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30 Bloggers To Watch in 2010

Posted By Jade Craven 7th of January 2010 General, Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

In this post Jade Craven shares her thoughts on 30 bloggers worth keeping an eye on in the year ahead!

Update: You can now follow all these guys from the one twitter list! Check out Blogger To Watch.

1. Dave Navarro

Follow @rockyourday

Dave was featured as one of tomorrows star bloggers in 2008 and has continued to impress in 2009. His tenacity and hard work have helped cement himself as a leading blogger and  coach. He has a truly impressive resume with guest posts on Copyblogger, two product reviews here on Problogger and joint ventures with other high profile bloggers.

2009 has been the year where he strategically built up his profile to become a respected member of the blogging community. In 2010, I expect he’ll be leveraging that profile to provide more awesome resources to help bloggers succeed. You can check him out at The Launch Coach and be sure to sign up for his advance discount list and for advanced notice of his More Buyers Every Month training.

More on Dave:

2. Skellie Wag

Follow at @Skellie

Skellie has kept quite for most of 2009. She has focused on her work at Envato and providing the occasional killer resource at Skelliewag. Despite her absence, many bloggers still credit her as one of their favorite bloggers.

I hope we will be seeing a lot more of Skellie in 2010.

More from Skellie:

3. Sarah Prout

Follow @sarahprout

Sarah Prout runs a boutique publishing company called Sprout Publishing. She creates cool products targeting business, bloggers, social media professionals and entrepreneurs.

She has caused quite the stir in the local social media scene with her blog, Entreprenuerial sparkle. She has built a strong reputation on delivering quality products and being really useful to her twitter followers.

You can check out my review of her Twitter Success Blueprint at Twitip and find out about her new course, Sprout Buzz. I am so keen to learn what awesome projects she’ll be working on next year.

4. Johnny B Truant

Follow @johnnybtruant

Johnny B Truant was rocking it at his humor blog before getting the attention of Naomi Dunford. He offered to be a guinea pig of her Online Business School and started guest posting on Ittybiz about his attempts to build an online business.

He raised his profile quickly with strategic guest posts and free offers. He quickly became a fixture in the blogging community and restructured his online presence so that all posts are hosted at Johnnybtruant.com.

He now makes a considerable income through technology consulting, affiliate commissions and sales of his product Zero to Business. You can check his new venture with Charlie Gilkey at Charlie and Johnny Jam sessions.

I hope he expands his products available in 2010 and that he continues to provide his awesome guest posts.

More from Johnny:

5. Leo Babauta

Follow @leobabauta

Leo was already widely regarded in the blogosphere, but this year he has shown why he commands so much respect. He has released two new blogs – Mnmlist and Zen Family Habits as well as courses at A List blogging Bootcamps. He has also released the free minimalist theme, the ebook on minimalism and the motivation handbook.

He has done this on top of promoting his book The Power Of Less and maintaining the high caliber of writing at Zen Habits. He shows no signs of stopping in 2010 with rumors of more projects in the works.

More from Leo:

6. Ali Hale

Follow @alihale

Ali Hale has made waves in 2009 with her staff blogging, guest posts and subsequent release of her Staff Blogging Ebook. She has set a new standard for high quality guest posts.

She has recently launched her blog at Aliventures where she provides in depth articles and comprehensive product reviews. I believe she will be contributing even more to the blogging community in 2010.

More from Ali:

7. Yaro Starak

Follow @yarostarak

Yaro Starak has shown bloggers’ just what they can achieve if they dominate a niche. Yaro started blogging at Entreprenuers Journey and has created a drool-worthy product funnel.

He has released a series of membership sites targeting bloggers at all levels of success including the very successful Blog Mastermind. I’m hoping he releases some new products in 2010 and continues to show bloggers what can be achieved through perseverance and delivering high quality content.

More from Yaro:

8. Joanna Penn

Follow @thecreativepenn

Joanna has been the hidden success story of 2010. Her blog, The Creative Penn, has had a lot of success in both the local and international blogging communities. She is developing a strong reputation for providing high quality content and is famous for providing high quality links on twitter.

She shows how rising stars can be useful and gracious. I know her blog is just going to get even better in 2010 and feel honored to be part of that journey.

9. Naomi Dunford

Follow @ittybiz

Naomi Dunford is awesome. She has a shaved head, conspires against a duck and likes to swear. She also has one of the freshest blogging voices online.

Her blog, Ittybiz, is one of the best resources on how to market your blog and business. She provides tonnes of free material and affordable courses as well as other courses like Marketing 101, Marketing School, SEO School and Online Business School for her loyal customers. So many of my friends credit her for their inspiration and success. She is fresh from a recent redesign and I can’t wait to see how her site evolves in 2010.

10. Chris Guillebeau

Follow @chrisguillebeau

Chris has received a lot of attention with his blog, the Art of Non Conformity. His unique philosophy and compelling writing style propelled him to authority blogger in less than 279 days.

He has released a number of unconventional guides including the Unconventional Guide to the Social Web, Unconventional Guide to Art and Money and partnered with skilled writers to deliver niche products. His full range of products are fantastic.

2010 will see Chris travel to fascinating countries, release more unconventional guides and the publication of his first book.

More from Chris:

11. Mike CJ

Follow @mikecj

Mike has created a name for himself in the blogging niche. He become a Problogger in 2008 thanks to Mikes Life and his two travel blogs.

He stood out with his practical blog posts and fast developed a community around Mikes Life. In 2009, he released his blogging course  and twitter guide. In 2010, he has just released Beyond Blogging (cowritten with Nathan Hangen.)

12. Dan Schawbel

Follow @danschawbel

Dan Schawbel is a brilliant example of an authority blogger. He has risen to the top of the personal branding niche having released a book, magazine and awards.

In 2009 he expanded the personal branding network with the creation of the Student Branding Blog. His content is syndicated by Forbes, Reuters and Fox Business.

In 2010, I think we will see Dan take niche blogging to a whole new level. I feel privileged to watch it happen.

More from Dan:

5 Ways Blogging Can Make a Difference For You in This Economy

13. Jonathan Fields

Follow @jonathanfields

Some of you may not know Jonathan. He is a blogger, author and speaker. That’s the simple version. His bio described him as

a giddy dad, husband, New Yorker, multi-time health & fitness industry entrepreneur, recovering S.E.C./mega-firm hedge-fund lawyer, slightly-warped, unusually-stretchy, spiritually-inclined, obsessed with creation, small-biz and online marketing-catalyst, speaker, direct-response copywriter, entrepreneur-coach, yoga-teacher, columnist, author, once-a-decade hook-rug savant, pro-blogger and career renegade™ gone wild.

He wrote a fantastic book called Career Renegade and released a killer report, The Truth About Book Marketing. He’s spent this year helping as many people as possible – whether it be through his speaking events and workshops or the creation of new projects like Tribal author.

It will be fascinating to see what he accomplishes next year.

More from Jonathan:

14. Marko Saric

Follow @howtomakemyblog

Marko has had astonishing success during 2009. He marked a year at How To Make My Blog and successfully launched his Twitter Marketing ebook. He earns a consistent income through his Thesis theme reviews and blog consulting. He did a fantastic presentation about how to build a better blog at a recent meetup in London.

I hope 2010 brings more products and presentations because he brings a lot to the blogging community.

More from Marko:

15. Charlie Gilkey

Follow @Charlie Gilkey

Charlie Gilkey is many bloggers secret weapon. He is a business and productivity coach that writes at Productive Flourishing.

He recently launched Email Triage and has joined with Johnny B Truant to produce monthly Jam Sessions.

He will be released more affordable products in 2010, as well as helping more bloggers kick arse. I cant wait to see what he and his clients achieve.

16. Robb Sutton

Follow @robbsutton

Robb has impressed many with the success of Mountain Biking 198. He has received over $100’000 in review products which he spoke about in his book Ramped Reviews . He now works on his network while blogging about his journey to success at Robb Sutton. You can check out his comprehensive free ebook, Ramped Blogging, while there.

He shows how people can apply practical business schools to the blogosphere and what you can achieve when you don’t doubt yourself. He does done multiple guest posts and podcasts this year and I look forward to hearing about his future projects.

More from Robb:

17. Gary Vaynerchuk

Follow @garyvee

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? He crushed it during 2009.

He launched Vaynermedia, a business specializing in building brand equity. He signed a 7 figure book deal with Harper Studio and released his best-selling Crush it. He has had many high profile press mentions and television appearances.

Gary has given many bloggers something something to aspire to. Knowing him, he’ll give us even more next year.

18. Chris Brogan

Follow @chrisbrogan

Chris has accomplished so much this year. His book, Trust Agents, became a New York Times bestseller. He touched a lot of people with his overnight success video series and grew his blog to almost 40’000 subscribers. I’ve had trouble with keeping up with all he’s accomplished this year because he has done so darn much. He works incredibly hard to ensure that his work helps as many of us as possible.

Judging by his business wishlist, he will be achieving so much more in 2010.

19. Michael Martine

Follow @remarkablogger

Remarkablogger has been a good friend this year and it has been a pleasure to watch his site grow. On top of his blogging and coaching duties, he helps market the Headway wordpress theme. This theme has really impressed a lot of my designer friends, and I know they have great plans for it.

Michael is definitely someone to watch in 2010. I just hope that, despite his success and accomplishments, he’ll always be the awesome guy I’ve come to respect.

20. Lea Woodward

Follow @leawoodward

Lea and her husband, Jonathan, have shown that you don’t need to stay in one place to rock the blogosphere. They have taken one blog, Location Independent, and developed an entire community around it.

The expanded the blog to create a network – using the birth of their daughter Mali as motivation for Location Independent Parents. She also expanded to develop a series of Location Independent guides.

2010 will see them expand their product range as well as develop the Location Independent community. If you are aspiring to blog while traveling, they are a must read.

21. David Risley

Follow @davidrisley

David is now a fixture in the blogging community. He tells it like it is at his DavidRisley.com blog and makes 6 figures a year from his PC Mech blog and products such as the Blog Masters Club.

He has taught us so much this year and will continue to do so during 2010. It will be interesting to see what new projects he comes up with.

More from David:

22. Glen Allsopp

Follow @viperchill

Glen Allsopp has a resume that would make many established bloggers envious. He has guest posted at many high profile blogs and is a successful staff blogger. He launched Cloud Living to much acclaim and has followed that up with another killer ebook – Reality Switch. I’ve loved learning about Glens story, both at PluginID and Viperchill.

More from Glen:

I’m confident that his business will skyrocket in 2010 – especially with his $1 million case study.

23. Laura Roeder

Follow @lkr

Many bloggers owe a lot of their success to Laura Roeder. She has shown how you can leverage social media effectively and how to market with class. Her blog, and business, boomed in 2009. She released a paid version of The Dash, launched her Creating Fame course and developed that into the Creating Fame Classroom (and more like Backstage pass to Twitter).

I hope she continues to create more brilliant information products in the new year and that she continues to provide so much value to the community.

More from Laura:

How to Make Deals with Bigshots in Less Than 10 Minutes

24. DM Scott

Follow @dmscott

DM Scott isn’t the sorta guy you normally see on these lists. I met him at a Social Media Masterclass and was blown away by his blogging knowledge. He has written two successful books – World Wide Rave and The New Rules of Marketing and PR. He has released many killer free ebooks and blogs at Web Ink Now.

He is someone you should get to know if you want to learn how to get world wide attention using social media. He knows his stuff and I’m sure he’ll be providing high quality content beyond 2010.

25. Darren Rowse

Follow @problogger

Darren already rocks the blogging community. He has a top 100 technorati blog, is one of the co-founders of b5 media and is the inspiration for many leading bloggers.

He took things to a completely new level in 2009. He launched Problogger.com, a personal blog as well as 31 days to become a better blogger Workbook.

I’ve heard that he has amazing things planned for his other blogs and can’t wait to see how he develops Twitip and Digital Photography School.

26. Collis Ta’eed

Follow @collis

Collis Ta’eed is many bloggers’ worst nightmare. I don’t want to know how much money I’ve spent on market places like Theme Forest and Graphic River.

Envato has grown so much this year. They have launched many new marketplaces, blogs and tutorial sites. They have cemented themselves in the creative communities.I’m really excited to see how Envato will develop next year. I hope that I can somehow even be part of it.

Also valuable are the E-books that Collis is part of from Rockable Press – how to be a Rockstar WordPress designer and how to be a Rockstar Freelancer.

More from Collis:

27. James Chartrand

Follow @menwithpens

2009 has certainly been a busy year for James. When he isn’t pumping out content on Men with Pens, he is actively commenting or connecting to the community via twitter.

2010 will be for interesting for James after the recent revelation that he is, actually, a she. James is still one of the best ‘blokes’ I know, but this story has really set the blogosphere on fire. It will be very interesting to see how it unfolds in the new year. Will she release a book? Will mainstream press pick up the story? I don’t care – as long as she continues to bring class to the blogosphere.

Also co-authored by James is the Unlimited Freelancer e-book.

28. Caroline Middlebrook

Follow @cmiddlebrook

Caroline Middlebrook was one of the star bloggers during 2008 but has slowed things down this year to work on her software project.  Her income has been consistent despite only spending only one hour a week.

Caroline will be launching her software project later this month. It will be interesting to see how her blog and project evolves in 2010.

More on Caroline:

29. Adam Baker

Follow @manvsdebt

Adam shows that you don’t need to be a metablogger to be successful. He has indirectly taught me, and many others, so much about engaging your community. He writes at Man Vs Debt and has spent most of 2009 traveling/working in Australia and New Zealand.

Adam celebrated the 6 month anniversary of Man Vs Debt with a fantastic article about how NOT to suck at blogging. I’m genuinely excited to see how he develops the blog over the next 12 months.

More on Adam:

30. Sonia Simone

Follow @soniasimone

As the senior editor at Copyblogger, Sonia has the finger on the pulse of the blogosphere. She shows how you can make writing informative and fun. She’s joint ventured on many awesome products this year including Freelance X Factor and Marketing For Nice People. She recently launched the Remarkable Marketing Blueprint – something I’m still annoyed I missed out on.

If you want to excel at content marketing, Sonia can help you. I’m sure she’ll be providing many opportunities to do so during 2010.

Who would go on your list?

These are the people that made it onto my radar this year, but I know there are many fabulous bloggers I haven’t met yet.

Share who you think are the bloggers to watch and why. Some of them may be featured in future Problogger posts.

Disclaimer: While there are affiliate links in this post, none of them are mine.

About Jade Craven
Jade Craven is a regular Problogger contributor. She wrote the Bloggers To Watch column for four years and currently manages the DPS Pinterest boards. She writes about bloggers doing amazing things at her new project, Bloggers To Watch.
  1. can’t believe ephman didn’t make the list. next year right? http://www.ephman.com (insert your shameless self promotion here).

  2. Darren you missed me out ; ) haha just joking, hopefully it will be me in 2011 more realisticly as my blog is new. Will be interested to monitor these up and coming bloggers to see how successfull 2010 is for all of them. Good luck everyone!

  3. I absolutely agree with #8, Joanna is a great example of someone who is hitting all the right buttons with her blogging and social networking.

    Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog is also hitting great strides if you ask me.

  4. Finally you are out with list of 30 cool bloggers,

    I was actually surprises to see your name in the list. To be frank, Yaro and you are the only bloggers I know till date.

  5. Always good to get some new people and blogs to follow! I was already following a few of them, but some are brand new to me, and will be checked upon with pleasure!
    For the readers who are not yet fullfilled with this list of 30 great bloggers, you can always follow me too! ;-)

  6. I’m not going to make a silly joke like the first two commenters did ;-) I would just love to be in the top 2000 by next year let alone 20

  7. View good names on the list. As always, the list is subjective, and it’s pretty much associated with blogging niche. :)

    Also, the pics look REALLY odd in this article!

  8. Great post. I only knew about 50% of the individuals listed. I am excited to read and learn from the other 50%.

    I have been on learn almost a year and have learned so much.I left my corporate job in November 2009 and I will be expanding and growing my blog in 2010, as well as, launching a new blog bases on all I have learned this year.

    Happy New Year!


  9. That list is very good.

    I read most of them.
    I have a blog about Blogs, in portuguese, especially for use Blogger and WordPress. And I read every day the ProBlogger.

    In my list, I put my own blog, because there are not many blogs about this in portuguese. And I do this very well.


    And, other one is Dicas Blogger, from Juliana Sardinha, in portuguese too. She is the best and the biggest.


  10. I am hoping to be on your list for 2010! Carving out the niche and am implementing my plans.

    This is a good list of bloggers for me to follow as well. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I look forward to learning from all of them; then using their best strategies on my blog!


  11. Thanks for sharing a great list. There are several on the list that I’ve yet to hear about….I plan on checking their sites out. Maybe one year you’ll include some of us small niche folks! :)

  12. These appear to be blogger who blog about blogging or marketing etc. No technical blogs made the cut?

  13. Thanks for the list, Jade. II’m already reading with most of the people on this list – good to know I’m learning from those who are getting things right.

    One thing, though, the pictures are all stretched. Would great if you could correct that. Thanks!

  14. Great list of wellknows blogger, 5 of theme i always visit, Such as the” Marko Saric. “. I like his twitter marketing book!

  15. A lot of these individuals are top quality bloggers for sure! Some individuals I have not heard of before, but this gives me the confidence to start checking out their sites even more often now. Great stuff!

  16. Great list and an inspirational list. I can’t wait to check out the few I haven’t seen before.

    Thanks for the great leads on some quality sites.

  17. Great list. I am already following some of them, but I’ll check the others out. Others I like are Tim Sanders, Dan Pink and John Chow.

  18. I love the list, but you might want to run the post through spell check. There are quite a few spelling errors. I’m not trying to be picky, but it’s kind of distracting. And I’m only on blogger #5. A couple links are also incorrect (they’re giving 404’s).

    Great content though.

  19. Jade, what an incredible list! There’s only one obvious missing person… *you*. ;-) (Seriously, I’m hoping to see you hit the success you deserve in 2010).

    Thanks so much for including me … I’m gonna have to really do some hard work and hard thinking this year to live up to my place on the list. I’ve got a few products in the works, though, and some Cunning Plans.

    I’ll definitely be checking out a few of these names who I’d not come across before… you must’ve put a heck of a lot of work into this post. Thanks for doing it!

  20. Wohh thanks a lot for the list of blogger to watch and follow and understand. Being very new to Blogging I am always out learning new things from different blogger.This list remains a god send gift for me to learn.
    Thanks a lot Dareen

  21. I would add Mark Silver of Heart of Business (http://www.heartofbusiness.com/). Like many of the bloggers on your list, he’s revolutionizing the way people use marketing and social media to spread their message.

    I’ve also been enjoying Cath Duncan of MineYourResources.com. I’ve learned a ton of helpful life and work tips from following her blog … she too has a fresh perspective.

  22. Thanks Jade ……… you just couldn’t make that list 31 could you ? …………… I’m never going to get a chance to play in the tall weeds with the big dogs !

    Hey …….. wait a minute, who is Jade Craven anyway ?

  23. I feel like this post should have been titled, “Blogger who have already made it and you are already watching if you know anything about blogging” or “Brand new to blogging? You should be reading these blogs”

  24. I realize that this list is strong, and I follow many of them. I also follow you and subscribe to your program to make me a better Blogger. I refer your work to clients as well and Tweet about you.

    I will continue to strive to make this list, and believe I will next year, but what a tough crowd.

    A Nomination would be http://simonmainwaring.com/blog (Client and Friend for disclosure) who really has some great content, ideas and thoughts as well as the background of experience (Toyota Prius, Nike, etc…) to back it up.

    Thanks for the list.

    Dean Holmes

  25. Yawn. Yet another post on a meta-blogging site about how there is nothing else in the world other than marketing, blogging, and business.

    I can’t believe that there is not a single blogger who writes about politics, sports, travel, family issues, history, science, food, relationships, etc. You know, the subjects that the vast majority of people read about.

    This really is the weak spot in the meta-blog niche. There is more to the world then blogging about blogging.

  26. janelle lee says: 01/07/2010 at 2:03 am

    Anne Jackson is a little outside of your “niche” as a faith-based (but not preachy, Jesus on her shoulder) blogger. She has one of the most widely read faith blogs due to her discussion on “shhh…don’t say that in church” topics like sex addiction, bi-polar (which she has and writes on) but most importantly she’s traveled the world raising money for charities – and is somewhere above $350k in the last two years.

    This year her two big trips are to Moldova/Moscow to help rescue trafficked girls and get them in safe houses (and tell their stories, to raise money for the safe houses) and in June/July she is cycling cross country (San Diego to Myrtle Beach) to raise money for the water charity Blood Water Mission.

    She also is a published author – one book with Zondervan that came from her blog’s reach and engagement (Zondervan is a Harper imprint) and her next two are with Thomas Nelson which I think is the sixth largest publishing company? Anyway, she gets to write and travel and speak full time, so somehow her blogging has led into her making enough money to do that (and to help a bunch of other people along the way).

    Her blog is FlowerDust.net

  27. Hi, your net may not have been cast across the Atlantic, but new and making a big splash (after only a few days) is Twankers in the UK. Purposely set up to provide awards to UK organisations and personalities who…well, quite simply #FAIL across the social web in 2010. So much time, effort and money is being wasted by “dodgy” agencies that there needs to be somewhere to tell the world about them. Hence http://twankers.co.uk was set up. Please have look…maybe offer your opinion or cast your vote. By the way, @DMSCOTT nice tie!

  28. In a few years you’ll see me on the list, i’m sure i’m gonna be there. Any how this was a wonderful list Jade. Wish you a happy and prosperous new year.


  29. interesting list – shall take a peek and see what i can learn

  30. Oh wow thanks for including me along all these great bloggers Jade! I appreciate your support and hopefully I will be able to release more products and do more presentations in 2010!

  31. Inspired choices! Venessa Miemis (@VenessaMiemis) has an exceptional blog on social media trends that deserves inclusion on your next list- http://www.EmergentByDesign.com .

  32. This is a great list! I know and follow about half of these folks, so I’ll be checking out the rest.

  33. Cool! Thanks Jade for including me amongst those names!

    @Gary Arndt

    Dig deeper man. If you look at the list…most of those (me included…sports as you mentioned in your comment) have blogs in other niches that are successful. Just because many of them have blogs about blogging…that doesn’t mean that is there only blog.

  34. I’d add shoemoney.com. Sometimes it makes me laugh… sometimes it makes me wonder what kind of drugs Shoe is on…. but mostly it teaches me how succeed on the web.

  35. Oh wow!!! Now this is cool!!! I just told my mother-in-law we couldn’t have dinner with her tonight (hehe!!!) – It is the wednesday night thing (groan). But I have such a good excuse I am going to be winding my through all the links in this post!!!

  36. Great List.. Now my goal is to be on the 2011 list :)

  37. Surprised, honoured and very grateful. I hope I can live up to this…

  38. Thank you for the list! I did not know many of them. I think I would start following them now.

  39. I would recommend Brett from http://artofmanliness.com/.

    He did quite a bit in 2009 (book launch, hundreds of thousands of monthly visits, etc.), and I don’t expect him to slow down.

    Great list!

  40. I commend the author for doing a lot of background hard work in coming up with this list. There are plenty of bloggers here whose work can be explored to gain insight on how to become a successful blogger oneself.

  41. Too much emphasis on people who run blogs about blogging? How about a follow up post with 30 bloggers who blog about “real” stuff?

    There must be some successes out there? The entire “make money blogging” industry is surely not built on hot air? How about rounding up 30 blogs from the community forum and showing us what readers have achieved? :)

  42. I’d add Bud Hennekes (sp?) from aboundlessworld.com, and myself. ;) Great list though. Truly.

  43. Your list of bloggers is an extraordinary ‘mentoring’ resource for for me as a new blogger and social media newbie. I looked over a number of the links and they are right on. Lot’s to learn. Thanks.

  44. I must say that the start of the new year is always great because so many bloggers do posts like this. I’m always looking for interesting people to bulk up my feed reader and from what I read here there are definitely a handful of new bloggers I might start reading. Now I just have to find a few moments in my day to check them all out. lol

  45. Would love to have seen more bloggers I have never heard of and it seems a tad redundant mentioning Darren as being one to watch to people reading his blog ;-)

    My faves that are missing:

    Nick Cernis at PutThingsOff.com – Funny as hell, clever and thought provoking, but doesn’t post nearly enough and doesn’t even call it a blog anymore!

    Bob Poole at PoolesWaterCooler.com – Seth Godin for people that don’t want to read Seth Godin

    Tracy O’Connor at IHateMyMessageBoard.com – Very funny, will post on anything and is completely irreverent

    Bill Giruzzi at TheConversationIsGrowing.com – A new blogger who is truly a unique thinker. If he can get his SEO act together he could be very big.

  46. I love Yaro Starak’s Writings and read his ebooks!! He really have a friendly contents and an inspiration to the other Users.

    There is another blogger named Daniel Scocco of Online Profits, whose writings i really prefer to read.

    A Best Wishes to all the Bloggers & Darren a Happy New Year 2010. :)


  47. i cant say anything more than ‘WHATTA LIST!’ incredible posting. thumbs up

  48. Finally a watch list that counts… I will have all these on my radar, and every time they pass I will do a thorough investigations.. All their movement will be reported and passed on to the proper audience.. These people will not pass me without me knowing..

    ‘Blog Warriors will not pass without providing value… Not on My Watch’..

    .. for some reason Chris Brogan got this into my head..

    Cheers.. Are

  49. Absolutely its a great analysis and I completely agree with you on this. The 30 bloggers who are in this list will definitely act like guiding lights for blogging world. I have to bookmark this post.

  50. It’s a off topic but I just clicked through to Jade Craven’s website and I see the blog is about “Blogging and Social Media Tips” and right at the top there is an article with a title “My First Ebook Is Up: The Guest Post Mini Guide”.

    Anyone else finds it somewhat amusing that there is now tons of blogs on such topics and everyone is launching e-books like mad? Are there so many experts now out there?

    With all this I am loosing trust towards information on such websites. Too many of you are now trying to make money with communicating the same info.

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