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How 12 Experts Make Money Through Their Blogs (And How You Can Learn Their Secrets)

Posted By Jade Craven 14th of October 2009 General 0 Comments

A guest post by Jade Craven

Update – The offer in this post has been extended to Monday due to some server issues that Dave had.

I review a lot of information products. Rarely, does one impress me as much as More Buyers Mastermind. Rather than provide a pitch, I thought I’d explain why I believe so strongly in this product.

For the busy people, here’s the rundown:

  • It is becoming hard to directly monetize your blog
  • Dave Navarro has released a seminar, featuring 12 people who are making a LOT from selling products.
  • This is one of the best valued products available online.
  • He has released a LOT of content as part of his pre-launch – including an awesome twitter contest. Read the ‘P.S’ to find out.

Why its getting harder to monetize your own blog.

It is getting harder to monetize your blog via direct methods. There are more people publishing content online and more competition for the advertisers. Additionally, the global financial crisis has also slashed the revenue of many who relied solely on few methods.

Many people are now transitioning and offering more products and services. Just look at Darren – he recently launched a paid forum and an ebook.

Solution: A teleseminar from 12 people who are making A LOT online

David found a solution: 12 people who are making a LOT from selling products and services. The More Buyers Mastermind is a seminar featuring 12 awesome bloggers. Dave interviews top talent including:

  • Chris Garrett
  • Michael Martine
  • Chris Guillebeau
  • Naomi Dunford
  • Brian Clark
  • Laura Roeder

Every person on that list makes their income based on their blog. Lets re-examine that list:

  • Laura Roeder sells information products and consulting services
  • Brian Clark creates and recommends products at Copyblogger
  • Chris Guillebeau makes the majority of his income from his Unconventional Guides
  • Michael Martine sells a SEO ebook and consults at Remarkablogger
  • Chris Garrett offers his freelance services and sells an e-course
  • Naomi sells multiple online products and brainstorming consults

Now, they still make a decent income from advertising banners and affiliate income. The bulk, however, is from the indirect methods.

You need to act fast…

After this Friday, Dave is raising the price to $197. After 30 days, it will almost triple in price. (Update: Dave has extended this offer until Monday due to some server issues).

Some people avoid buying because they assume the product will come on sale eventually. Dave doesn’t offer discounted products. I agree: his products are awesome value as it is. That’s why you should take advantage of the entry level price now – its very rare you get a seminar this valuable.

Who is  Dave Navarro?

dave-navarro2Dave Navarro is the highly successful blogger behind Rock Your Day and The Launch Coach.

He has become a good friend of mine. Ever since I reviewed ‘How to Launch the **** Out Of Your Ebook‘ here on Problogger, he has gone out of his way to help me. At first I thought he was trying to suck up but I quickly learned that he naturally loves helping people.

I am not kidding about this. Anytime I tweet about my posting commitments, he reminds me not to burn myself out. He’s THAT awesome.

Why it is so valuable:

Its less than $10 a call

I’ve bought a lot of products. Anything less than $30 a call is a bargain. Dave is offering you 12 calls for $97.  You also get the additional coaching calls and workbooks. Most of these people charge over $100 for an hour of their time. Their information products are often just as high.

Dave will ask the right questions

I’ve listened to other audio products by Dave and he has the skills to get the exact information you need. You wont be paying for a product targeted to the beginners.

My final Opinion.

I’ve bought a lot of information products. Dave is one of the few people that consistently delivers.

I doubt that there will be another seminar this valuable in this price range. As Dave often says – ‘Price is what you pay. Value is what you get’

Bonus 1: Competition and Content

Dave has released 3 free workbooks as part of his launch cycle. They are accompanied by three of the best blog posts I have read.

Additionally, he has launched a twitter contest with over $2000 worth of prizes.

Call to action: Click here to check out the awesome workbooks and

Bonus 2: An extra goody

Dave knows that you guys may struggle with the cost of the course. He is willing to provide you with extra value by offering one of two Problogger resource. You can choose from:

  • 6 months free membership to the Problogger.com community
  • A free copy of the 31DBBB workbook

Just contact Dave after you’ve purchased. He’ll send you your product after the launch has died down.

Call to action: Click here to take advantage of this limited bonus. 

Disclosure: Dave Navarro is a good friend of mine. I have received review copies of his products. This does not affect my endorsement of this product.

About Jade Craven
Jade Craven is a regular Problogger contributor. She wrote the Bloggers To Watch column for four years and currently manages the DPS Pinterest boards. She writes about bloggers doing amazing things at her new project, Bloggers To Watch.
  1. Thanks for the product review about Dave.
    Yes you are absolutely right that above mentioned bloggers are making the handsome amount on their blog.Like Brain Clark is selling his eBooks and recommends other products.No doubt,This is the biggest opportunity to know the secrets of rocking stars in the blogging industry.Let’s see about the product of Dave about blogging and money…

  2. Nice writeup on this product..there are a number of ways to monetize a blog, but working with an experienced marketer with a proven system seems to save a lot of time and may increase the chances of being successful as well. I’ll check it out.

  3. Great review Jade. I think $97 for 12 calls is very cheap, when you consider the person on the other site of the line is expert in his field.

  4. This is very great. It is very true about the bloggers who are making good money blogging online

  5. Full Disclosure Please says: 10/14/2009 at 3:47 am

    Ummm … shouldn’t your “Disclosure” statement also include the $48.50 per sale you’ll collect from the affiliate link you included?

    From Lara: Darren fully discloses everything right here: https://problogger.com/problogger-disclaimer/ – This link is in the footer of every page of this blog. He isn’t hiding anything, clearly, as he’s not the type to even cloak the link. He also doesn’t endorse a product or service he doesn’t believe in.

  6. Are any of the people interviewed in non-tech or blog topics? Like Politics, art reviews, culture, etc…? What about monetizing those blogs?

  7. Hey Darren, sorry for the off the topic comment but I’m still waiting for you to tell us how to expand our blogs by adding a forum. Normally you complete all your promises and cant wait for u 2 complete this one.

    Please write a post about the details of creating a forum with the free options included.

    PS: Thnx a lot for your great content. I’ve always been your fan :)

  8. A great product and a great product review!

  9. Very well reviewed. Got the list of top blogger who make thousands of dollars! Thanks for the share hepling begginers to become 2morro’s top bloggers

  10. Darren, I really thanked you for providing a great contents till today. You have inspired me a lot in most of area in blogging.

    From Malaysia

  11. How to and secrets are always a hot topic for linkbait.Also lots of information to apply.Lets test it to see the usefulness of good content.

  12. I earn money on my blog by promoting my website that sells home beer brewing beer classes in California and Mexico. The google adds and amazon adds only generate pennys.

  13. Jade, this is great. To be honest I’m a bit skeptical about some of the products out there, only because I have been burnt so many times, yet I am totally digging your post.Why? Because I trust you. You always seem to highlight awesome people and they have all turned out to be more than I expected. Thanks for this post and your Jade-ness ways! Loving your work. Keep powering out the goodness, I will definitely check out this.

  14. Nice honest review.

  15. Gary – will try write something up when I get back from Blog World Expo in 10 days

  16. Thanks for sharing this useful information and I think it would be useful for every blogger because I use most of these methods. By far the best way for bloggers to make money is by using sites such as PayPal etc and get paid for their posts.

  17. Full Disclosure Please says: 10/14/2009 at 3:08 pm


    I’m well aware of Mr. Rowse’s position, but this post wasn’t by him. And the author of this, Jade Craven, goes out of his way to disclose he is a friend of Navarro and has received review copies, which is fine, but fails to mention the affiliate link he placed there. That’s seems like a glaring omission.

  18. Full disclosure please –

    Honestly, I didn’t see the need to. It wasn’t even necessary to provide a disclosure – I only did so to prevent people from questioning my motives.

    Firstly, I’m a female, and the affiliate link that was placed is Darrens. Darren gets the commission. I have reviewed products in the past and some have assumed I get the commission. Would it have helped you if I included this in the post?

    I’m trying to be as open about my intentions as possible and would appreciate your input.

    Eric –

    I have listened to 4 of the calls so far. While the people are experts in business or social media, the information can be applied to niches outside of this. I hope this helps you and feel free to contact me for further info.

    Sam – thanks xx.

    I do this because I LOVE highlighting awesome people. It amazes me that so many great bloggers go unnoticed and I try to share their awesomeness with as many others as possible.

  19. Though it looks expensive , after research on it , one of the most great scheme , an honest review , will surely have to shell up a few bucks that will make hell lot of money in the future , amazed .

  20. What I like most about Dave is he doesn’t sugar coat the hard work involved in reaching A-Listers. It’s hard work, but, if you follow Dave’s directions carefully, I believe it will pay huge dividends for your blog.

  21. I enjoyed the post and review of this product, I think it is helpful to get advice from people that have been there and get their guidance and support there are too many people out there that claim they help you but really don’t offer anything different or great that truely stands out.

  22. Thanks for your sharing.
    Haha, i will never use my blog to make money, i just want to share some interesting things with my friends and other people who find my blog.

  23. I enjoyed the post and review of this product, I think it is helpful to get advice from people that have been there and get their guidance and support there are too many people out there that claim they help you but really don’t offer anything different or great that truely stands out.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  24. How part-time blogger can achieve that success? Do bloggers have to spent hours and hours a day to make money or just few hours a week? Any tips?

  25. Build up a sterling reputation, build up the trust, build up the list – profits then follow. It’s a great process that works.

  26. In order to make money from blogging, you should listen to bloggers who are already expert in this field.

  27. Its interesting to see how people are combining together and offering each other products as bonus or discount … in this way both get benefit.

    Its nice … instead of giving cash discount give them in some kind which is hot cake item like of membership of Darren’s paid community.

  28. Wow, thanks for the links.

  29. Nice review, great list of top blogger who are making thousands of dollars!

  30. $10 per call is really cheap these days, by the way great review there

  31. Very nice Article.This is very help ful.

  32. While it is awesome to be able to sell other people’s products, your always going to make more money if your actually selling your own! If you have some experience and valuable content then it is natural for people to want to buy your stuff. Its important to have credibility however. The fact that Darren is even letting Jade post this is enough for me to know that it is worth it. Thanks.

  33. yet.. another… course…

    With so many out there I’m surprised people are still signing up to these things and that there is still money to be made? I guess people chase the dream for as long as they have money?

    But at what point is it exploitation?

  34. This is really great article written by Jade Craven. Well for new blogger it is hard to sell affiliate products as they are new on blogging field and their name are not established on blogsphere.

    I would like to monetize my blog by adsense and It is really very good earning source for new blogger.

  35. With the FTC’s new rules governing bloggers and disclosure, I think it’s only common sense to include it. Whether money changed hands or copies of the seminar were provided, and no matter whether it’s you or Darren that receives a commission from the link, this post clearly falls under the new guidelines.

  36. I think it is helpful to get advice from people that have been there and get their guidance and support there are too many people out there that claim they help you but really don’t offer anything different or great that truely stands out.

  37. Very Informative post. Keep posting more, so that others who are new to blogs can learn from the people who have already been there and done that

  38. Blogging can be a very nice experience and can also bring some profit.I have a lot of friends who earn money from their blogs.

  39. I have been in the Rock your day blog a couple of times, and they have good content.. I am pretty sure his product will be good as well.

  40. I think I missed the initial window for the special deal, as I just found this site tonight.

    I’ll keep reading and would be interested to participate in a future offering of Dave’s.

  41. It was certainly interesting for me to read the blog. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

  42. This was a good blog. I found that those who are just getting started making money online can do so by using a company that will provide them with the best CT web design and SEO. Internet marketing is always changing, so it is best to get an expert for the best results. One site to check out is http://www.3-prime.com

  43. How many of us wish we had our very own Obi-Wan Kenobi? Giving your audience your best makes them feel like you�ve got their backs. That feeling can be hard to come by. If you really care about your people, they know it.

  44. Great Info! I don’t normally reply! But, this is great stuff. Hard to find good blogs these days that don’t have just fluff! Keep Posting dude!! – Josh ~ AMS

  45. […] How 12 Experts Make Money Through Their Blogs (And How You Can Learn Their Secrets) […]

  46. Hi, the link for Dave’s blog needs to be corrected. The right link is http://www.thelaunchcoach.com

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