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About Georgina Laidlaw
Georgina Laidlaw is a freelance content developer, and Content manager for problogger.net. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks a lot Darren for sharing some tips out your Blogging Experience. Keep them coming :)

  2. Great tips! This is something all newbies could use.

  3. This is what keeps people coming back. you sharing your tips and experience helps to make us all better.

  4. Your wife’s ultimatum is something I am going to take to heart. I am giving myself six months to make it. Thanks Mrs. Rowse.

  5. I’m a bit uncomfortable about the ‘guru’ vibe Darren is exuding. It reminds me of the self-help guru who asks you to pay him to tell you how to make your life better.

    The fact is, 99% of blogs will never achieve significant readership, never mind revenue- no matter what they do. Telling people that if they just do X,Y and Z they will be successful bloggers is slightly dishonest, and ignores the influence of serendipity on success.

  6. I think them tips are great and common sense ones too. You want to find your readers and write what you know or are currently learning about or on a journey, so others might want to know about it.

    I like to write, but I like to create photos and drawings and other stuff against my blog posts, as well as videos too.

    Blogging is just one great thing that is there for us who like to blog online.

    Let’s drink to blogging!

  7. Great video and tips. I really like the tip on ultimatums and deadlines. It’s so true that those will help you really get your business going.

  8. Thank you Darren for sharing this stuff. Although most of the things you said here have been already covered by you, I found one interesting thing: you say that it’s not really that important to focus on gaining attention on sites like Digg or StumbleUpon. Can you tell us more about this?

  9. Thanks for the tips, It very useful for newbie like me…:-)

  10. Nice interview by Abby Johnson also, always important to focus on useful content and something you are familiar with…what is up with how she said “problogger” by the way?

  11. All very helpful. Thanks for the great tips!

  12. Darren,

    This why you are pro! Thanks for the tips. There are several good ways to get your blog to be successful, be authentic, provide value, and connect with readers are my 3 tips that I try to follow.

  13. I learned more from this one than in any other post. This is great.

  14. Well… it seems like all the tips are for beginners who are just started blogging online… Although, I didn’t learn anything new, but still… is great to share…

  15. hei Darren, i’m new in blogging especially for monetizing. i knew your blog from my friend’s reference..

  16. Thank you for sharing this, Darren. :)

  17. Ultimatums and deadlines are needed for most bloggers to kick start stuff ranging from launching a blog, making it a business, launching products and eventually to make a living from blogging.

    My hubby does that right too. I have got 250 days left! :)

  18. Thanks for an informative interview. I think the most important part is that you need to get started. Nothing will happen before you start, after you have started anything can happen.

  19. Thanks for sharing this to us. In my opinion, before you start blogging you have to be decided on your niche. Blogging isn’t easy most especially if you blog not only because you want to share something but because also you want to earn money. Your success depends on you so the more focus and eager you are the more the chances that you will succeed eventually.

  20. I had a big issue feeling unworthy and feeling that I had nothing new to say. Then I realized that I don’t have to blog about what I feel I should, but what I feel I want to.

    Our long Odyssey of health problems with our beloved Rottweiler Jasmine and the things we learned along the way made me realize that it is important to share this experience. So I started blogging about dog health issues.

  21. Good to have you back Darren. Would love a transcript of the video like you have presented before. It is easier for me and I can keep track better about what I am learning.


  22. Another great video from Darren! I’ve learned much from this, especially about the concept of temporary blogs.
    Thank you very much Darren!

  23. I totally agree that for me I didn’t know what topic I would write about and what can I name my blog. It took me a lot of time to finally found what I want to write about.

    But this will finally come out in our mind one day! Good luck for the new blogger!

  24. Hopefully everyone is not getting into blogging JUST to make money cause that would be sad. And I’m not saying that making money is an awful goal but when it becomes the “ultimate” goal then it can get in the way of finding your true passion for your blog and ultimately serving and actually making money. That’s why I love it that you are telling people to JUST DO IT and find out if you have the capacity to actually be a blogger. Not everyone takes good photos but I HATE it when I see all of these self-help blogs popping up with BOUGHT photos of fake people. I like the blogs that KEEP IT REAL with their experiences and their emotions. Unlike alot the self-help blogs out that have HOPPED on the blog trail looking for the money trail by regurgitating what has already been written and then trying to sell it with downloadable ebooks that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE…give me a break. I prefer the bloggers that have actually experienced what they are blogging about and simply sharing it wit their readers. Just tired of all the one-trick ponies…they were out doing the seminars and pushing their wares in the 90’s and into the next decade and now they’ve found a new venue. So all you REAL bloggers who have real experiences to share, be it downsizing, sewing, painting, writing, etc…get out there and do your thing and enjoy yourself first and establish who you are as a blogger BEFORE you worry about making money. Followers and vendors will seek you out as time goes.

  25. I kind of agree with the commenter that 99 % of blogs won’t make money and have many readers, but let’s not forget that 99 % of bloggers don’t work hard to promote their blog and only post a few articles per month. The ones who do post more than that and keep promoting, don’t actually succeed, because they don’t have the patience to do what they are doing for 2 or 3 years. Nobody said blogging was easy.

  26. […] I have watched a video interview with Darren Rowse at problogger. He suggest that even you don’t have any idea in mind what you want to blog about, start to […]

  27. @Motmaitre

    Tha video does not say “that if they just do X,Y and Z they will be successful bloggers”.

    Video says that without doing X, Y and Z they won’t have a chance to be successful bloggers.

    It’s a huge difference.

    About video – I personally catch the phrase “content that solves problems” the most. Content has to solve problems – this is why people are reading anything on the internet. They need to solve some kind of problem.

  28. The video is not playing in my browser. I have adobe flash player installed. Do I need some other software to view this video?

  29. Nice interview Darren, really well laid out.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  30. Interesting point about people having something to blog, but just not getting started. Why are people so shy to step forward?

  31. nice tips again..tq so much Darren

  32. Nice video!

    Getting started is the hardest part, followed by keeping that momentum going.

    Make a list of 50 blog post titles – others will spin off from those – set a schedule, e.g. 1 post per week, 6 posts per month or whatever fits with your schedule etc.

    Many people start off too quickly and try to post as often as possible – it’s very easy to burn out like that.

  33. Top tips!… I started back in August 2008, I’ve worked mainly on building a solid fanbase for the animation series and started work on building a brand.

    The future for “A Sitting Duck” will be a Facebook Game and a Licence Deal for Candy.

    It all started with a simple site and news page!…

    David Edwards

  34. Suggesting that someone new to blogging start with a temporary blog is a great idea because it gives them a place to ‘practice’ without feeling the pressure of having great content and great design. Then later they can move into a regular blog with greater confidence. Thanks for the post!

  35. Good practicle tips to get someone started in the wonderful world of blogging. Try it out first is great advice and doesn’t cost a bean.

  36. When I starting a blog, I made it for money. But this wasn’t an obstacle to provide a value and satisfay my hobby.
    Thank you for this valiable show.

  37. you said it right darren, that blogging is not a business , but 99% of the blogs are started in this world to be one day like you … full time living of the blogging money …

  38. Very nice tips! This is something that the new blogger like me could use..

  39. Most bloggers do it for money, I only know a few who do it just for the fun of it. These was very good points, I’ll keep an eye on this. Thnks

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