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You MUST Post Every Day on Your Blog [Misconceptions New Bloggers Have #2]

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of July 2011 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

This post continues our Misconceptions New Bloggers Have series and looks at one of the most common questions I’m asked about when speaking about blogging—posting frequency.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard prebloggers dismiss the idea of blogging because they don’t have the time or discipline to produce daily blog posts.

daily-post.jpegThe belief is that to be successful they need to get posts out daily (if not multiple times per day). The reality is that there is no single approach to successful blogging when it comes to how often one must post. There are plenty of examples of highly successful blogs that operate at both ends of the frequency spectrum (I’ll highlight some less frequent posters below).

So what can we say about how often you should post? Let’s take a look at some of the factors we need to consider.

Regular contact builds relationships

The blogger/reader interaction is a lot like any relationship—the more you see one another as friends, the more you begin to know about each other, the more intimacy develops, and the more you get to trust each other (a big generalization, I know).

Regular posting on your blog puts you and your brand in front of people on a regular basis, and this opens up the opportunity for a deepening relationship. Infrequent posting can lead to readers feeling disconnected, and to even forget who you are completely.

This was highlighted to me once at a conference when, after getting off the stage from speaking, I was almost knocked over in a warm embrace from one ProBlogger reader.

Through her tears she stammered, “I … just … feel … sob … like … I … sniff … know … you … so … well!”

Why did she feel that way? Every day she’d received an email from me with advice on how to build her blog.

Over-posting can be annoying

Of course if we look at “real life” relationships we also have to acknowledge that the amount of time you spend with someone can also have the opposite effect. Have you ever had a friendship with someone that became a little too much? You know the relationships … where the other person leaps in so far that you end up feeling a little smothered!

Posting too regularly can get a little like that too.

I once surveyed readers here on ProBlogger about the reasons they unsubscribed to RSS feeds and the number one answer was “posting too much.” Respondents expressed that they developed “burnout” and would unsubscribe if a blog became too “noisy.”

There’s a tipping point for every blog where one more post just becomes too much and readers begin to disengage.

It comes down to usefulness and relevancy

So what’s the tipping point? How many posts will grow the relationship and how many will destroy it?

Unfortunately there isn’t a single number that will work for every blog—instead I suspect it really comes down to the relevancy and usefulness of the content you’re producing. If what you’re writing is going to solve problems and be valuable to them, they will forgive a lot, whether that’s lots of posts or a long period between them.

One question to ask yourself on this front is, “What do my readers need?”

  • On one hand, you might find in answering that question for your readership that they need lots of short, sharp posts because there is a lot of breaking news in your niche that they want.
  • In other cases you might find that your readers actually need thoughtful analysis—longer posts that they have time to chew on before moving onto another topic.

The answers to this question will depend a lot on the type of blog that you’re running, the niche or topic, the style and length of content that you’re producing, and the types of readers you’re hoping to attract.

Other benefits of more frequent posts

There are a few more benefits of more frequent posting that are worth mentioning:

  • More entry points into your blog via the search engines: Daily posting means 365 entry points into your blog for search users every year as opposed to 52 if you’re posting weekly, or 12 if you go with monthly.
  • More entry points into your blog via social media: Similarly, by publishing and promoting your content, you’re also providing more doorways into your blog on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Daily posts give your readers more opportunities to share those links around.
  • More connecting points for RSS subscribers: Similarly again, the more you post, the more alerts or updates those who subscribe to your blog via RSS will get.

Benefits of less frequent posts

On the flip-side, there are benefits of less posts, too:

  • Potentially higher reader engagement: I’ve noticed on my own blogs that if I post once in three or four days, the posts tend to get higher levels of comments and conversation among readers when compared to times when I post two posts in a single day. I guess frequent posting pushes posts off the radar of readers faster, as there’s always something new coming out.
  • Absence can make the heart grow fonder: I know of a couple of bloggers who post quite infrequently, but have built up almost a cult following, and who build a lot of anticipation among readers for the next post. Posts become highly anticipated and valued, and they get shared around the web at a higher rate than if the posts were coming out multiple times a day (I’ll give some examples of this type of blog below).
  • It helps to avoid writer burnout and can lead to higher quality content: After the initial adrenaline rush that often comes with launching a new blog subsides, many bloggers hit a wall when, a few months in, they begin to struggle to find things to write about. The pressure of daily posting can add to this, so a less frequent publishing schedule can give a little more space to write only about the things that they think really matter. They are free to write the most useful content, and to avoid burnout as they do so.

Examples of blogs that post less often than daily

I asked on Twitter for examples of blogs that post less frequently than daily, but which still have been successful. I was inundated with examples. Here are some that were most commonly suggested by my followers:

  • Zen Habits: updated an average of eight times per month over the last few months
  • The Art of Non Conformity: Chris Guillebeau’s blog, which has averaged just under ten posts per month lately
  • SimpleMom: posts more regularly than the above two, but usually has a day or two off per week—a good example of regularity with breaks
  • The Four Hour Work Week: as you’d expect, Tim’s not going to be updating daily on this given his topic (he posts three or four times a month), yet it gets a lot of engagement
  • Unmarketing: Scott Stratten commented on Twitter that “infrequency is my middle name.” However, keep in mind that Scott’s working hard on developing engagement on Twitter—he’s closing in on 75,000 tweets!
  • Social Triggers: Derek Halpern posts two to four times per month, but the quality is high and there’s a lot of reader engagement.
  • Penelope Trunk: Penelope is another great example of someone who has regular posting but doesn’t feel the need to write something every single day.

Check out the other posts in the Misconceptions of Blogging series.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. It’s really a debateable question on the posting frequency thing, I’d stick with writing less posts since it forces us to write higher quality content, a 3 day interval is the best I’d say :) Oh well it’s all industry specific.

    • I won’t argue with you there Harrison. Quality always overrules quantity when it comes to blog content. Anyone can bang out a million useless posts, but the real ones that shine are the ones that actually have something of value to offer.

    • Michael says: 07/30/2011 at 9:29 am

      I like http://winterpatriot.blogspot.com/. His posts are infrequent, but usually sharp and pointed. In February of 2010, I noticed he hadn’t posted in a long time–longer than usual. I emailed and checked on him, and he was injured.

      Would I have bothered to check on him if he posted low-quality garbage everyday? Of course not. I wouldn’t have even bothered to read his blog.

  2. What I tell people who are thinking of blogging is that, instead of worrying about daily posts or whatever, to instead worry about consistency. If all you’re doing is a post a week, that’s okay. If all you’re doing is one a month, that’s okay. But, I do think that there is something important with consistency.

    Like, I know that if I show up on ProBlogger.net at around 10-1015 AM EST every week day, there will be a new article. I’ve gotten so used to it that I don’t even wait for the article to appear in my RSS feed because I know when it is coming. The same can be said on CopyBlogger.

    That consistency, if the content is great, brings people back often. I don’t worry about “Well, that many articles will get indexed in the SERPs.” I worry about “this many people will come back.”

    • I think, this question depends on the content of blogs. If blogs are about news, such as computers, new phones, etc, It is better to post almost every day because there is some product to be released each day. If blogs are about insight and opinions, bloggers do not need to post frequently and they need more time to consider the topic and content.

      Now Problogger updates two posts per day. I like this frequency.

  3. I can’t understand why frequent posts would put readers off, but never mind – it’s a crazy world!

    • I also need more and more on this, cant get it

    • Frequent posting puts people off if you send alerts of every post (rss or email). Personally the number 1 reason for people to unsubscribe on my blog is the number of emails they receive and I only send out an email every 4 days (not even 2 a week). While my unsubscribe rate is not too bad, it is still annoying to see people unsubscribe. I wonder if it would go up if I posted more often.

  4. I’ve been blogging for a little over three years now and am just finally beginning to experience some positive financial results (over $1000 a month revenue now).

    I’ve tried various positing frequencies and what I’ve learned is it doesn’t really matter…

    It is more important to post quality content that sits well in the eyes of search engines and is also appealing to the readers once they stumble upon your site (so they’ll return).

  5. Michael,

    I believe the theory is that readers can only absorb so much information from one particular blogger. If they were subscribed to your blog (through a feed, email subscription, etc.), then they may be turned off by excessive “junk” in their inboxes.

    However, if you focused on posting less frequent “high quality” posts, they “may” like this better…

  6. I’ve found that when I push myself to post everyday, my posts end up sounding fake. If I need a break, I go for it. Otherwise, I post when I have a good reason too.

    • Hear hear! I feel the same way. Coming up with a post idea, researching it and writing it up takes time (2-4 days for me). I’m not sure who these people are out there who seem to be able to post high quality posts everyday.

  7. I have been thinking a lot about this recently as well. I keep getting told ovver and over again by other bloggers to post at least every other day. I average about 4-7 posts/month. I am not against posting more often but like someone mentioned above, I don’t want to force it. My writing is much better when I am inspired! I also agree with not wanting to post too often. I will stop following blogs that post too frequently because i find that the content gets mundane after a while.

    • i quite agree with Christine,

      i feel blogs should be more inspired than forced, as a reader i would love a discussion to go on for a few days before moving on to some thing else (some other related topic may be..)… if the posts are daily it, becomes more of a news. i would feel more involved to a blog if it has some sort of conclusions from the previous comments (comments from previous blogs) or so…

      anyway not all readers feel the same… :)

  8. I am fine with posting less then once per day, as long as the content you are publishing is quality. That is how I run my blog.

  9. I have had to balance this out as well. I have been blogging a little over a year with some success. I get more traffic if I blog every day, but it was difficult to keep up. (after all, I AM writing about balancing your life!) Also, I felt like I was overwhelming my subscribers with an email each day. I am also working on several other projects related to my blog and writing, so I have now cut back to usually 3 posts a week and one is typically a guest post elsewhere.
    I have readers who are acquaintances of mine, but they feel like they “talk” with me every single day! It is somewhat one-sided however, as they don’t comment, so I didn’t necessarily realize how they felt. Very interesting for sure!
    Thanks for the post!

  10. It might be related to my particular niche but I have posted 3 or more articles one week and none for three weeks and it didn’t impact my reader count. I really think the topic is a big indicator of how many posts are needed and how often you publish.

  11. Nice to know about things like that, because I’m new at blogging. I would prefer to post about what I am up to in my Blogproject and aswell help people at the same time. Because I am blogging for them and not only for me, so it needs to be less and more quality. 3 Days rule is nice for posting but looking on the blog should be every day to be a good listener and answering questions.

    Still got a question.Maybe you can reply or others can if they find it an intresting question.

    Advice needed: I am starting a blog. It will be about a project in germany. Should I blog in English or German?

    Thx Wiga

  12. I love all these myth busting posts! :) Hubspot recently release a report that did show a slight increase in visibility by posting every day (or even multiple times per day), but like I said, it was only slight. You could post once a week and be at 79% and if you post multiple times per day you got only a 10% bump. So in the end, it doesn’t really seem to be worth the extra effort for only a 10% bump.

    Plus, like you said, you should post when it’s relevant, not just for the sake of posting or because you think you have to.

    Great post!

  13. Useful article. Thanks for clearing up a few myths re posting frequency.
    Posting twice a day seems a tad excessive especially when you may have a different audience (regionally speaking) depending on the time of day.

  14. Another great post Darren. Gives me some things to consider. Thanks!

  15. I post about three times a week and not at all on a weekend. However my readership always dips on a weekend. At first i thought that this was because I wasn’t posting, when it fact it is because I stop the other marketing efforts I take part in. Such as forum posting and blog comments.

    The fact is that getting new readers is important to all of us and by definition they haven’t read anything you have written – yet. They don’t care when you wrote it.

    Regulars will keep coming back even if it is just once a week as long as the content is good.

    However I do note that Problogger posts twice a day usually. I am fine with that, but isn’t this a case of the pot and the kettle….

  16. I like the conversational tone of ProBlogger, Darren. I don’t comment as often as I should, but most of the time I am too busy thinking about what I’ve read and trying to digest it. Yours and a few others I read are so simple, and to the point that I (and others) truly do get the feeling that you are just talking to us.


    As for the frequency of posting, I subscribe to a few times a week. I’ve read many blogs that struggle to push out content daily and quite honestly, some of it reads like it’s forced. I would rather put together a good post than post crap for the sake of posting. Just my opinion.

  17. Thanks Darren for helping us newbies out :)

    I agree with Brandon about enjoying the conversational tone of Problogger. That’s one of the things I’ll put on my checklist to be mindful of as I post every other day. Just ‘officially’ started my blog this week, so I’m really enjoying this series to help me not start any ‘bad’ blogging habits.

  18. Russell says: 07/28/2011 at 3:49 am

    I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while. I have a few questions for the group. First, what is the main motivation for the average (at least semi-serious) blogger to blog? Is it money? A love of writing? Second, for those bloggers that are either trying to make a living (at least some good extra money), what kind of income is realistic? Stripping away the top 10% and bottom 10% of earners, what does the average blogger make? And how long does it take get to a point where you’re actually making money? This probably isn’t the best place to be posting these questions, but I’ve got to start somewhere and I thought this particular post was interesting. Thanks!

  19. I think it all comes down to the person writing the blog posts and consistency. If you write five posts one week then just one for each of the next few weeks, people will possibly switch off.

    I don’t see the point in forcing yourself to write a new blog post every day if it means the quality of content may suffer.

    Like everything, there are valid points for and against updating a blog every day, I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer.

  20. I agree with Jacob, it’s not about quantity but consistency. I’ve unsubscribe from a few blogs because of this reason.

  21. I have found that adding a new post every three days works best for me. Unless I had a team of writers or frequent guest-post submissions.

    • Three seems to be the magic number – I noticed the other day that’s what I usually average without trying to. Now that I’m writing regularly, and with my current work schedule, it works out to about a post every 3 days.

  22. Posting every day is a little too much for me at this point. I try to post something at least every week, but if I don’t have my next article together yet, I tend to wait. It’s not worth the risk of losing potential readers just to be able to post every day.

    I love that problogger posts so often though. I enjoy reading the posts here on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!


  23. I’m regularly posting one article per day for a long time. However, only now that I’ve improved my blog posts after reading the various lessons I found here at Problogger, I’m getting many new RSS feed readers per day. In the past I would have just one or two new readers per day. Now I cannot even count how many new readers are subscribing to my blog’s RSS feed all the time. This is really impressing! I’m very grateful for the guidance I found here!

    I was writing short articles and believing that they were more appreciated because most people live in a hurry. However, I discovered that most people want to have more information about my topic.

    I have enough knowledge in order to keep writing and giving substantial information to my readers, but I do understand what you mean when you tall about ‘writer burnout’. I’m writing articles about the same basic topic since 2007, and I have no hope to be helped by guest bloggers because nobody has the same knowledge I do. I hope I will be able to keep writing longer posts with the same facility I do now.

  24. Don’t know that there’s a “one size fits all” approach to this question (or misconception). I think it really depends on the content and the audience. I like getting a Seth Godin blog everyday; I’d be buried if I had to read a diatribe on health care issues Monday through Friday. I try to blog at least once a week, I vary the length and day sent and my audience seems to welcome my work.

    • I also think there is not a “one size fits all” approach. Just as there is a diversity of people, there too are a diversity of readers and their reading styles. Some blogs I enjoy reading daily posts and other blogs I enjoy the occasional post. I think it depends on various factors including the blogger, family life, work, and knowledge base. Posting is a fluid dynamic that can change over time. Currently, posting at least twice per week works best for me, it could change in the future.

  25. This post hits on the battle that rages in my mind every single day.

    Deep down, I know I would probably do better if I sat down and spend the grand majority of my time developing really high quality, epic posts and other things like e-books. Yet it seems things like that get pushed to the back burner due to the need to post every day and stay active on social networks. I know that posting daily and being active on Twitter and Facebook are good – but they aren’t REMARKABLE. It’s very unlikely that something that only takes me a hour or a few minutes to create is going to be admired and spread without a lot of promotional effort.

    I think the instant gratification and small bits of feedback we get from small bits of work are almost like a drug – they keep us hooked and wanting to get more RIGHT NOW. But we can’t really grow the way we want to that way. We need to great epic, remarkable things and that takes TIME. I’m definitely guilty of being addicted to the feedback drug, but I’m working hard to get off it.

  26. Having just started blogging, the ideal posting frequency has to be daily. You need to get yourself out there to generate interest and to get people coming back to your blog.

    I have found that planning and writing up to five posts in advance helps with this. When you get into the “writing-zone” write as many posts as you can, and then publish them on consecutive days.

    As you begin to make a name for yourself within your chosen niche, frequency of posting, I think, would become irrelevant to your readers, as long as quality stays high and consistent.

    Else, you can look into having guest posts on your blog to maintain frequency, if this is what your readers are looking for.

  27. Often or not, it will always comes down to how quality each of your post everytime you published them in the blog. But I still agreed most of your points regarding the benefits of posting not to frequent.

  28. Hey Darren,

    I must say that I need to be a lot more consistent with my postings. I would never be able to come up with new content daily unless I had at least 5 guest posters to keep my blog filled with juicy content.

    I would say Jacob has a good point on being consistence. Once a week or once every two week or even once a month as long as you keep up with and are consistence.

    Also if you force words onto your blog it could just be a bunch of words with know meaning. I feel you should only add content that has value. Quality over quantity.


  29. I do observe on my blog that there is a linear correlation between number of posts you have and number of search traffic you generate. I found it to be almost 40 -50% daily. If you have 100 posts, you expect to receive 40 -50 page hits from search engines, as a result I tend to write more frequently.

    But for part time writer, I am finding it more and more daunting task to continue at this speed. This post will help me getting my strategy right going forward.

  30. Hi Darren,

    Posting a consistent message helps me most.

    I’ve posted 7 times a day and once a week. When I started posting daily – because I felt I had something to say – my readership consistently grew. I found a message, and conveyed the message not from a placed of desperation, but from a place of confidence.

    You literally program like-minded people to follow you by posting frequently. Kind of like a sing-songy commercial that grows on you, eventually you sing the tune, and like it.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Darren.


  31. Phew, must admit I was aiming for the magic few posts a day and getting nowhere near. Am lucky if I average a few a week!

    What’s more annoying is that I have a gazillion ideas but am limited on time, but then I knew it would be like that (toddlers tend to be demanding!). Figured I’d start blogging anyway and see what happens, so really good to read that as long as the content is good/right for the niche it will work out in the end… hopefully!

    Also… think you should write a post to your readers that states *Stop reading right now, and go write!*.
    If I didn’t spend so much time on here I’d probably get another few posts written :)
    I do appreciate the advice, though. Thanks.

  32. I totally agree. Posting everyday does very little when you don’t have much traffic.

  33. Frequency is the perennial question. One friend of mine decided he would post everyday for a year but gave up after a month. The reason – not exhaustion or lack of content but rather he saw a dramatic drop in his RSS subscription and complaints from people.

  34. I also post less on my personal blog. I am still having a good amount of online readers. I have been posting on my personal blog for more than 3 years. As far as I have learned the quality of the individual post is much important rather than the frequency of posting. If you can provide data earlier you have a higher chance of getting noticed. Make some guest posts on other blogs and I am sure readers will surely notice your blog. Quality is more important than quantity of frequent posts.

  35. Darren,

    I’ve been trying to post every other day but am actually seriously considering making it less. I figure I can do a better job on each post and have more time for other blog activities, and off-line activities that I’ve been fudging on lately. Because I’m relatively new to blogging, it won’t make that much difference in traffic.

  36. I started my blog about 2 weeks ago and i have been adding content everyday, at least 2 posts. Im thinking of writing more quality posts and not focusing on the number of posts!

    Good one Darren!

  37. I’ve just sold my main blog and started with another, I find it difficult to update regularly due to my heavy workload and studies. I do still believe that posting regularly for a new blog would be better, says posting at least 5 times a week. I’m planning to pump in more content to the blog in the coming weeks.

  38. I think posting daily is a bit difficult and trobulesome. We need some time for research too. If we post daily, we will get fed up with blogging or run out of proper topics. I have experienced it myself. Because of lack of topics I moved to new blog which is http://www.completecomputersupport.blogspot.com.

  39. I would like to post a single article in a month but that post must contains some value to my readers. readers can attach them-self with my contents and anyhow can use the information given in that article. That article will be with them forever and that article will force them to come again and again on my blog. and it is learn that quality is much much more important than the quantity.

  40. I think this captures the essence of blogs. I agree that you can have too much of a good thing and that content quality is the most important part of the blog. I think that frequency should take a back seat to quality.

  41. Enjoyed the post. It can be overwhelming to come up with daily content for a blog, although it is certainly possible. I am still finding my place with my blog and there may be weeks when I post everyday, but for now I am trying to come up with great content and for on quality over quantity.

  42. I’ve been using a MWF post schedule and it has been working out so far. Structured enough to keep me going and not so frequent where I would burnout. I think the key is for each blogger to find their own sweet spot post frequency. What may work for some could be the kiss of death for others. Good tips as always!

  43. I agree, you don’t have to post every day to have a useful and relevant blog.

    In fact, I’d say that not posting every day will make you more likely to bottle things up and force you to focus on just the topics that you want to write.

    Tight topic choice should trump just blurting things onto the page everyday. You need to go deep and relevant imho.

  44. Exactly! Bingo! Heard that quite a few times. Got to blog every day, or else I’m not a good blogger.
    It seems the issue of today is that it has become about quantity, and not the quality of blogs.

  45. It is a fine line and I think a lot depends on your target audience. I’m one that get’s annoyed with frequent daily emails and blog posts by the same person…it’s overload. A blog shouldn’t be treated like a Facebook status update or tweet. I prefer more thoughtful content with direction over frequent blasts. Another thing that turns me off is the novel blog….a novel blog posted everyday won’t get read!

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