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What 28 of My Blogging Friends Say about How they Build Relationships with Bloggers

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of May 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

building-relationships-bloggers-3.jpgImage by Michael Sarver

Over the last two days I’ve been writing about building relationships with other bloggers including tools and techniques for building blogger relationships as well as general principles of building relationships.

Today I want to finish this series on building relationships with bloggers with some tips from some of my own network of blogging friends.

A few days back I mentioned on Twitter that I was writing this post and asked those who follow me there to submit their own tips. Here are some of the tips that they mentioned. By the way – my Twitter followers are fantastic and are some of my favorite people to interact with. If you’re looking for a place to start networking why not follow some of these people on Twitter – by responding to this question they’ve proven how willing they are to network – what a great starting place!

  1. meanttolive – I’m part of one blog network. I follow bloggers on Twitter. And I read and comment on lots of blogs.
  2. galadarling – Be personal, complimentary, offer something, get their attention, be different. Works a charm ;D
  3. mattwardman – Ask them questions so they think they can help me … seriously.
  4. robbyg – I start with blog comments, move to twitter second, and finish off with regular emails if the relationship is strong.
  5. travelrants – networking: commenting on blogs, twitter, blog forums, email / MSN communication, blogger summits, conferences etc.
  6. bkajino – I read blogs I like & participate in conversation when I have input
  7. miguelpineiro – building relationships, selfish promotion and genuine interest in their success.
  8. DebNg – Twitter and Skype mostly though I do belong to a couple of forums as well.
  9. profwebs – Leave meaningful comments on their blogs, become active in their “community” when relevant, “reach out and make new friends”
  10. StuartL – email, twitter and the phone seem to be working for me at the moment
  11. RossMaguire – I have to agree with Stuart about twitter, it is very effective
  12. Telemill – simple, social networking sites: twitter, linkedin, mybloglog and blogcatalog.
  13. sharrypdx – among other things, I have very few close relationships with a couple of other bloggers. We share insights, leads, tips, etc.
  14. shawnfarner – Lately, Twitter :)
  15. jakebouma – interact w/comments, establish a relationship, send articles of interest to them via email, connect on other social sites
  16. auer1816 – email tends to work well.
  17. theotherdrummer – Comments, e-mail and/or Twitter.
  18. chrisguillebeau – everything all the others have said is good, but for me i think the slow building of personal relationship is most important
  19. rahsheen – Twitter and FriendFeed primarily…in regards to connecting to other bloggers
  20. inkedmn – comment on their blogs to start, then casual emailing
  21. davidcubed – Twitter, IM, Private Forums, and Blog Comments are my biggest ways of connecting with other bloggers
  22. kristarella – Comments are the best networking, subscribe, comment, email. Networking sites are tools: useful, but often fickle, short-liv …
  23. genuinechris – It depends on if we’re in sync. I often link first to show up in their dashboard, and then if it’s apropo, exchange guest posts
  24. AGoodHusband – I comment on blogs I like, link to blogs that I love, and find something useful for bloggers I admire.
  25. jimgoldstein – good old fashion flattery via any communication medium ther person uses regularly. Email is a great standby.
  26. briancarter – Twitter with them and help them write their blog posts by answering twitter questions… ;-)
  27. davenavarro – Comment on their blog, start conversations that lead to more comments, get noticed :-) Looking fwd to your book va SF
  28. jonathanfields – Twitter is a great tool for casual banter/fun, for more important/detailed contact, I still lean on e-mail
About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I think it’s time to dive in the pool called Twitter.

    I never liked it, but I think my attitude towards Twitter should change as I see many of the bloggers build a relationship with the help of Twitter.

  2. A note to self: should start taking Twitter more seriously…

  3. Now that’s a lot of links to go through….

    @MrCooker : You are not on twitter yet? What are you waiting for? 22nd.. century ? :) JK!

  4. I’m signed up for twitter, but I haven’t been using it too often. I’m more of a fan of commenting on blogs in order to develop the relationship. But, seeing as how many people take twitter seriously now, I think it’s time to jump in further!

  5. Me too like Joe. After reading this post i have to look at Twitter seriously as a new Blogger.

  6. Aha, the perfect use for twitter…is there a means of recording mass responses for an excercise like this?

  7. @all I resisted Twitter for ages, but it’s heaps less lame than I thought it would be. It’s fun, and useful. It doesn’t replace commenting on blogs at all, it enhances the whole blogging scene.

    @Daz Thanks for the link and sending a few followers my way!

    (Still not sure about the whole @ notation in blog comments, but it’s so simple and direct.)

  8. I was wondering why people suddenly wanted to follow me on Twitter. Thanks D!

    I would have to say that I have made more connections on FriendFeed as of late. I found a bunch of great blogs this way, which I subscribed to, then I usually follow those people on Twitter.

  9. Hey great post Darren! I just recently started to twitter! I haven’t got much results yet, but hopefully I will soon. My best way to network with other bloggers is using MyBlogLog this has been very effective for me and I have met a lot of great bloggers through this network. However everyday I’m starting to use twitter more and more. Here’s my twitter URL


  10. Hi dar, why not make post that discuss to make a killer viral video?

  11. Twitter seem to taking more ground among bloggers world wide. And I’m not an exception too. Also popular among bloggers is the other social networking sites like del.icio.us, digg, stumbleupon, facebook and the list goes on and on.

  12. Wow. I must live in the dark ages. I have absolutely no idea what twitter is. I mean I have heard it mentioned a bit recently but never really looked into it. I prefer just commenting

  13. oh twitter. i wish it didn’t go DOWN all the time…

  14. Relationship with fellow bloggers and quality content is very important.

  15. Well, I guess that sums it up pretty nicely. To all of the young bloggers out there like myself. Twitter seems to be the blogger’s hangout. Twitter it up young bloggers, twitter it up.

  16. I can only recommend twitter. For me, it’s a way to meet people, to be informed about interesting blog postings, to communicate. Of course, I try also to comment regularly on the blogs I like (like this one!) and which I find through twitter.

  17. I’ve been reading so much about twitter that I can’t believe I haven’t become involved with it sooner. It’s at the top of my list now of things to get more familiar with. Thanks, Darren.


  18. I belong to Blog Catalog. There is a discussion board on the site where all of the bloggers talk to each other. It is very informative and the bloggers are very helpful.

    Perhaps more importantly, keeping with the subject of the Problogger post, the bloggers on Blog Catalog will read your blog and help spread the word about it.

    Live From Las Vegas
    The Masked Millionaire

  19. I prefer IM since you don’t have to be so formal on it

  20. I am a huge fan of blog catalog as well masked millionare, which by the way is a long but very cool stage name. It is very easy to approach other bloggers there and everyone is looking to groups for help in technorati faves and rss exchange, etc.

  21. I am amazed when lots of them say twitter. I feel twitter is more of traffic than relationships. I have seen many users following nearly a 1000 others.

  22. You know what I gathered most from this post and the comments made by the 28 blogging friends, that, in spite of the fact that social blogs are virtual, a great personality remains a key and essential factor in striking up a conversation that a complete strangers would take the time actually listen to and even comment.

    How about creating such an engaging virtual conversation that you can’t tear yourself away from your blogging relationships .

    Just another perspective that may be considered.

  23. Rajaie, how is Twitter formal?

    Agent 001, it all depends on how you use it… you don’t have to follow that many people, and you don’t have to follow everyone who follows you.

    Reginald, that’s a good point. Kind of related is knowing when to speak and when to not, when to reply to people and when not to… the line of friendly to stalking is easily crossed. :P

  24. I reckon I must be doing something wrong on twitter, because so far I haven’t gleaned anything of use from it. maybe it’s because I haven’t come to realize it’s full potential yet or perhaps it’s because I haven’t got the right people following me. If it’s the latter then maybe should be putting out my twitter profile more often AussieSire

  25. Sire, it’s not about who’s following you, it’s about who you follow. They’re the ones you receive updates from. However, if you put out useful tweets, or ask interesting questions, maybe the people who follow you can provide something useful in return.

  26. Yes kristarella, but as they do not receive updates from me, it all seems a little one sided. I do try and put out useful tweets but maybe they still need working on. It’s just another big learning curve that I need to get my head around. Hopefully it will all pan out. Thanks for the heads up.

  27. Sire, it can seem one sided… or you can reply to people and get you’re link on blogs like this one. :P
    I guess the main thing is to enjoy using it, if it’s only distracting or frustrating it’s not doing it’s job!

  28. This is great! My biggest relationship builders are FriendFeed and Twitter :-)

    Maria Reyes-McDavis

  29. I am really enjoying twitter too.

    And I love it when I get a chance to talk on the phone or mirl with bloggers who I am getting to know or working with. It really makes the relationships “real.”

  30. A lot of you mentioned Twitter! =) I’d like to give it a try.

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