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The Next Internet Millionaire – Episode 1

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of August 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Internet-MillionaireWhen Joel Comm emailed me a month or two back to tell me about his new project – a reality show called the Next Internet Millionaire – I have to admit that I was a little skeptical. For starters – I’m not a massive fan of the hype of internet marketing and wondered how they’d keep this out of it. Secondly – I wondered how it would stop from becoming a second rate/cheesey show.

Having just watched episode one of the show I’m now happy to blog about it. Yes it is a little cheesy and yes it is a little cliched (think The Apprentice for Internet Marketers) – however I actually enjoyed it. They managed to have me watch all the way through and wonder when the next episode will go up.

While it’s not got the production levels of a high end reality show I think they did a pretty good job for a first time and I’m looking forward to what they do next. The hype wasn’t there anywhere near as much as it could have been and I found myself getting into it.

Did I learn much from it?

Not a lot – although I have to admit that as I watched I did press pause a few times to jot down a few ideas that came to mind as I watched the teams going about their tasks.

The ‘teaching’ aspect of the show was a little light on but even the snippets that we saw were good. I liked the concept of the ‘straight line’ and think I could probably reorganize my days a little to become more productive using that.

Interested to see what you think about Episode 1 of The Next Internet Millionaire (aff).

About Darren Rowse
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  1. Great post darren,

    They should make some show about blogging on tv, or you know what? you should open show and talk about blogging on tv imagine how much traffic would you then get.

    I am just small fish in the bowl hopefuly by next year or year after that I will be somewhere close to other “pro bloggers”

  2. Following up on MillionDollarBlogger,
    I really like your videocasts. You should try making more of them.

  3. Am I out of date or… Is there any blog magazine out on the market yet ? like the magazine “Entrepreneur” ?
    I did not finish the show but I think with the internet, anything can happen, just because it is without boundaries.

  4. :) It was interesting to see such show. They are getting great local sponsors as well. good idea

  5. I just watched the episode this morning. It was interesting, but not so different from other reality shows. I thought the “challenges” were a bit weak. An inexperienced blogger could have easily done as well as most of the contestants.

    I will, however, continue to watch it. It is good enough to continue watching, and the price is right (free).

    Have a good one.


  6. I’ll never get back those 16 minutes and 12 seconds. The HackerSafe Immunity t-shirt? Uhg.

    First off, the contestants seem to be awful at giving presentations. I guess it show itself wasn’t bad. I think they should rename it “The Next Internet Twenty-Five Thousandaire”.

  7. I think I’ll be checking back for the next episode. It’s pretty interesting stuff. Who knows, maybe Joel will have a major network come knocking for season 2?

  8. It wasn’t that moving. Unless your recommend one that just blew your mind away, I wouldn’t watch another. I guess I’m not the right personality type for those kind of shows… and it was a little cheese.

  9. I wrote a post about the NextInternetMillionare at the URL I entered. It was an OK show, but given I am the exact target market for it that isn’t really good enough.

  10. eh – I didn’t find this show particularly compelling.

    And, the host / brains behind this show, Joel Comm, seems a bit arrogant, and lacks the charisma of Donald Trump, who he is obviously trying to model his show after The Apprentice. (I almost laughed out loud when Joel was giving the contestants tips on stage presence? Pul-ease!)

    I was hoping to learn something because I have a website and blog (why did that guy say he hates the word “blog?” Is it avoidable online today?) I was hoping to get some good internet marketing ideas by watching this show, but the oh-so-boring introductions took way too long.

    By the 15th minute I couldn’t hang. I wanted to rip my hair out…

  11. Cheesy is not the word to describe it, bad would be. I am with TheMadHat, but luckily I only spent about 6 minutes watching. Maybe because it was the first show, but with all the hype, I thought it would have been a lot better. I was so lost, with the lack of information and the bad flow.

    And why did he tape that speech in the beginning, then walk out there and talk more?

    Shaun, maybe WB …

  12. Jamytan, there is an excellent blog and podcast magazine called – oddly enough – “Blogger and Podcaster” :)


  13. I will check the next show, but I am getting tired of these reality show. It is all hypes. The title of the show would have been more appropriate late 90s, not now.

    Now I am starting to enjoy blogging myself, but I do it because I like it….

    Anyway, it is a good idea to make problogger magazines and shows. That would be more interesting because it is more educational.

  14. Nice concept. Hope it does well.

  15. I thought it was OK, given it was their first episode and all. I’m hoping they find their feet soon and tighten it up. They didn’t really explain the challenge that well for the viewer, and the snippets of people working on their challenge didn’t really flow very well as a story. The introductions could have been tightened up a lot, and the HackerSafe stuff was a bit too “infomercial”.

    Still, it’s an OK show to have playing on the second monitor while you’re plowing through your email or whatever.

  16. wow, this is awesome, the new revolution will be hitting the internet marketers. It will exploded with great internet marketing ideas.

    I will surely follow each episode.

  17. I followed up the link to Zeboudoir, the participatory guide to online videos. It’s right here: http://zeboudoir.com/Videos/TheNextInternetMillionaire. The next episodes should be fun to watch.

  18. Its late at night so I need to hit the sack soon – but its been bookmarked.

  19. Nice post! Internet marketing is indeed gained popularity and has earned its spot of being a money making IT field.

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