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4 Quick and Simple Ways to Increase Page Views on Your Blog

Posted By Skellie 23rd of September 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Keeping You Posted by Skellie.Skellie wrote this post. For more advanced blogging tips and strategies, visit her blog, Skelliewag.

When selling advertising spots on your blog the metric that advertisers value most is page views, or ‘impressions’. More page views equals higher value advertising spots on your blog. While the obvious solution to increase the value of your ad spots is to increase the amount of traffic your blog receives, you can also do a number of quick and easy things to yield more page views from your existing traffic.

1. Develop the habit of self-linking

I was recently referred by a friend to read a post at Steve Pavlina’s blog. I enjoyed the post immensely, and because it linked out to other relevant posts on the blog, I found myself spending several hours swinging like a monkey from post to post, devouring new ideas voraciously. During that time Steve probably squeezed about 10 – 20 page views out of my single visit.

Most bloggers don’t self-link anywhere near as much as they could. This is a particularly beneficial habit if page views directly correlate with your income. When a reader is deep into your post it means the topic you’re writing on is of keen interest to them and so, related content is also likely to be of keep interest. If you don’t make readers aware of this as you write, it’s a lost opportunity: not only for more page views, but also for a greater level of reader engagement in your blog.

2. End with related posts

Bloggers are increasingly using a WordPress plug-in to link to related posts at the footer of each post. This is a clever move because it gives readers options to continue at the point when they are most likely to be looking for them (when they have just finished reading one of your great posts). You can handle this automatically through the plugin and give up some control over what appears or hand-pick posts to link to, which will of course take more time but gives you maximum control over the links that are chosen.

Photo by nate steiner

3. Use your sidebar to build page-views

Think about the three best blog posts you’ve ever written. Are they on the main page of your blog right now? Chances are that at least one of them isn’t, unless you’ve hit a real purple patch at the moment!

Just because this wonderful post is not on the main page doesn’t mean nobody but the odd wandering search visitor should find it. Highlighting your best posts in your blog sidebar (usually under a ‘Popular Posts’ list) is an excellent way to drive page views while also keeping your best posts evergreen.

4. Create multi-page posts

Have you ever started reading a fun top 100 list at a website only to discover that they’d given each item its own page, forcing you to click 100 times? Most people will find this excessive, but it is a clever tactic if the content is actually worth it. Blog posts also make good candidates to spread long posts over several pages, and there is a WordPress plug-in designed to do this. Of course, it’s important to always be mindful of stopping before the point where it becomes frustrating for your audience.

Here I’ve presented just a few ways to yield a greater number of page views from your existing audience. I’m sure I missed a few good ones, so add your ideas in the comments!

  1. I am always looking for better ways to bring traffic to my blog. Thanks so much, Ellen

  2. oh, I think I will work on my self linking. the 2 and 3 have already been used on my blog, but I will modify the position of related posts. multi-page posts in my opinion is suitable for very popular or attractive post. perhaps I will also use it. thank you.

  3. Very good tips, thanks, Skellie. Is there also for blogger.com?

  4. Thank you Skellie! Your post are direct to the point and very informative.

  5. good article :)

    I have this related posts plugin, it works on rss feeds, but not on my theme, when I insert the code .. any idea why ?

  6. Thanks Skellie, #2 is a pretty good idea that I hadn’t given much thought into. I’ll give it a try!

  7. Thanks i never thought that we could actually increase page view by using sidebar. Great tips Darren, keep them up :)

  8. Great post. I definitely do a lot of self linking and I’ve been thinking of the sidebar thing.

    I find multi page posts to be really annoying but I just realize why bloggers do it.

  9. I like the idea of more inter linking and splitting up pages.

    My money saving blog could do with some more page views, currently I get around 8,000 to 10,000 page views a month and want to get to 20,000 by the end of the year.

    Check my blog out at;


    I have implemented numorous things that Darren and Skellie have suggested and my traffic is really starting to glow!

  10. Multi page posts:
    – containt similar keywords in multiple pages; so greater probability to find a site on web;
    – look like simply book chapters from which you select what you want to read or no to read.

    The first easy to make blogger’s error in writing multi pages is weak content. When you start writing multi pages, it’s important to clasify information strictly. And it’s easier to do when you have a prepared writing plan.

  11. That’s exactly what happened when I visited Steve Pavlina. I even downloaded podcasts relating to content. Of course self-linking with right titles is a great thing which we mostly do not do because of hurry and for that definately Related posts is a very great plugin. I am using Related posts at all my websites and also page views plugin. It is good to let readers know whats hot at the blog and to provide them related content so that they can explore other areas relating to the topic. Nice tips anyways.

  12. Sice post. Step 4 really appeals to me. You need to have some real content and a high number of posts to really make it work though. I don’t think step 4 is great for beginner blogs. Anyone disagree?

  13. @W.T:I think it would be hard on a new blog to do step 4, only because long articles tend to deter new visitors to newer blogs and clicking on next links might annoy them.

    Allowing visitors to find your content easily is definitely something that we bloggers should make as easy as possible to our visitors. Reminds me that I need to get my related content plugin working, having troubles with it on my new blog. I’ll try this plugin out.

  14. I’ve read several of your posts now and am finding them really helpful. I like the ideas here. Does blogger do the ‘related post’ thing that WordPress does?
    Thank you

  15. Great post, however I recommend blogspot users to do the ”related-post” thing manually, it make take up more time searching through your archive but I think it’s really worth it keeping the reader on your blog for some more time.

    Thanks for the link to the wordpress plugin, was looking for that quite some time now :)

  16. It is really a crisp and straight forward thing.. Hats off to the blogger.. I really liked the post

  17. I use a “random posts” plugin (list) at the end of my posts – it suits my blog better than “related posts”.

  18. Simple yet important tips for beginners ! Thanks Skellie.

  19. I use 1, 2 and 3 religiously and found them absolutely great. I haven’t tried 4, but guess, I could use it for very long & gluey posts.

    thx for the tips

  20. Thanks for the link to related posts plugin. I was looking for installation instructions and found through your blog. I hope this will work for me.

  21. I’ve tried so many “related posts” plugins and all of them have had some kind of bug.

    Thanks for the link to one that you know works. I’m going to give it a try.

  22. I have been trialling new ways to drive traffic through to my blog – everything from social networks to commenting on blogs to including in all of my presentations (both internally and to clients). I have done an analysis of what worked and it’s interesting to see that the main search keywords driving traffic to my blog are my name and related terms.

    Would be interested in your thoughts:

  23. I would really wish to implement these self-linking technique as there is no obstacle involved. I have to take care of these myself without depending on anybody else.

    It is really a good idea. I have personally seen myself wandering from page after page, when there were related links from one page to another.

    I am wondering if the backlinks can also increase the page views. Please share your views on how backlinks (through comments on blogs etc..) can affect the traffic of a web page.


  24. I have been trying to implement more self-linking at my site. Now it is just a matter of getting people to link to my site. :)

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