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The Power Of Collaboration In Today’s Blogging World – 10 Reasons to Find a Blog Buddy

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of November 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Working alone as a blogger can at times be lonely. In this guest post two bloggers, Eric Hamm from Up-And-Coming-Blogger and “Motivate Thyself” and Sean Platt from Writer Dad have together written a post outlining some of the advantages of collaborating as bloggers and finding a ‘blog buddy’. This is the first part in a 2 part series.

Granted, Leonardo Da Vinci probably didn’t want anyone messing around with his mojo, but there isn’t any doubt that for the majority of us, two minds are definitely better than one. It’s just simple math. We, instead of I, means more goals accomplished, and broader breath for every idea.

Saying the Internet’s big is a Rushmore of understatement. Our computers are planets, the Internet a galaxy. Viewed from afar, there are a billion points of light, but swimming in the middle of it all, it is easy to feel alone among the black. Finding a comfortable orbit isn’t immediate, but if you stick with blogging, it is an eventuality.

Blogopolis bursts with neighborhood upon neighborhood, brimming with amazing people. Some we meet while a guest at their blogs, while reading their words and observe perspective. Some we meet below the belt of our own blog, bantering among the comments. Others send us an email; a more private venue to foster a friendship.


Advantages to having a blogging buddy.

  1. You can feedback on posts, prior to pressing publish. Writing without a sounding board can be difficult. Writing without a sounding board when we’re about to publish our thought for world consumption can be terrifying. Having someone with whom to send our words for perusal can make all the difference in how we feel about our work. Sometimes, feedback is as simple as a good job! or a quickly corrected comma. Other times a slow down! or a what exactly are you trying to say? might be more in order. Good or bad, a buddy can help lead us in the right direction
  2. You can have someone to vent to, who understands your situation. Blogging is difficult. No one understands this essential truth better than another blogger. Most of us suffer common setbacks. Simply knowing that someone else is feeling, or has felt, something similar, can be all we need to know our feelings are only fleeting.
  3. You can work on projects together. Collaboration is one of the great joys of blogging. Cooperation comes in many forms, and often by surprise, but pooling minds on a joint project offers pleasure like little else. Swapping ideas through email or instant message is immediate and often amusing. Inspiration will surely abound, and take you to wonderful places you were never even planning to go.
  4. You can share link love. It’s well established that links are the currency of the net. They strengthen our rating with analytic aggregators such as Technorati and Alexa, while erecting new roads for readers to reach our words. Having a buddy that we can count on to help generate links is like having a friend post flyers to our show on telephone poles across the city.
  5. You can share each others posts through social media and with other bloggers. Social media plays an enormous role in helping drive blogs toward success, and can sometimes be the difference between breaking out and blowing up. When it comes to outlets such as Twitter and StumbleUpon, every blogger brings a different audience. Even with audience overlap, a post spread by your blogging buddy will extend to a different audience than your own.
  6. You can share communities. Each post develops our community further. Every blog has its own set of readers and subscribers who drop in to say hello. Commitment is a natural byproduct of community. A buddy blogger can ask his audience to give your work a chance. A portion of the audience will be happy to comply, and that chance could make all the difference.
  7. You can help each other stay motivated as you share encouragement. The peaks and valleys of daily blogging lend themselves well to the buddy system. Just as one buddy sees a lull in subscribers, the other may be experiencing a peak. That peak could be a prompt for encouragement. Your buddy is part of your team. Success for one means success for all. All it takes is the proper mindset; choose to celebrate successes, and supersede all difficulty.
  8. You can guest post for each other. Guest posts are an excellent way to build your name brand, while continuing to refine your craft. Landing a guest post, especially in the beginning, can be difficult. With a blogging buddy, it’s as simple as trading baseball cards.
  9. You can share each others talents. People are different, and bring separate skill sets to the table. Some people tend to be more creative, while others might display a stronger technical side. Fate seems to have an odd way of laying opposites together, and often you will find that the talents of your blogging buddy, or buddies, will nicely compliment your own.
  10. You’ll have twice the blogging power at your disposal. Getting started blogging is hard, gaining momentum even more so. Having twice the reach, or at least twice the intent, can be the difference between barely eking by, and soaring through the stratosphere.

The main thing to remember is patience. As in life, true friendship cannot be forced. Be honest about who you are and what you offer, and the right buddy will find you.

Read Part 2 of this mini series on the power of collaboration as bloggers here.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Good comparison. I also liked what you guys said about being true. Blogging is fun, and it can be even more fun if you do it together with somebody.

    I’m waiting for the second part. :)

  2. I’m lonely. Does anybody want to be my new best friend and blog buddy?

  3. Actually, even Leonardo di Vinci collaborated at times.


    I’m really looking forward to the how-to-find post. Thanks!

  4. Collaboration is important in virtually every aspect of life, not just blogging. Collaboration is ultimately how we get through life, helping each other out along the way.

    Feature Blogger at Engineer a Debt Free Life (lots of money saving tips, bargains, and freebies)

  5. Darren,
    If you find the right person then I think having a partner is a great idea.
    Take a look at this article by copy blogger, http://www.copyblogger.com/is-blogging-keeping-you-poor/


  6. It’s invaluable to have other people to bounce ideas off of as well as trouble shoot problems. Most of us aren’t programmers or business people so having another person to share with is essential!

  7. No two ways about it, collaboration is a must in online and offline ventures.

  8. I work on my two blogs with a few friends. It really has been a rewarding experience and does take a lot of the pressure off.

    My challenge is to try and network with other bloggers – my little group is so cozy and fun, sometimes we forget there are other people out there!

  9. Great post from two great bloggers. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  10. Nice post, the follow up should be interesting!

  11. Thanks for the post Eric and Sean!

    I’ll always thought of my self as a one-man show for blogging. Maybe i’ll thinking about adding a partner.

  12. Ganesh: Blogging is exponentially more fun with buddies to bounce around with. We hope to see you tomorrow.

    Andrew: True, that Andrew. I stand corrected. See you tomorrow!

    Infoaddicts: That was a great article at Copyblogger.

    FFB: I believe that Eric and I would agree, our blogging experience would not be nearly as positive without the sounding board of others. Essential is indeed the word.

    Tracy: Cozy, fun, and relaxing the pressure – what more could you want (besides money raining from the sky)? : > )

    Neil: Thanks for the compliment. Us too!

    Earners Bay: Stay tuned.

    Chris: Try it for sure. It changes the game (for the better).

  13. There surely are benefits to work with a blog buddy, but it is not so easy to find a good partner, especially for a new blogger.

  14. Looking forward to the follow up. I find that blogging can be quite isolating as none in my immediate group of friends does it or understands it.

    If you fancy being my blogging buddy let me know over at my blog!

  15. That was a great post! One thing that I discovered early in life is that you cannot live in isolation and at the same time, you really need to watch out at the people who hand out with. That said, having a blog buddy will make life very easy for a blogger because we have some areas that we are good at and areas that we are not complete. For instance, i am a little poor in programming but coming up with ideas is not really a problem because I have enough flowing through me. Having a techno friend will really make life easier. I am looking forward to the next post! Thanks. Oke Timothy

  16. If I had to start my blog all over again, I would have a team blog and in addition to that have “blog buddies.” I don’t think blogging is a solitary enterprise at all, and point 5 on this list can’t be stated enough.

    The nice thing is that if you run into me or most others on social media, you’ll get help immediately.

    What I’d like to see discussed is how niche can sometimes mean “micromedia,” reaching a very targeted audience, but more often than not still means fighting for the attention in an audience’s mind that more established media get.

  17. This post is a great example of the benefits of collaboration. I most definitely need to find a blogging buddy!

  18. I would love to have a blogging buddy, but don’t care for the idea of having my blog shared with someone else.

    A good buddy for me would be someone who is understanding enough to work together on our own individual blogs.

    That I think whould be brilliant!

  19. I am going to have to find friends that blog. None of my close friends blog about anything, let alone know what a blog even is. I guess I’ll have to find a blog buddy online. Anyone Interested? Ha! No but I’m serious.

  20. Great to see Eric and Sean on Problogger! I have some bloggers I keep in contact with, but I guess because my blog is in such a tiny niche, it’s been hard to find a buddy to cross-post and share content with. I’m looking forward to reading the how-to’s in the next post!

  21. Mark Cornish says: 11/19/2008 at 3:03 am

    In my case, it really does take another person/blogger to push me to improve. Finding someone you can trust to bounce ideas off is golden. Someone that is not afraid to call you on your lazy habits and call it like it is. Both parties benefit from mutual criticism.

  22. I like this idea of blog buddies. Ive created a group on blogcatalog to see if people are interested: http://www.blogcatalog.com/group/blog-buddy

  23. This is an excellent idea. Sometimes you really do need a push and it takes another blogger to understand what you’re going through!

  24. Nice. My favorites are 3, 6, 9 and 10. =) Collaboration is key when it comes to expanding your blog reach. Thanks!

  25. Wow. A fabulous combination.

    I’m looking forward to the second part of the article.

    I know from experience that both Eric and Sean are incredibly helpful guys. I don’t know how they make the time for their readers – but they do.

    I’m delighted to see their work under the spotlight here at ProBlogger.

  26. ashok: Well said, and very true. That’s one of the things that’s been amazing for me. I started in this game without a single online friend. As soon as I started asking for help (I can’t get full feeds, my plugins aren’t working, etc.) answers started pinging my inbox. Wonderful, wonderful community out here.

    Thomas: Exactly. That’s precisely what Eric and I have now. That’s not to say we wouldn’t ever team up for something further, but our individual blogs are completely different, yet we do all we can to help the other.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy: Niche shouldn’t matter. The compatibility is more about character. As I was saying to Thomas, Eric and I run totally different houses, but we make sure we both bring the beer to the block party.

    Chris: Great idea, Chris. I hope it works out well. I’m sure Eric and I will both be by later to check it out.

    Monologue Blogger: Reach is a key word there. You are quite welcome.

    David: Thanks, Dave. For both your compliments and unfailing support.

  27. @ashok: Helping share a buddies content is always a great benefit!

    @Thomas: “A good buddy for me would be someone who is understanding enough to work together on our own individual blogs.”

    Though Sean and I are now working on co-authored blogs, we started out just helping each other make the most of our individual blogs. So we stayed completely independent (which we still do for “Motivate Thyself” and Writer Dad) while being supportive where needed. It was/is a great asset.

    @Matt: Your blog may be in a tiny niche, but the content is something I’m sure other bloggers would love to support. Often times it’s the more specific blogging subjects that can be the most interesting (for the right people).

    @Mark: Well said!

    @Chris: Interesting idea. I’m sure many will join as it sounds like a great way to get connected.

    @Monologue Blogger: Sounds like you got a lot out of our post. Excellent! You’ll definitely want to join the discussion when part 2 is published tomorrow.

    @David: Thanks so much for the kind words! Sean and I are certainly happy to have our thoughts displayed on problogger. Darren was very generous to share his share readers with us.

  28. I just started a new bloggers group. Our motto is “Blogging with Friend”. I hope it will be a success

  29. This post was the right idea at the right time! Many times I’ve wanted someone else to bounce ideas off, to review posts, to just be there when I need help.

    It can sometimes be lonely blogging, but as this post makes clear, it doesn’t have to be that way.

    I’m going to start today looking for blog buddies to work with!

  30. Hey Guys,

    Seriously, excellent points! I have a blogging friend/partner and experience all of the benefits mentioned above! You’re right on… Thanks for telling the truth, blogging is difficult and we all need help and we all struggle and so on.

  31. Hey Darren you wanna be my blog buddy? I’ll give you my neighbour’s goldfish. Think about it. Its a good deal.

    Well its good to have buddies everywhere. Twitter buddy, Plurk buddy, Reddit buddy, SU buddy, etc, etc. You can help each other out and take it to the next level.

    Hmm… I don’t really have a blog buddy. Better go make a few.

  32. Looks like I need to get me a blog buddy….anyone in the market?

  33. Sorry, it looks like I missed a few of you earlier.

    Josh: Stop by any time.

    Momma: Collaboration has been one of the biggest benefits of blogging.

    Tom: Great collaboration both pushes us forward and helps to keep us grounded.

    David: It is definitely more difficult for a new blogger, but the key is to exercise patience. Good things will come.

    Chris: It is definitely isolating at first. It feels like you’re screaming, but your words are just bouncing off the empty walls. It gets better though, and no one understands it more than another blogger.

    Timothy: You are very welcome. Eric renders me a FAR better blogger than I would be otherwise. Each of us can be improved by the voice of another.

    Ben: Find one, or allow one to find you.

    Matt: Eric and I didn’t know one another until our second month blogging. It’s easier to have a blogging buddy that’s a blogger because they understand what you’re going through.

    Mark: VERY well said. Criticism is key. You have to be able to give it, and hear it. Otherwise it isn’t a true partnership.

    Clare: NO ONE could understand the peaks and valleys of blogging like another blogger. It’s almost as though we speak a slightly different language.

    Yvette: Sounds like a great idea – best of luck!

    Mike: As long as your eyes are open, things should fall into place.

    Miguel: It IS difficult, we DO struggle, and it IS nice to have some help. My blogging has been made better by my buddies. Eric and I collaborate on a daily basis, each pushing the other in the way we most need a nudge.

    Th13teen/Ryan: Th13teen meet Ryan, Ryan meet th13teen.

  34. Blogging is just like anything else in life where having help or encouragement makes it a success.

  35. One of the things on my “To-Do” list is to reach out to some bloggers who are in my situation (just starting, no name recognition, etc.) with the intention of forming some partnerships, networking, friendships, and the like. I do agree that it is vital to form “relationships” with other bloggers. I imagine Mr. Rowse or any other successful blogger will attest to the fact that they wouldn’t be where they are now if they didn’t have a network of blogging friends.

    With that said, feel free to check out my site (via my hyperlinked name) or by the URL below. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time. Cheers!

    The Geek Entrepreneur (www.geekentrepreneur.net)

  36. I am looking for blogging buddies since this post is my go ahead to ask.

  37. @Mike Nichols: I’m glad the post was so timely for you. There’s no doubt that blogging can be a lonely experience if we let it be that way.

    @Miguel: Thanks! And we’re glad to share a common insight with you. It sounds like you’re already enjoying the wonderful benefits of consistent collaboration. Eric.

  38. Tag team champions of Sean and Eric! It’s nice to see them working on collaboration posts on ProBlogger. :D

  39. WriterDad, Darren,
    This is a great post! The concept of having a partner or buddy works just great – even in our software development projects when we enter internal testing and validation phace there is this concept of buddy testing! This has amazing value whereby we identify issues, common problems and improvement areas early enough.

    Why not the same in blogging?

    Thanks for the idea…

    Ajith / DollarShower.com

  40. What a pleasant surprise – two of my blogging buddies, collaborating here on Problogger. You guys rock.

  41. @Daniel: It’s good to see you too. :-)

    Thanks for adding your 2 cents!

    @Ajith: You’re definitely correct that this concept transcends many areas of life/work.

    @Barbara: Thanks! :-) Eric.

  42. This is what I need, a blogger buddy.
    Thank you Darren.

  43. I think Eric Hamm is an amazing blogger who cares about his readers. He lives the “Golden Rule” and writer dad is one lucky guy to be his blogging buddy!

  44. This is great. There is something to the collaborative efforts of blogging that is refreshing and energizing. Thanks for sharing from your experience.

  45. I think having a blogging buddy actually makes blogging fun. Not that it isn’t, just sometimes it can get to that point where you feel that you must write another post. But with a friend, I don’t think you ever feel that stress.

  46. 11. You can share revenue from a joint blog using fairsoftware.net

    It’s so much healthier to blog with a buddy than alone! And it helps turn a hobby into a revenue-making venture, with less stress or hassle than trying to improve your blog on your own.

  47. Steven Wilson: True that.

    The Geek Entrepreneur: Good relationships fuel a good life. Good thoughts.

    Double: Green lights all the way.

    Daniel Richard: Thanks, Daniel.

    Alith: You are quite welcome. It was our pleasure (Eric as well).

    Barbara: Back atcha!

    Miroslav: Happy hunting!

    The Bold Life: Indeed I am.

    Jeff Fine&Frugal: Our pleasure.

    Michael Corrao: I think even if we feel it, having the insight of another can help to dull its impact.

    Alain: I’ve never heard of that. It’s a great tip. Thanks.

  48. While I’ve already started to utilize some of these principles, the fact is that I could utilize them a LOT more than I do. While I was reading this post I came up with many ideas of how I can implement this, between myself and other bloggers with whom I am already collaborating to a degree.

  49. Hi Eric & Sean,

    Can I tell you how surprised and delighted I was to see two familiar faces on problogger just now? Very cool graphic you designed and great article. I was just talking to a fellow blogger about this exact same thing. It really is the way to go.

    I will tell you. Blogging is way more fun when you have someone to talk to who understands what its like to be a blogger. I sure appreciate the behind the scenes conversations I have with some of my blogging friends.

    Keep up the great work!


  50. @Jeremy: Great to see you too! You hit the nail on the head. Blogging, like anything in life, is MUCH more enjoyable and rewarding when shared with like minded ‘buddies’ who truly understand what your going through.

    Thanks for popping by and sharing your thoughts! :-) Eric.

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