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What is Your Blog’s Elevator Pitch?

Posted By Darren Rowse 31st of December 2006 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Des from Business and Blogging was asked a couple of weeks ago to describe his blog in 10 words or less. His description was:

“How blogs work, or don’t, to support business goals.”

I guess mine would be my catch cry – ‘helping bloggers earn money’.

I think it’s a good exercise to do, particularly at this time of year when everyone is so focussed upon refocusing for the year ahead. In a sense this is the elevator pitch for your blog and can be useful both in getting the purpose of your blog clear in your own mind but also in promoting it and sharing it’s vision with others.

How would you describe yours in 10 words or less?

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  • goofy, opinionated, music critique, and all things Roberta.

  • Oh yeah, Happy New Year! :)

  • This is interesting (and tough one) to think about!

    “Marketing and optimization strategies to help blogs succeed”

    Well at least that’s my ideal, and I’ve realised (thanks to this post!) that I’ve strayed a lot from this pitch since I started 4 months ago.

    Thanks Darren, and Happy New Year!

  • “Daily Game Development and Production Resource”

  • Financial Tips for the Savvy and not So Savvy

  • “A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening”

  • Jul

    “adventures of a perpertual expat, currently in Zurich (needing snow)”

  • Mines would be; “Tracking Interactive Entertainment from the PR Perspective”. Covering PR and videogames, few things are better together.

  • My elevator pitch for The Breast Blog ( is, “Information to empower today’s breast cancer survivors.”

    My elevator pitch for A Writer’s Blog is … a documentary of sorts on my growing freelance writing career. Clearly less tangible; I need to work on this one!

    Thanks for the fodder.

  • Tech news without all the crap.

  • How did your favorite TV shows end?

  • New ideas for film makers in the web2.0 world

  • Internet related stuff + the occasional news

  • Entertainment, Pop Culture and Lifestyle.

  • “A personal development and financial management resource for young people”

    =^..^= 10 words exactly!

  • Consultant Journal helps people survive and thrive as independent consultants.

  • A shrine to my cat with lots of link bait.

  • ‘Opportunities, Opinions, Optimize’

    All things to help small bloggers (like myself) get bigger and/or better.

  • revealing my artistic processes, completions, and growth

  • For News, Resources and Support for Stay-at-Home Parents and Caregivers.

    For News, Opinion and Rank Gossip.


  • Mine would be,

    “Lucid Dreaming and how to do it”



  • “Earn and make money through blogging”

  • Open Source Pay Per Click Advertising Ideas & Tools (PPCmoz)

  • “Home Business Endeavors”

  • jim

    helping regular folks understand their personal finances… and enjoying life.

    i didn’t want to leave those last three words on the table! :)

  • Got beauty questions? Real cosmetic scientists have answers

    I use that as my signature (with a link) whenever I post on forums.

  • The trouble with most of these pitches is that they describe the content but they don’t really say why you are providing the content so as a pitch to a business type stakeholder they don’t really work. Mine would be ‘to promote my consultancy business especially including in social media using a blog because its cheaper and more powerful than a traditional website ‘

  • Helping High School Students Succeed

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  • User contributed IT-news, rumors and insider information. First.

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  • I am in a construction/transition period, but it will be something like: “A little about life, a lot about making life easier”

  • Any woman can dress elegantly for around $1/day.

    Sounds like a blog that should be popular, but not make any money, doesn’t it?

  • Mine is “Making technology simple for even a layman through analysis and blog voice”

  • Hello, a really interesting experience to visit your website. For sure i will come back soon. greets to all !

  • As an indie artist, my blog’s pitch is:

    “The Talent of Living Creatively.”

  • Oops, here’s my short version:
    Adding enrichment and enjoyment to daily life and livelihood.

  • 10 words or less: “helping people get a front-row seat in life!” Can you tell from that I am a motivational speaker? Or, will my blog homepage reflect that so I don’t need it in my 10 words? Thanks!

  • Vulcan Stev’s Database is a chronicle of his wife’s fight with breast cancer as well as a movie review site with contributions from the whole family and thoughts on incorporating those same movies into your role playing game.
    Are you looking for unique plot hooks for your game? Stev is always ready to mindmeld with you to bring your games to life from the movies.

  • Oops posted this on the wrong article.

    10 words or less?

    A personal blog about the family’s hobbies and overcoming challenges.

  • Real help for online teachers who seek to reform education.

  • Personal and professional perspectives on philosophy & politics with occasional photography.

  • Musings on spirituality from a Celtic viewpoint