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The Most Important Thing a Semi-Problogger Should Remember

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of November 2006 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Reader-Quick-TipsThe following reader quick tip was submitted by Bald Man from baldness.

Let’s face it: Most of us aren’t Probloggers. Some of us don’t aspire to be. We’re students or home makers. We’ve got day jobs we love. For whatever reason, we’re semi-Probloggers. We’re not after a new career; we just want a little extra money on the side.

For us there is one rule to rule them all: Have fun. A successful blog is one to which you post regularly over the long haul. It is essential, therefore, to keep your blogging in perspective. If your blog adds stress to your life, then you won’t keep at it.

So, listen up, semi-Probloggers. When blogging for fun and profit, remember:

Fun first! (The profit will follow.)

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Have Fun.

    Sometimes I forget this while blogging – I am so focussed on creating high-quality, focused content that I become apathetic.

    Time for a fun post, I think!

  2. Great thoughts! In the business world, I’m noticing two trends:

    1. Those who take themselves too seriously or not serious enough and therefore lose credibility quick.


    2. Those who enjoy what they do and who aren’t focused with every word, email, post, or comment on getting attention and as a result, get more attention for being real.

    I think you’re dead on. Be real. Have fun. If what you’re saying is worthwhile, your time spent doing it will be worthwhile as well.

  3. Lol! Yes, I totally agree with this one. If you have fun blogging the extra $$$ will come in automatically. If us semi-probloggers try too hard to get that small amount of $$$ coming in, than you lose your direction, you lose your blog theme and personality and blogging becomes hard work instead. A line has to be drawn between fun and $$$.

  4. Totally agree with the importance of fun when blogging. Apart from having fun, it’s also important to have passion for the topic you’re blogging about. When you have passion, fun and profits; there’s just no stopping you.

  5. I agree completely. If you’re not having fun you won’t have the motivation to do what it requires to make blogging worth your time.

  6. yup!

    when you think blogging is fun (semi-problogger) this will bring a money for you. Like what Reviewme had offered, certainly we will earn some money. later, the good mood will always there for you.

  7. even when the profits start coming in, bloggers still have fun. and if you are blogging under a blog network umbrella, profits don’t take long to come in. ;-)

  8. Enthusiasts will also bring in revenue, there is no better news than this?

  9. As a new blogger, I think that is great advice. I have enjoyed my experience so far, but I can’t burn myself out and enjoyment should be a top priority.

    Money is just a bi-product of being passionate and successful at what you do.

  10. It became a lot more fun after I stopped checking how many subscribers I had everyday, and I’m amazed at how much better I’ve gotten at writing!

  11. Glad to hear my thoughts and experience resonate with at least a few of you.

    You’re spot on! I want to write. If it weren’t for the network, I likely wouldn’t have bothered to try semi-problogging. In fact, I’ve got a side project outside the network that’s on hold for now, because I haven’t made the time to work out all the non-writing stuff. Something to look into again after the holidays…

  12. Tue enough,I am a semi-problogger too.I just do it for fun.being basically a web programmeri love the way twordprss is built and the amazing plugins.

    Its more fun for me to write and see how it looks….not admiring myself but thats what my passion is.

  13. I have been having fun creating my own sites for 10 years or more. I wouldn’t mind having alittle less fun and actually see some profit. :)

  14. “A successful blog is one to which you post regularly over the long haul.” Oh, and “Have fun!” That just about says it all right there. Not everyone is going to make their living doing what you do, so best to enjoy the journey. If money flows in, mores the better.

  15. Thanks for the good medicine!

    The current economic quagmire ate my dream job last fall. I went from $100,000 plus per year to $0. A long time friend of mine is a professional blogger; he suggested I try blogging about my unusual experiences.

    Today found me in a bad way. The bank is attempting to foreclose on my home. There are no employment opportunities on the horizon. My new little blog is only bringing in about $1 day.

    Desperately trying to hold it all together, I came to your blog for advice. I must have read about 20 posts before finding this one.

    This is the post that set me straight.

    Dirty Ert

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