a part time job.

  29. Wozad offers an alternative to the contextual programs today on web.
    Wozad makes difference for Publishers because revenues will not be tied
    anymore to their website pages content, Ads will be totally out-of-context
    and targeted on visitors real life interests by looking at their previous browsing history.

  30. this is really interesting thanks this is worth million

  31. Adsense certainly helps to bear the costs of setting up a website but takes a huge amount of traffic to make any serious money from.

  32. Hi Owain! you are absolutely correct. It is just setup cost a normal site. To earn more this conversation is very helpful

  33. I have a problem with google adsense. I see in google keyword tool that advertisers pay 8$ per click for the ad ” sleep tips”. I had this ad on my blog. I am sure that this ad had been clicked, but google just paid me 0.15 $ . Do you know why?

    Thank you very much

  34. Re to Natalie – welcome to Google! Google pays only what they feel like paying. Their system is a great mystery to everyone. You are lucky you got 15c instead of 5c. Some people also try exploiting the system and experimenting with making money on adsense while driving traffic with adwords, but that is another story. See here
    Scroll down on the page to about the middle.

  35. Been using Adsense for some time and it is getting good everyday! Joel Comm is making very good articles about adsense since alot of time and I am really into it.


  36. we have to be active in the internet, for me, i spend 2 hours for blogging and reading articles.

  37. It’s been about 15 days since I started. The best earning so far in one day was 52c. I’m trying to push it with adwords. I’m paying 1c per click and I set a test daily budget of $2 – today the page impressions on adsense got pretty close of the paid click on adwords, just two click behind.
    So little by little (blog by blog) I’m learning the thing. But I would like to know if after 4 year (since this post started) – is it still possible to make money on the internet just with adsense? or the milk is now in another place?

  38. i not yet received any payment i am waiting to reach my first 100$

  39. Remember, the business content on the website will bring you good money ;-)

  40. Hi,

    I make about $20 a month with google adsense. This is from various websites. My blog, which I’ve had over a year, just made a $100.00. It took a whole year but it did it.

    I find you need to have a lot of traffic to your site and have lots and lots of content.

  41. To make money from adsense, you should have traffic. Without traffic, it would be hard to make money from adsense.

  42. The adsense income really helps offset my advertising cost but I have as of yet to turn a profit. The advice here is helping to change this. Thanks

  43. Really to make money from Adsense you need to be generating at least 20,000 page views per month. Work on the traffic, quality of content and build up your readership before you get too obsessed with the few cents your making from adsense. It takes awhile, but make sure you enable your blog with adsense when you start, then leave it and forget. Once you notice your traffic increasing then its time to monitor your adsense.

  44. Why adsense keeps 100$ payout

  45. You ned to direct high volume traffic to your website to make real money with adsense. Try targeting high paid adsense words. You need to make sure your google adsense images are placed within your blog to make it more effictive

  46. To me, the best thing that can increase the your Adsense CTR is placement of the ads. Putting a square banner somewhere near the top of your content will skyrocket your CTR and you will find the true potential of your websites revenue. Also make the Adsense colors similar to the text color if you are placing it in the content. If it’s in the sidebar you should make the colors more vibrant so they are noticed more.

  47. Hi Darren,

    First thing I want to tell you that thanks very much for sharing your secret. Second thing, I want to know about the Joel Comm’s E-Book. Do you personally recommend buying this book? I guess, recommending the book at the end of the series would have been much better since lots of novice may stop reading it through and will go for the book purchase.

    I want to make money from adsense as well. And look forward to all your upcoming posts on this topic. You are an excellent writer. Keep it up.

    Ravi Verma
    adsense keyword list

  48. There is no secret for adsense. Success comes with effort and hardwork in your site.

  49. Adsense secret – build a site then promote the hell out of it to get unique visitors. There is no other “secret” way to do it.

  50. The important is… Don’t click your own ads from adsense, otherwise you’ll get banned. There are excuse clicks or accidental clicks which are honored and adsense understand it. But don’t click it your own interest..

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