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Why John Chow Loves Me

My name is Darren Rowse and over the last few months John Chow has been buying ad space on this blog proclaiming his love for me (or my blog at least).

Here’s how his ad has been appearing of late:

John Chow Ad

Wow – I’m flattered – John Chow’s got a blog crush on me!

So WHY does John Chow Love ProBlogger?

More importantly – if John Chow Loves ProBlogger (and is paying for advertising to tell the world) – perhaps you as his reader should get to know me as well!

Any friend of John’s is a friend of mine – so I’d like to welcome you to ProBlogger and invite you to grab a coffee (or beverage of your choice), pull up a bean bag and let me take you on a little tour of ProBlogger – the blog that helps bloggers to make money online.

My name is Darren Rowse and I’m a full time blogger

That’s not because I can’t get a ‘real’ job – but because over the last four years I’ve slowly built up a business around my blogging to the point where I make a full time income from them. I made a bit of a stir in the blogging community when I announced I was earning a six figure income from blogging a year or two back.

I blog on a number of my own personal blogs but am also one of the founders of a blog network called b5media. If you want a few more of my vital statistics – you might like to check out my ‘about pages’ at About Darren and About ProBlogger.

ProBlogger – Helping bloggers Earn Money

Here at ProBlogger my stated mission is to help bloggers make money online. I do this largely by sharing my story and the lessons that I’ve been learning along the way. Over the last couple of years this has led me to write over 3000 posts on the topic here at ProBlogger. Also over this time I’ve managed to build up a great community of readers who really make ProBlogger what it is. Together we know so much more than alone – and my readership knows a lot (they teach me something every day).

A whirlwind Tour of ProBlogger’s Best Stuff

3000 posts!?! Yes – it’s quite overwhelming to think about the amount of time and energy I’ve put into ProBlogger. I’ve literally shared virtually everything I know about building a successful and profitable blog – but it’s gotten to the point where people often approach me asking where to start.

Below I’ve outlined a few of my central and more popular posts from the last couple of years.

But First – Before I share them and send you deeper into the archives of this site – I’d like to invite you to keep in touch by subscribing either to my RSS News Feed or to my email newsletter list (or both). That way – as I continue to add to my archives you’ll be able to get the latest information on making money from blogs.

The ‘best’ of ProBlogger

It’s always a difficult to pick the best or most useful posts from a blog – but here are a few that might be a good place to start. I hope you enjoy them!

Still want more? Another good starting place is my Best of ProBlogger – 2006 post. In it I go through 2006’s most commented upon and popular posts. There’s enough posts listed to keep you busy for a week or two.

Take the Six Figure Blogging Course

You might also like to check out my Six Figure Blogging Course which is a audio based teaching resource on everything I know about blogging.


Hopefully once you take a look through some of the above lists you’ll catch a glimpse of why John Chow thinks this blog is worth advertising his love for!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS News Feed or to my email newsletter list and please let me know you’ve stopped by by leaving a comment on some of my posts.