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24 hour giveaway – Blogging tips get 24 prizes!

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgThis giveaway will run from noon Wednesday to noon Thursday (EST – New York, USA).

We’ve got a really great list of business/blogging related stuff to give away, and since we just love really great “blogging tips”, we thought it would be great to combine the two into one related giveaway!

First, the prizes up for grabs:

Yes, you counted right – there are 24 great prizes available for this giveaway! All of which are suited toward entrepreneurs, professional bloggers, and anyone who has a website of some kind!

How to enter:

All you need to do in order to win one of the great prizes above is to write a brand new (sorry, no archives allowed) post on your site that gives blogging tips. You may feel free to adapt it to the topic and style of your blog in any way you see fit, as long as it’s some kind of “tip” about “blogging”.

Some examples:

Are you a “mommy blogger”? Write a post tip about how to actively blog and deal with the bubblegum in your child’s hair at the same time.

Are you a “travel blogger”? Write a post tip about what someone traveling abroad might need to bring with them in order to”keep up the flow” of their writing/posting while away.

Are you a “foodie blogger”? Write a post tip about the best snacks to have at your desk for maximum food-to-brain flavor and power.

See? You don’t have to have a blog about blogging in order to enter! ;)

When you’re done, put the link to your entry in the comments below. Feel free to suggest what prize you’d most be interested in, and if the random generator chooses you, we’ll do our best to get you either that prize or one of the ones close to it. There’s no guarantee you’ll get the one you ask for – but we will do our best.

If you want your readers to know that you’re participating in this then please do feel free to link up so they can participate too – but it is NOT a requirement to link back to ProBlogger in any way.

Remember, this activity closes at noon on Thursday (EST) so get writing!

Notes: One entry per person (NOT per blog), and if you are chosen to win one of the above prizes, you will not be chosen to win anything else for the duration of the giveaway week.

These prizes not your cup of tea? Check out the other great prizes up for grabs during the giveaway!
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All winners and sponsors have been notified by email! Go check your inboxes for an email titled “ProBlogger Winner!” (Make sure you check your spam boxes too, just in case.)

If you haven’t heard from me, please feel free to continue entering the giveaways!

  1. Here’s my link.


    I would like the premium design/dev WordPress Package by Nathan Rice or 10 articles of 500 words each custom-written to the winner’s specifications – JCM Enterprises. Or anything at all would be great as well. I prefer the top 2 though.


    Carlo Selorio

  2. Here is our tip for blogging


    My eyes are on the domain names :)

  3. Here is our tip for a definite crowd puller blog topic


    My eyes are on the domain names :)

  4. Blogging tip :

    My desired prize: blog analysis + 125×125 ad

  5. Here is my link:http://www.interviewchatter.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=313

    My tip, if it is not obvious, is my recommendation to become a blogger. Given my niche, I thought it was probably the most appropriate. Thanks for letting me play.

    my desired prize: winning would be a privilege, but to give you some direction, my preferences:

    media interview training, home office virtual organization package, complete blog contest development, internet radio directory, or anything else on the list.

    Make it a great day!

    Interview Guru

  6. How to overcome the blogging-blues?

    Just let me win of the prices –
    just kidding ;-)


  7. My blogging tip is a long one on running competitions purely for SEO i.e don’t but its a bit more long winded then that

  8. Here is blog post entry:


    Wish ProBlogger A Happy Birthday!

    I would be very happy to win any of the above! :)

  9. Here is my advice from a novice blogger about the combined wisdom of all the how to blog articles


    Happy Birthday ProBlogger!

  10. Hello,

    My new post is : Top 5 Things To Check Before You Hit The “Publish” Button On Your Blog :


    I would appreciate a custom wordpress theme / header / analysis if I win!


  11. Here is my entry called: The Top 5 Things Blogging has Taught Me about Personal Finance


    I would like to say which prize I would like, but I can’t decide. They all look so interesting.


  12. Here is my tip, on how to write better race reports on your blogs:

    I’d aim for custom logos or wordpress themes if mine is chosen, thanks.

  13. My contribution before deadline:


    1st choice
    Custome WordPress Theme – Milo

    2nd choice:
    Complete Blog Contest development package – Contest Blogger

    3rd choice:
    Custom logo design – David Airey

  14. Oh, this was rather serendipitous… I wrote a post this morning for my non-techie readers about moving to a custom domain, and a reader suggested I should enter your contest. (No bubble-gum tips from this mommy-blogger!)


    Hmmm, I guess I’m just in it for the linky-love (my day job is in social media, but my mommy blog is my true love) but the Kirsty Dunphey books sound intriguing.

  15. Here’s my Tip on managing to keep blogging when Mommy Meyhem occurs!

    I coudl really use a logo or some kind of visual enhancement fo rmy poor,boring looking blog, but will be excited to win anything, really! :)


  16. http://domesticpsychology.com/blog/2007/10/04/blogging-rule-253/

    I would very much like to have a custom logo design.


  17. This is my entry about how to win contests by blogging!


    I would prefer:
    1. Logo design from David Airey
    2. Theme from Milo

    I would actually not prefer any of the other prizes at all, but I just hope I get the logo design!

  18. My entry is at:


    I would prefer:
    The complete contest development package or the 10 custom-written articles.

  19. http://blog.cancunadvisor.com/tips/tips-para-promocionar-tu-sitio-a-traves-de-un-blog/

    I’d prefer:
    – Premium design/dev WordPress package – Nathan Rice
    – Custom logo design

  20. This is my submission, written hastily in the last few hours:

    My choices in descending order would be:
    -3 domain names from namecheap.com – Groovy Vegetarian
    -2 entrepreneurial books by Kirsty -Kirsty Dunphey – speaker, author, entrepreneur, retired at 27
    -Pro voice production package (theme, voice, music) for use on a site or in video blogs- Tim “Gonzo” Gordon

    Thank you!

  21. Here is my entry:

    Would love to win the custom logo designs or the 3 domain names.

    Thanks for the great contest!

  22. http://www.raviudeshi.com/archives/how-to-call-yourself-a-blogger-and-never-write-anything/

    I hope this is just in the nick of time…honest-to-god, its the first real post I’ve written on my blog in more than a year. Thanks for this contest, it wsa a real kick-in-the-butt to get me properly ready for my blog’s relaunch.

    Lara: If I win, I would LOVE the theme song or the pro voice production package. I even mentioned it in my post…its the incentive that got me to start blogging again! Either way though, thanks to you and Problogger and the sponsors for this incredible contest.

  23. Okay everyone – submissions are now closed.
    I will be going through the list to ensure that all entries are valid (ie. truly new posts that are on topic) and will do the random draw momentarily.

    Winners will be notified by email, and if I get the time, I’ll post it in an update above.

    Thanks for all the great entries, and I encourage everyone to click around and have some really great reads!

    Don’t forget – this isn’t over! Our next 24 hour competition is HERE!

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