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24 hour giveaway – Blogging tips get 24 prizes!

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgThis giveaway will run from noon Wednesday to noon Thursday (EST – New York, USA).

We’ve got a really great list of business/blogging related stuff to give away, and since we just love really great “blogging tips”, we thought it would be great to combine the two into one related giveaway!

First, the prizes up for grabs:

Yes, you counted right – there are 24 great prizes available for this giveaway! All of which are suited toward entrepreneurs, professional bloggers, and anyone who has a website of some kind!

How to enter:

All you need to do in order to win one of the great prizes above is to write a brand new (sorry, no archives allowed) post on your site that gives blogging tips. You may feel free to adapt it to the topic and style of your blog in any way you see fit, as long as it’s some kind of “tip” about “blogging”.

Some examples:

Are you a “mommy blogger”? Write a post tip about how to actively blog and deal with the bubblegum in your child’s hair at the same time.

Are you a “travel blogger”? Write a post tip about what someone traveling abroad might need to bring with them in order to”keep up the flow” of their writing/posting while away.

Are you a “foodie blogger”? Write a post tip about the best snacks to have at your desk for maximum food-to-brain flavor and power.

See? You don’t have to have a blog about blogging in order to enter! ;)

When you’re done, put the link to your entry in the comments below. Feel free to suggest what prize you’d most be interested in, and if the random generator chooses you, we’ll do our best to get you either that prize or one of the ones close to it. There’s no guarantee you’ll get the one you ask for – but we will do our best.

If you want your readers to know that you’re participating in this then please do feel free to link up so they can participate too – but it is NOT a requirement to link back to ProBlogger in any way.

Remember, this activity closes at noon on Thursday (EST) so get writing!

Notes: One entry per person (NOT per blog), and if you are chosen to win one of the above prizes, you will not be chosen to win anything else for the duration of the giveaway week.

These prizes not your cup of tea? Check out the other great prizes up for grabs during the giveaway!
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All winners and sponsors have been notified by email! Go check your inboxes for an email titled “ProBlogger Winner!” (Make sure you check your spam boxes too, just in case.)

If you haven’t heard from me, please feel free to continue entering the giveaways!

  1. http://www.problogdesign.com/general-tips/5-tips-to-get-the-best-from-your-designer/ (It won’t be viewable for another 7 hours though. Sorry!)

    Which EST is it btw? (The American or Australian?)

    If I won, I’d love to get the entrepreneurial prizes from Egg Marketing, or Kirsty Dunphey. :D

  2. Here’s my post: http://www.pingable.org/blogging-tips-and-advice/

    If I win anything I would be keen for a custom logo design by David Airey. Or the premium design/dev WordPress package from Nathan Rice.


  3. Thanks Lara,
    I can understand. Rule should be same for everyone.
    I will be happy if the people just read the posts.

  4. A post about using blogs to enhance tabletop roleplaying games:


    Anything that would increase my traffic would be nice as I’m anew blogger :P

  5. blogged on how to blog about gaming:

    1st choice
    ebook, book for entrepreneurs, and press release & dist. on PRweb.com – Egg Marketing Blog

    2nd choice:
    10 articles of 500 words each custom-written to the winner’s specifications – JCM Enterprises

    3rd choice:
    How to make PR work online ebook – distilled: pure website expertise

  6. My post of 3 blogging lessons: http://www.smallbusinesslessons.com/successes/22/my-3-blogging-lessons/

    I’d prefer some type of blog design or analysis for a prize.

  7. Sorry about that Michael! EST United States… New York, in fact. :)

  8. critix – the ad spot is NOT here on problogger.net – it’s on the sponsor’s site.

  9. Here are my tips;


    I would like a custom design please….or a custom anything :)

  10. My tip is on how to beat writers block, but I also did a wordpress 2.3 upgrade guide for those that might need it.

  11. Here’s mine:

    I would be most interested in anything entrepreneurial, marketing, or organization related.

  12. This is my blog tip for this little contest..


    If a win a prize it doens’t really matter what prize, anything would be great. I’d rather have people to read my blog than to win prizes. Good luck.

  13. Just one tip from me – at http://schoolstjude.blogspot.com/

    If you’re not on a learning curve, you’re going nowhere.

  14. Funny actually this article was on my list to write anyway, but its how to use Yahoo Pipes to filter news feeds. Very useful for trawling feeds for content to write about


    Any of those prizes would be fantastic, I guess if I had to choose I would go with the analysis or consulting ones. Please nothing wordpress related as I don’t use it.

    Good luck to all!

  15. My advise to newer bloggers


    Really more suggestions, and what to think about when starting a blog, and what you should think on when hiring a blogger.

  16. Here is my offering – certainly brand new – hope it qualifies.


  17. Grr forgot my prize list – in order :
    Custom theme by milo
    Design by Nathan Rice
    Blog header design by Cory Miller

    [see where I am coming from with that list!]

  18. Hi Darren. Here’s my entry.

    Blogging about Warbook boosted my blog traffic

    If I get chosen, it will be great to have the domain name prize or the complete blog contest development package.


  19. I liked this one – I had to get creative here!


    I’d love to have some design help on my site

  20. I’ve done my entry http://www.semanticallydriven.com/2007/10/blogging-during.html. I’d love to win either the New blog installation & customized template package – Angela Wills or custom WordPress theme – Milo


  21. My link in my first comment didn’t work (had an extra full stop). Here’s the working one http://www.semanticallydriven.com/2007/10/blogging-during.html

  22. here is mine


    I prefer ‘custom logo design’

    best regards,

    Myo Kyaw Htun

  23. Dear Gods of the Contest and other benign beings:

    Here is my blogging tip, hope no one else had it too:


    As for prizes, my priorities would be as follows:

    a) Any of the iPod prizes, from spiffiest to plainest

    b) Any of the cash prizes from largest amount to smallest amount.

    c) Anything else would be cool, too. I’m really not that picky.

  24. That was not that hard. Made me think and look deep inside to see why I started a blog.

    I am new at this. I can use all the help I can get. That is why I read Problogger.

  25. Great contests and prizes – thanks!

    My post is 3 Guesses About Why My Blog’s Hits Have Doubled In A Month and I wouldn’t have written it if not for the contest.

    I’d love the media interview training or blog consulting…

  26. Her is my link http://theupfrontmortgagebroker.blogspot.com/2007/10/interested-in-blogging-here-is-my-tip.html

    and I would prefer the wordpress design/dev WordPress package by Nathan Rice and the wordpress theme by Milo.

  27. Here is my article :

    My favorite price would be :
    10 articles of 500 words each OR header design

    Thanks. Fab

  28. My entry:

    one hour blog consulting – Blog Louder

  29. Here’s my submission:

    Tips for running a blog contest, http://www.vandelaydesign.com/blog/blog-promotion/blog-contests/

  30. Here’s my link: http://www.wondermom.org/2007/10/10-blogging-tips-from-mediocre-mom.html

    Here’s the prizes I liked most:
    -New blog installation & customized template package – Angela Wills
    -Complete Blog Contest development package – Contest Blogger
    -blog header design – Cory Miller
    -custom logo design – David Airey
    -3 domain names from namecheap.com – Groovy Vegetarian
    -custom logo design – Holiday for Every Day
    -premium design/dev WordPress package – Nathan Rice
    -custom WordPress theme – Milo
    -linkbait boot camp – Remarkable Communication

  31. My entry:

    Any of the prizes would be amazing in my opinion.

  32. I have been missing each contest so far. But here is another try. http://nutritionocular.com/health-food/omega-3/

    The 10 articles or linkbait bootcamp interest me the most, to your success!

  33. I wrote an entry tonight on the Top 5 Lessons Blogging’s Taught Me in the Last Few Months” because I would LOVE to win some help with my logo or header design.


  34. Since 10,000 Birds is primarily a birding blog, my niche is most definitely nature: http://10000birds.com/6-steps-to-superior-nature-blogging.htm

    I’d love any of the logo design or wordpress theme/dev prizes. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

  35. This is a great contest. Hopefully I will snap out of my luck and win something!


    Here is what I am interested in…

    New blog installation & customized template package –
    design and color analysis – office design – Color Themes
    Complete Blog Contest development package – Contest Blogger
    blog header design – Cory Miller
    premium design/dev WordPress package – Nathan Rice
    custom WordPress theme – Milo

  36. Here’s my post on top-5 ways to grow your blog!


    I’d love to get the custom wordpress theme or Kirsty’s books.

  37. Here’s my post on how to use linking and an email signature to drive traffic your blog


    Alex, I’ll take “free domain names” for 100 please…..

    thanks! Great idea to get people thinking

  38. Hi,

    My entry for the contest is this.

    Would love to win a custom wordpress theme from Milo

  39. How to Recycle Popular Content to Dominate the Search Engines


    It would be awesome to win a premium design, or logo design, or even a header design.

  40. I wrote a series of tips for foodbloggers about the different venues we have for attracting traffic by building community. Who knew that was in there?


  41. Hey all! Great contest! I just wrote a blog post with blogging tips on how to find something to write about when you’re experiencing writer’s block. Here’s the link:


    As for should-I-be-so-lucky prize preferences, I would dig any of the consulting-type prizes: blog analysis, blog review, blog contest setup, logo/header/theme design. Of course everything looks great – amazing work getting sponsors!

    Note: I DO have a new blog design in the works – so please don’t let my current non-custom theme deter you.

    Happy birthday problogger!

  42. http://www.smaller.org/2007/10/04/get-to-the-point-bloggers/

    I hope to win the Pro voice production package., or the 10 articles 500 words each…

  43. I would really appreciate a new layout- (Milo’s Prize.)

    The post I wrote is at http://dailydeluge.com/2007/10/03/5-tips-for-blogging-about-lucid-dreaming/

    It’s about how a lucid dreamer should approach blogging to help others.

  44. Creating Great Video Content Without A Video Camera


    Preferred Prizes:

    custom WordPress theme – Milo
    custom logo design – David Airey
    premium design/dev WordPress package – Nathan Rice

    Thanks Darren, for putting together great contests like this!

  45. Here’s my advice for every entrepreneur:


    My preferred prize would be the blog header design by Cory Miller.

    Thanks for doing this and Happy Birthday, Problogger!

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