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Using Your Blog as a Resume to Land Your Dream Job

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of November 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

200711081247The old say that “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” can certainly be applied to the topic of making money blogging.

Everyday I hear of a different example of a blogger who has managed to make a buck (or two) from the medium in a different way. One of the most recent examples from a reader comes from Matt Coddington who just posted about how he leveraged his blog to land his dream job by using the blog as a substitute to a resume.

“I scrapped the resume and wrote a letter instead. In the letter I leveraged the success of my most recent site, Net Business Blog, to demonstrate my knowledge of the web industry. It worked. I got the job I wanted (as well as a ton of interviews with other companies).”

Matt even shares the letter he sent prospective employees to get the job.

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  • Interesting… Who would have thought of using your blog as a resume, but then again I guess if done right your blog could me much better than a written one because if it is popular it gives you some sort of credibility.

  • A nice new approach to attracting jobs. Creativity knows no limits :). However there is a slight discrepancy between his letter’s figures and real life data. He says that the blog’s PR is 5 whereas in reality its 3. Perhaps the change is due to Google’s recent PR updates.
    I have a friend who got hired because he had a web page. That separated him from the rest of the applicants!

  • Digital branding is becoming big. I actually see resume blogs as more the norm for the future. You can see the progression now:

    Employers are googling potential employees for a checkered past.

    College recruiters are peeking in Facebook.

    Parents are buying their newborns domain names.

    So, it’s best to keep your digital nose clean and don’t post embarrassing photos!

  • My tactics wasn’t so upfront but I kind of promote myself with my blog too. I’m doing my company’s won website now, so I guess I will remove portfolio from my blog.

  • I work in the video game industry and there are actually a lot of animators and artists who have “art blogs” and send potential employers to the blog rather than send a demo reel.

  • I’ve been approached by a few law firms about joining up based upon my blog. They typically mention that the blog demonstrates the ability to sell.

    Thus, I definitely agree that a blog can be a resume. In fact, I think it can be a tremendous asset beyond whatever monetization it brings.

  • Blogging has become a popular media of communication. Many firms are hiring bloggers to update their blog on regular basis. People can subscribe to a corporate blog for latest updates. It will help the firms to get the feedback of the customer at the same time.

  • I got my current job largely because I write a blog, it can work, and more likely to than getting fired for blogging.

    I did blog about this a couple of months ago:-

  • Very innovative and would definitely set you apart from all the other prospects that used resumes.

    This method of competing for a job opening provides a unique way for the employer to view your skills beforehand. I think this was a great idea.

  • Same here..

    I am a student of computer engineering studying the last year of my 4 year course. A round of interview took place for a job in one of my dream companies and I also took part in it. Around 3000 students participated.

    After the first round of written test 500 qualified (me too). Than after a round of group discussion 300 qualified (again I did). Now was the time for 2 round of interviews. To my surprise I was the only one among the approx 300 who qualified who runs a blog which is being updated daily (I talked to almost all the candidates about there qualifications and I found myself to be the only blogger). During the interviews I emphasized on my online presence for 1 full year and that did leave a good impression on my interviewers. After my first interview the interviewer told me that he has given me full marks and I will sure shot pass the second interview too…and I did and got the job.

    They did hint me that my online hardwork will one day pay well and help me rise fast as compared to my non blogger counterparts.

    The most exciting part is that almost 1 full year was left to complete my engineering when I got the job. 1 year in advance..I love blogging :)

    by the way finally after all the round around 80 got the job from the total 3000 approx (and I was also one of them)

  • I am currently thinking about changing my awful IT job and have thought about using my blog to help my resume, but I think it depends on the job you are going for, and if your blog is any good.

  • Why would you want a job though?!

    I can imagine if you wanted to get some high-paying consultancy work, but a “proper” job?! I do not actually live off my blogs, they are just for fun, but I AM self-employed/a small business owner, and I would never give up that life for a “real” job again!

  • Sounds good. In todays generation, a blog is just not a blog anymore. There are so many ways to use your blog to your advantage besides the usual monetization. I use my blog as my portfolio too. :)

  • This is dangerous territory. Who needs a degree? I could just keep blogging….

  • Well, indeed, who needs a degree?

    Don’t get me wrong, degrees are great, I have a couple myself, and what I learned at university was invaluable. But I have never yet needed my degree in any job I have had! If someone has the wherewithall to run a healthy internet business then I say, go for it, save your pennies, and then go get that degree at your leisure!

  • I think that your blog is a strong point in getting you a job. At least your boss knows that you are well established and has wide contacts..

    But I think that maybe you’ll get better chance in landing an IT job

    and I think some boss might think that your blogging activities might be seen as a threat to the company?

  • Maybe I should do that too!

  • This happened to me as well and the reason is because a blog shows competency in new media.

  • Bob

    Your blog can reveal much about you, not just what you know but how you present what you know.

  • I am hoping that something like this works for me as it is essentially what I did to prove that I have some internet knowledge too. Even though mine is personal…I never want to hide that my whole life is like an open book. Aaaahhhh! The anxiety of waiting to see if it worked….

  • This is great advice. I’d even go as far as saying that what you do on your site (or any other site for that matter) can very easily work against you as well. Here’s an article about Digital Resumes and how your online “life”can affect the decision of potential employers and/or clients.

  • I just wish that employers would care a little bit more about what you know about the job and not about how good you are at selling something, the ultimate salesman knows every aspect of the product they are selling.

  • I have run a Detroit Red Wings hockey blog since 2004. I interviewed with the Wings to be a Public Relations intern and included my blog on the resume. I got the job. I don’t know how much was my other past internships and grades, but they picked me.

  • This is a dangerous road because although a blog can land you the job. The same blog can endanger your job security when they know you have a blog to maintain that stretches your time/capacity.

  • I am a firm believer that a blog / well designed website in the industry that you would like to go in is a perfect resume builder. Every blog I have ever started was for personal development and using a blog for career development is a great idea as well.

  • I think it all depends what industry you’re in. Obviously, the more creative industries are more open to blogs being substituted for a resume`, but other industries are more “traditional” and would probably prefer a resume`.

    Of course, I agree with the one who commented that being self-employed is the way to go! I have a traditional day job right now, but I’m working on going freelance! I hate the 9-5 drag.

  • Never would have thought of using a blog as a resume to get a job. Very interesting idea and i definitely think it is something worth looking in to. Thanks for the great idea

  • Yes, this is a very good idea indeed. But one thing is for sure that you must have the audience for this as well. If the audience is just the blog viewer and not such person as an employer then… I don’t think it will serve its purpose.

    But, I’ve know a friend of mine who was lucky to get an off-shore job.

    Yes, something is definately better than nothing as well.


  • I had a similar experience twice in my life.

    I have worked as a radio DJ for years and then I discussed with a college coleague about her intention to start an advertising firm. I was studying at the Letters Faculty, but started web design out of passion. With no formal schooling, just tutorials and my huge love for this.

    I had a 2 years experience already and some small sites I could show. I told her I am proficient in Photoshop and can do all the stuff she needed from a graphical designer in such a small business. I would learn corel too (took me some hours to know how to trace some logos).

    She looked at my very small portfolio and was impressed. I got my first job outside the radio business, in a job I never formally studied for.

    The second opportunity I got from my projects was 1 year and a half ago. The radio station I used to work was shut down and after 3 months a new one emerged. I presented my CV with 1 page full of my PC skills and links to all my projects. My network was getting busier so I really had what to show off.

    I found out they needed someone who’s very proficient on the PC since they wanted the person to do more than just radio shows. As you can guess, I did get the job .. they were impressed that a woman would have a 15 sites network.

  • It’s good to see what people say, do and behave online. Everyone looks good on paper, so a blog can be an extra.

  • College recruiters are peeking in Facebook.

  • eric conrad

    Yes I agree with you. A blog is a like a mirror of your personality.

    My personal tips is a job applicants must use keyword or tags if they are creating online resume. The benefit is you will have the advantage over other applicant. Some people ive known have benefit a lot on this book. check it out:

    By the way, have you heard about the video resume? Its hot right now. Im not saying this will replace the traditional way of writing a great resume but i find this beneficial for people seeking job overseas.

    Heres the definition a video resume: A video resume is a short video created by a candidate for employment and uploaded to the Internet for prospective employers to review. The video resume describes the individual’s skills and experience and is is typically used to supplement a paper resume.

    A video resume can be created by a professional or you can create your own.

    My personal tips: It is important to use an appropriate introduction and closing for the recording. Your introduction should be short and sweet, explaining who you are and the purpose and format for the online video. Your closing should provide a very specific next step for the employer to follow in making direct contact with you. Always include your written resume folded and attached to the recording. I think thats it!

    Take a look at this website. Check it out. – this website provide a means for users to incorporate video resumes into their profiles.

    I hope you find it beneficial! Good Day! =)

  • Resume writing is the primary need of any job seeker. One gets their first impression from their resumes. It plays a major role. For example

    § Your resume should be short on words but long on facts.
    § It should convey a sense of energy and purpose, reflecting your personality and personal characteristics.
    § Your resume must focus on your strengths and abilities.
    § It should deflect attention away from areas of your experience or work history that lack vigor or definition.
    § Your resume must reveal your work history through effective descriptions of your experience.
    § Your resume must be an advocate of your strengths and personal characteristics.
    § Your resume should give a flattering and factual representation of your skills.
    § It should reflect your worth as a potential employee.
    § Present a logically displayed resume that is appealing to the reader in its clarity and presentation.

    Any many more tips, resume examples, resume formats, resume samples at

  • Hey this is a good technique and further its also helps to let the recruiters get the resume at a faster rather than always sending a mail.

  • Resume is essential. Thank you.

  • A resume can only get you an interview call. A blog should do the same. This does not mean that one has replaced the other.

    In today’s competitive job market and with the advent of Web 2.0 new avenues have opened up for both recruiters and job seekers.

    Having a blog which is up-to-date with your resume with respect to your career standing, skills and capabilities, and educational back ground, will certainly increase your chances.

  • Smart jobseekers are now learning towards personal branding expecially online. And what better way to do it than in a blog.

    As long as you keep the focus to your industry topic, write in good textbook English, and vary interesting posts, you’ll be way ahead of the rest.