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The Secret to Crazy-Happy Blogging

Posted By Guest Blogger 29th of August 2012 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

This guest post is by Lisa Cash Hanson of Mompreneuer Mogul.

“Try to discover
The road to success
And you’ll seek but never find,
But blaze your own path
And the road to success
Will trail right behind.”
—Robert Brault

I’ve spent much of my life mastering the art of impersonations—basically copying a singer’s style and recreating that on stage.  It’s what I did for a living before I became an entrepreneur and a new mother to my baby girl Matilda. I would study movements, accents, costumes and then replicate, much the same as an actor would when studying for a film role. I was a Las Vegas Impersonator.

I suppose, due to the fact that I spent so many years portraying other people, I now have a deep desire to never copy anything by anyone ever again. It is from that perspective that I share this blog post with you regarding your true writing voice.

No one’s as good at being you as you!

The Internet is filled with so many amazing writers and information. However if we copy those writers we will always be a poor copy instead of a promising original. The most valuable tip I have learned in all my years of impersonating is that no one is as good at being you as you are. So why should we copy any other blogger or their style?

I want to share some quick tips that I believe will challenge you to discover your true voice and at the same time help you to stand apart from the blogging crowd. If you apply these tips I know that you will tap into something really powerful. When you write from a place that’s real, then the traffic and offers will come. Then you will discover a creative flow that you probably never knew existed.

In order to be original you have to release all fear and anxiety and dare to try something new. Here are some things that may help you on  your journey to becoming unique.

The They-may-not-like-me Syndrome

This is where the fear rises up that if we try something unusual and different a reader might not like us. Perhaps they will even stop following our blog.

Let me help relieve that fear for you. That will probably happen.

“Lisa, that is not inspiring,” you’re thinking. “I thought you were helping us?” I am. Listen. I was featured on the home page of Yahoo! not too long ago, and my blog blew up. Super-cool. Until I read all the comments. Super not cool.  It was so bad that I wrote the post, ” The Best And Worst Day Of My Blogging Life” and I have to admit I whined a little. Basically I received a lot of backlash and it wasn’t all that great.

However a lot of great things came from that experience. I discovered the value of moving past negativity and pressing through. I no longer think “What if they don’t like me?” I understand that I can’t please everyone.

Decide on purpose to move past any negativity then launch out, be brave, and try something new and daring. You may find that more new people flock to your blog then those who leave. And in the words of a very wise man Dr. Seuss, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Be brave enough to be first

Your blog is your space. Just because you may not see an idea on someone else’s blog, that doesn’t mean it’s not a valid and amazing idea.

When I wrote Darren to do this guest post I really wanted to add a vlog. It’s part of my personality and my blogging platform. I could have talked myself out of it, saying, “I never see any other guest bloggers doing a vlog. Darren must not like video.”

But no. Instead, I simply suggested it and asked if it was possible along with my post idea. And the result? Obviously I did a guest vlog on ProBlogger, and I’m super thankful. The point is I was not afraid to ask. So be brave enough to be first. Ask and you may be shocked by what comes your way.

Forget perfectionism

Many times we allow our fear of not being perfect to stop us from creating something beautiful. But we have to be gracious enough with ourselves to allow space to make a mistake and not hinder the creative process. “Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it.” So said Salvador Dali.


You may think a confession has no place on a blog filled with tips about blogging. But I will tell you it does. I have no doubt the words I speak over my own life daily are what has opened many doors for my business and my blog.

Confess things like, “I am uniquely made.” “I am filled with creative and unique ideas.” “I am daring.” “I am bold.” “I think of posts that are completely original and help tons of people.”

By the way, yes I did say to Darren as I looked at his profile, “I will guest blog for you.” See how that works? It did take a few attempts, in case you were wondering. (A side note: a non-answer may just mean “not right now,” so make sure to try again.)

Laugh at yourself

I have a weekly vlog, and every Wednesday I share tips and questions from my readers. It’s far from perfect. One time my husband was watching my video before it went live and said, “Babe, you’re weird.” He said that because I made a mistake and then just laughed at myself and kept going, almost talking to myself on camera—but out loud.

I told him, “What they see is what they get. I’m real.” And guess what? I get weekly comments about how genuine I am and that it makes my audience laugh. That is much better than having a perfect, stiff video. So always remember to laugh—even if it means you may be laughing at yourself.

Look outside blogging platforms for original ideas

I’ve shared before that it is amazing to follow blogs like Problogger, CopyBlogger, Firpole Marketing and others. But if all you do is read those blogs one after another, how can you ever truly expect to get new motivation?

Sometimes you need to stop looking at blogs for your inspiration—even if it’s just for one night. In Las Vegas we have some really killer shows. My favorites are the Cirque De Soleil shows. One night of watching them, or a great concert, or a night of playing games with friends, could fill your head with some awesome new ideas for blogging. So try to get outside of the virtual world and into the “other” world to draw on some inspiration.

Care about design

I know that you are probably shouting “Content is king! Who cares about design?” True, content is the most important aspect of your blog, however if you change something in your design, you could be surprised how that will serve you. Maybe you could start a new trend. You’ll never know unless you try.

Who are you?

Do you really know who you are? Or are you a rehashed version of someone else on the planet who’s work you’ve read over and over?

Spend some time alone with yourself. Think about what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what makes you mad, what makes you passionate—and include all of those things on your blog. Then your voice will shine through.

Remember, Celine Dion is a powerful singer but it would be super-boring if every singer sounded like her, no matter how beautiful her voice. Be yourself. Share a great gift with the world-yourself.

When it comes to matters of money

I know there are many tips on how to make money and how much to charge, but guess what? It’s your blog, and your business, and you have the ability to run it your way.

I have created unique ad campaigns and charged for guest posts differently than most. And people pay. I’ve received more money on some projects merely because I asked for it—and then I created such a unique experience for that person that they couldn’t go anywhere else.

Let your creativity flow, and you may find new ways of making money on your blog. If you are a food blogger you could do a PDF of a recipe and invite readers to download it for 99 cents. Or if you are a photographer and you have many pictures, you could create a private membership site where people come to use your awesome photos for their blog. The possibilities are endless.

The results of being your true you

Crazy happiness

Honestly you may feel a little crazy due to your new state of happiness. It feels good to be different.

Media attention

You will soon learn that you get much more attention via social and traditional media by being unique. There will be a new spark that comes out of you, and that spark is contagious. People are drawn to others that are filled with life. It’s often referred to as charisma. So get that pumping and see what happens for you.

Increased income

Many of us love to blog but we also love when some cash comes along with our blog. Who doesn’t like to make a little extra income? You will find that the more original you are, the more financial opportunities will come your way.

When I launched my blog it didn’t look like anyone else’s. Immediately I was getting offers for paid posts, and ads. Why? Probably because it looked so unique that it attracted business’s attention. When you are your true self, money will follow. And it’s a sweet feeling to be yourself and get paid to do it at the same time.

Crazy-happy blogging

I hope that these tips give you a small glimpse into the world of originality. As I said in my video, there’s no one else on earth like you. Dare to be different you’ll see you will reap rich dividends.

Now don’t forget to test this out and share in the comments below what you’ve done to stand apart from the pack. I’m excited to see what you do.

Lisa Cash Hanson is the author of the “Get Famous The Most Amazing Mom Bloggers Resource On The Planet” and creator of the Blogs To Riches Club. Lisa was recently featured on Yahoo!, named Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Mom Tech Blog & Blogtrepreneur’s Top 40 Mompreneurs to follow on Twitter. She is the founder of Mompreneur Mogul an award winning blog where business and inspiration meet. Her weekly Newsletter is packed with tips for those who want to make money blogging and get media attention for their blogs.

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This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.
  1. Great article. Blogging should be seen as something fun and creative and not as a a chore. There are a million ideas out there for articles

    • That’s true. Even though we should always keep a business perspective on things, it is in fact our own blogs and we should let our hair down and enjoy the journey for what it’s worth.

  2. Lisa,
    I love how you express yourself and your personality just as you suggest in your post. You live what you talk. Great points on being yourself, rather than just copy someone elses style and points.

    I think there has to be a certain amount of copying others styles and information when someone is new at blogging, but you are so right that as a blogger matures in the business, they should begin to define themselves as their own unique blogger with their own unique style.

    Great post!

  3. I do agree with most of the stuff stated here. I personally think people can feel when you are pretending to be someone you are not. I’m not saying it’s something paranorlmal or etc. but it reflects in your content. When you write what you want you do it more freely, you will maybe go somewhere no one else has went before, thus find the people who want to read what you write.

    I do agree there are so many people trying to copy the big guys on the top, but the ones that come out from the bottom are not the ones that copy, but the ones that are themselves.

    Usually… :D

    • Agreed- you can tell when someone is only blogging for money or is copying someone else. I don’t stay at that blog very long. I also have to say that I am a long time visitor of Momprenuer Mogul and go there any time need a pep talk.

      Great post Lisa!

  4. First — I love the vlog idea! Definitely shakes things up here on ProBlogger.

    And second — This is great motivation. I’ve written a few blog pieces and when I go back on read them, I’m like, “Who is this?!” It’s so important to be yourself.

    Content isn’t king. Unique content is king.


  5. Fantastic post, Lisa. I can feel your passion through your words and I agree wholeheartedly. It has been so important to my blogs success for people to see the “human” behind my blog. People are connecting with ME and when I earn that support and loyalty, I’m so appreciative and it really does make the difference.

    Thank you so much for sharing your words of wisdom.


  6. Great post, Lisa. I agree, it’s definitely always best to be yourself, because that’s where the real success and joy comes from.

    In fact, when people are turned off by the “true you” and stop reading or unsubcribe, etc., that’s really to be celebrated, because as bloggers, we really only want our “right people” in our virtual living rooms anyway. I mean, why have someone around who doesn’t “get” you, or complains about your content, or in some other way brings some kind of negativity into the picture? It’s like having a wet blanket/complainer as a party guest — no fun!

    One thing I’ve learned now that I’ve been around the blogging block a few times is that it just never pays to try to write in any voice other than your own, and when you blog with authenticity, your right people *will* eventually show up, and they’ll love you. : )

  7. Wonderful ideas. Thank you for validating my own feelings. However since you encourage me to be me, I must express my off-the-wall curiosity. In looking at the two comments listed above, the date of posting is 8/29/12, as perhaps my own will be. Here’s the buzzing conundrum. According to my calendar, today is 8/28/12.
    Whta’s up with that? Twilight Zone magic?

  8. Love your Vlog! It is great to see your passion! Thank you for the tips, great post!

  9. Susie says: 08/29/2012 at 1:57 am

    Hey, great info. I enjoyed learning about you, your unique background and perspective and your reminders to make the first move despite others. Thanks!!

  10. You have some great tips here Lisa! I am of the same mind-set that you should be WhoEver you truly are and not imitate! {Sorry I realize I am saying this to an impersonator!} I love listening to your tips. I truly believe that NOONE can do YOU like YOU! Thank you.

    • LOL that’s why I hate to imitate when you’ve been singing Man I Feel Like A Woman about 1000 times- you really just want to be yourself LOL Love your hat as always Wendy!!!

  11. This is a fantastic article, Lisa! I couldn’t agree more with your message. It’s crazy important to be true to yourself–it’s the only advice I’m willing to provide when asked for tips on successful blogging.

    Congrats! It’s wonderful to see you on ProBlogger. [Thanks, Darren!]

  12. Lisa,

    I think encouraging people to be themselves is so important, so I really appreciate your message in this post.

    Thanks for including a video. It was very well done. I believe video can be a great way to make a stronger connection with readers. I love the combination of a video with a written post.

    I’m glad you mentioned looking outside of blogging platforms for great ideas. I think this is extremely important. I’ve found that “getting away” from blogging and doing enjoyable, creative things is one of the best ways to get new ideas. Without a life outside of blogging, I think it’s easy for content to get stale.

    • It’s so funny Greg because most of us don”t want successful blogs so we can just blog 24 hours a day. We want that because we love people, writing, but most and more importantly we love our friends and family. Creating a successful blog can help give us more freedom to do what matters most- Be with the ones we love :) A full time social media life is the most un-social thing around. Thanks for your comment I appreciate you.

  13. Thank you so much for this inspirational article. The part that said, “Spend some time alone with yourself. Think about what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what makes you mad, what makes you passionate—and include all of those things on your blog. Then your voice will shine through.” really resonated with me. I am not a writer by profession by any means and have struggled with what ‘my’ voice is/was. I love how candid you are and, yes, you’re very real. That’s something very much appreciated when dealing so much with online personalities.

    • I know Terri that when you tap into what is uniquely you then you will always shine. No one in the world has the same DNA as you ;) You are an one of a kind and I believe everything you blog about will reflect that. Thank you for visiting Darren’s Blog today and my post.

  14. Thank you for this! This was a great daily inspiration and much appreciated! I often struggle with the whole direction and keeping up, and really want to be in a place of “this is me-I’m doing my own thing…catch up!”Congrats on your opportunity here!

  15. Great video and awesome tips!! I learned something new and I appreciate your direct approach to being a unique blogger. Thanks for sharing… I tweeted!!!

  16. Thank you so much for this! I cannot agree more! While I go to other bloggers for ideas and tips, I have always remained who I am, and as a result, my blog has been growing rapidly.

  17. Lisa is an amazing person and a true inspiration! I like what Jerry D Ross said, “I think there has to be a certain amount of copying others styles and information when someone is new at blogging.” I believe some if not most that had not come from a blogging background and just wanted to have a voice, start off that way.

    Blogging for me has evolved into so much more than a place to share a deal. A connecting spot, a meeting place and information hub about me and my lifestyle. And I share because I love to share.

    Thanks for being YOU Lisa and I’m sure other will get inspired too!

  18. Well Hello Lisa

    Thanks for such a great and eye opening post, rather than as you say focusing on ‘what works’ which leads as you say to the dire ‘me too blogging’ style just release your inner thoughts and creativity without reservation.

    This will of course filter your audience into those that get where you are coming from and the others that will never get it and are best inside the ‘me too’ arena.

    Better to live a life with satisfaction that you checked off all the boxes on your list rather than wishing you had the courage to do what you desired, time to start vlogging me thinks, plenty of noise inside my head to fill a few episodes!

    Thanks for the prompt
    igor Griffiths

    • Awesome!!! And when you do just remember you are not speaking to thousands just speak as if there is one person in front of you and it’s them who you are communicating your message too- That will help. Excited that you will be vlogging!

  19. I love when I find someone who is able to make money while living creatively. It’s even better when the person is willing and able to teach others the same skill.

    Thanks Lisa for such a great post.

  20. This is such a great article because it is exactly what all new bloggers go through! I have a friend right now that blogs actively but won’t promote her blog to her facebook friends (or even let them know she has one) because she told me it was embarrassing to reveal that to everyone that knows her so well. That’s crazy!

    Success is about getting out there and not being afraid, taking a few risks and reaping the rewards. If I write a blog post, I make sure everyone knows about it! :)

    Great post, Lisa!

    • Thanks so much. We all have to learn that not everyone will like us- That’s OK :) We just do our thing, sing our happy song and don’t worry about the rest.

  21. Your message makes complete sense Lisa. In all honesty, I struggled for a long time because I didn’t have the right mind set behind what I was doing. I kept doubting my full potential. I kept saying, I wasn’t ready or like you mentioned, what if the readers don’t like what I have to say or worse, “ME”. I really believe its everything you talk about-being yourself and true to who you are. Your readers and fans see that and love a genuine blog. Once I stopped saying “I want…..” or “I’m thinking…..” and changed the mentality behind “I am the owner of..” or “I am the writer to….” I took more ownership behind what I was so passionate behind, my non-breathing baby (my website and blog). I loved “Crazy-Happy Blogging”. Thanks!


  22. Lisa, I really enjoyed your post, thank you.
    I’m a newbie blogger and there is so much information to digest at the beginning, that it’s overwhelming. However, you’ve made me realize that I shouldn’t feel ackward about being myself. That’s one big step forward!

    • You also shouldn’t worry about all the information :) Sometimes when we are learning a new skill we research forever. Nothing wrong with it but then you get info overload. Better to study a little but DO a lot ;) You learn much more that way and it’s not as confusing.

  23. Great and inspiring vlog, thanks Lisa for sharing this!

    I definitely agree that there is only one and only YOU in this world, so, make sure we all make it count!


  24. Its nice to know for secret for blogging. I saw this valueble video at least 3/4 time !This is such a great discussion for how we can keep a bloggin happy as well as crazy ! Now I will be sure for No one’s as good at being me as I’m ?

  25. Hi Lisa,

    Simple, powerful and sensational tips here.

    Speak your mind. Hit the publish button. Cut through the fear of criticism to be happy.

    I received criticism from my family and friends after going the online entrepreneur route. They did not receive my inspirational posts too well. But I kept going, and became happier because of it.

    Many fear being themselves because this means releasing people who don’t like the real you. The happy you. The joyful you.

    That’s ok. Be you. The happy you. You attract plenty more happy people as you release on unhappy people.

    Happy blogging grows from writing out what you truly feel – on the deepest levels – and publishing immediately. If you hesitate, the fear you experience can darn well scare you into not publishing your most inspiring work.

    Feel the fear of criticism. Do it anyway.

    Anybody who has a problem with your happiness – blogging or otherwise – simply is unhappy, and are secretly admiring you, but express their admiration in a weird way.

    Anybody who gives you hell for being happy is miserable. If you do not publish your high energy work, you just jumped on their karmic sinking ship.

    Be happy. Laugh. Dance. Now. Really, get up and do it, now, and before your next blog post. You will be amazed at how acting silly, light and joyous before penning a post boosts the quality, and happy-factor, of your work :)



  26. I like the way you think… you are so right and thanks for putting this up.

  27. Thanks for the inspiration, Lisa!

  28. Thomas says: 08/30/2012 at 1:03 am

    THANK YOU sooooooo much

  29. Lisa
    An inspirational blog and quite frankly a wonderful reminder of life lessons. You can apply these tips not only to your blog and online presence but offline too.

    I have always tried to live my life being true to myself. I believe if I am true to myself, it makes it easy to represent who I am to others. It hasnt made me lots of money ;) however it has paved the path to wonderful relationships along my journey.

    As always love the energy…. the tone you put out there also goes a long way.

    Thanks for sharing!

  30. I’ve been following Lisa for some time now and every time I see or read her, I learn something new and am motivated . Thank you Lisa!

  31. Lisa, you’re so inspirational! I was just mentioning this very same point in a presentation I did to a women’s network yesterday- that we all have unique wisdom to share in our own special way and video/Vlogging is the best way, in addition to in-person, for our potential clients and fans to experience us. Keep sharing your wisdom. You are more inspirational than you know.

  32. As always, great info from someone who “walks the walk”. Thanks so much, Lisa, for inspiration and quality info. You are a blessing.

  33. So So So true! I do have to digress a little tiny bit though on ‘copying’ people. I will often try to ‘copy’ a style but only to try and learn new things about my own writing style! I think its important to stay fresh and true to your voice, and sometimes that is done by experimenting (but not stealing someone’s content though!) Otherwise, I love the advice of staying fresh and following your voice to find what makes this blogging business so much fun. Thank you Lisa! Great post!!

  34. Totally agree with finding your own voice and writing from you and not some carbon copy of someone else. It can be hard to track it down and does take time sometimes but once you have it then that is when you start to really enjoy blogging and telling your story.
    Thanks for the inspiration and love the vlog! Something I really want to start doing, just need to start to like myself on film!!!

  35. I really love Lisa’s blog.
    I usually get inspiration when I am feeling down. I love the Vlogs. Lisa you are not afraid to be yourself. I enjoy watching you rock in your chair. You make my day.

  36. It hit me as I was listening to the VLOG that I haven’t been having fun doing my blog. I’m a fiction writer, and one of the things I keep hearing is that I need to get the word out about me. Not a product. Not service. Me, the person. But figuring how to do that has been a huge challenge. Most writers head straight for the how-tos and end up sounding like everyone else — not to mention craft posts get other writers but not readers.

    So I decided to take a leap off the cliff and go over the top. I do have a strong voice — heck, an agent who met me commented that it was too strong on a book. I ended up having to tone it down. In the blog, I can let it go and see where it takes me. The first of the new posts will be tomorrow, and we’ll see what happens.

  37. Thanks for posting this Lisa. Even better thanks for Vlogging. I have been wanting to do it but don’t feel like I present very well. Your post has definitely inspired me to give it a try!


  39. Wow! Great post.

  40. Oh Sista!
    You hit that nail right on the head! Who wants to read another pink heats and bubble gum blog that’s whitewashed under your name? Not me. And, I love that I feel great about rockin’ the not perfect mom blog. And ya know what? People appreciate it because it’s authentic. They relate, reply with their own crazy antics they don’t feel they can express in their own space on the web. I think if we don’t write what WE know, what WE experience and feel a passion (good, bad or otherwise) for… we’re doing a disservice to ourselves and the people we hope to come read everyday.
    Be genuine… be yourself!
    Besides, carbon paper and white out can get so messy…

  41. It’s so important to have that VOICE and uniqueness I love that you touched on that! <3

  42. Great inspiration and I love the tips and advise. Love your energy and enthusiasm.

    “Life’s blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed by enthusiasm.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

    • Thank you Lisa for this beautiful message. You are absolutely right! We need to be bold and dare to just be ourselves, unique, beautiful and powerful! God created each and everyone of us as only one, and we should celebrate this, rather than worry about what others might think.
      As the mother of three beautiful daughters, your message resonates very strongly with me. That is my greatest wish for them, that they should just dare to be themselves and reach their highest potential!
      Spread you r wings and soar!

      • Valerie thank you for that- That is really my heart. My father was not very great and I had to fight through rejection and insecurity. I never want that for my own daughter and often times when women come to me for help I can sense those same issues in them. So I always inspire, uplift and encourage. I’m sure your daughters will do just that. Fly high.

    • He was a smart man thank you for the quote it’s great!

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