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What would I do different if I had to start my blog over? – Gina Trapani

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of July 2006 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

200606222142The following is an answer from Gina Trapani from Scribbling.net and Lifehacker responding to my one question interview question of what she’d do differently if she had to start his blog over again.

I would have:

…never assumed no one would ever read it.
…changed more names.
…included more photos.
…published more posts.
…thought more about what the consequences of my boss, Mom, other half, buddies, old girlfriends, long lost high school friends, co-workers and past teachers reading it would be.
…asked myself “How will this post read, and will it matter, five years from now?” before I hit that Publish button every time.
…remembered that “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” more often.
…stuck to topics of wide interest on my “public face” blog and kept the personal life stuff for a private LiveJournal. With a handle.
…more actively developed my writing skills. (Writing well is writing well, blog or not.)
…taken things less personally.
…grown a thicker skin faster.
…focused more on posting things that got me jazzed up, rather than worrying about lack of updates.
…never, ever published a post that started with “Sorry I haven’t posted more…”

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  1. ¿Qué harías diferente si tuvieras que empezar tu blog de nuevo?…

    Con la pregunta que adorna el título, ProBlogger está realizando una serie de artículos preguntando a distintos blogs de cierto renombre en la comunidad anglosajona y dedicándole una entrada a las respuestas de cada blogger, de momento ha recibido …

  2. I like this one, thanks Gina and Darren. Linkius Maximus all around.

  3. Great post…having blogged for several years, I can agree with what you are saying…I was to quick to post about negative experiences, as a form of venting…but then again, maybe that’s a good thing.

  4. “…never assumed no one would ever read it.” is a hard one when you’re staring at a perpetual flatline of web traffic. Great advice here, thanks!

  5. These are really useful and interesting Darren; thanks! :)

  6. I have experienced it, what you say is true.

  7. Your interview question is a classic, but the effect of “internet time” helps it ot work marvelously here. The quests were great, and their answers were genuinely useful. As I contemplate a blog … wordpress ok, more pictures ..I can do that…

    This is one to bookmark. Thanks.

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