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The Million Dollar Homepage

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of September 2005 Blog News 0 Comments

Want to see an enterprising online idea? The Million dollar Home Page is an attempt by one young business student to pay his university fees by selling advertising on a site – one pixel at a time. A pixel costs $1 and there are 1,000,000 of them up for grabs.

You have to buy them in 100 pixel blocks ($100 a pop) but people are buying them and he reported on his blog yesterday that he’s already paid for his 3 years of college fees completely.

Of course – a lot of those buying pixel are poker pages and affiliate programs by the looks of things – but he’s doing ok out of it and is reporting that each advertisers is getting good click-throughs for their money.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. The recent launch of the new 5 year advertising solution from MillionPixelClick.com means the pixel advertising craze will continue unabated. Selling advertising space by the pixel the new form of advertising is proving popular with both clients and providers alike.

    About MillionPixelClick.com
    A new and innovative advertising company MillionPixelClick.com aims to raise the standard and expectations in pixel advertising. For any questions please contact us via the website.


  2. You can now purchase Pubic Ad Space at PubicAds.com – Pixel advertising with a twist. Visit http://www.pubicads.com for more info.

  3. All these copy-cats, its amazing. I’ve done my own version of Alex Tew’s Million Dollar homeppage – but I guess you’d have to call it a copy-cow. It’s only $0.50 to advertise, and I think its pretty cool

    I’ve only just started the page, and so am looking to drum up some interest. Take a look at http://www.milliondollarcowpage.com.

  4. Jack Hammer says: 11/26/2005 at 7:02 am


    Check out milliondollarchristmaspages.com. These guys are giving out pixels for free

  5. Hi,

    I’m Andy, moderator at PixelAdsTalk.com.

    Together with my team I have created a forum specialized in Pixel Advertising.


    You are all invited and welcomed to join and participate to the discussions and we hope that you will have a very enjoyable experience on our forum.

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  6. FaceTalks.com


    messages, thoughts, feelings, writings on a talking wall

    It is an interesting variation on the theme where people can buy for only $10 a place on the page where to show their face and leave a message to the world.

    Take the time to check it: http://facetalks.com

  7. i just found a new pixel site that promotes your business or service to the chinese people. this is interesting because i have been looking to tap into this growing market for a while now. i have read that chinese ecommerce has just taken off and will grow by leaps and bound within the next few years. i also checked out their forum – interesting stuff. it’s at http://billionyuan.com

  8. An original and funny integration between GoogleMaps and pixel advertising is available at http://facetalks.com !

    Give it a try and discover how this cool feature increase the time the viewer stays on the homepage and consequently the number of clicks and views !

    If you find it interesting there are still 3 cells available completely for free!

    Check http://facetalks.com

  9. A new Million Dollar Page named MillionPixelPage.Net
    This has a new million dollar website MillionPixelPage.Net
    Buy Pixels at Million Pixel Page for your Internet Advertisement. Purchase pixels from the Million Pixel page and advertise your website on a prime piece of Internet property for a full five years!
    Each 10×10 block costs US$25, equating to a cost of US$0.25 per pixel.

    Visit the MillionPixelPage.Net at:

  10. Buy Pixels at Million Pixel Page for your Internet Advertisement. Purchase pixels from the Million Pixel page and advertise your website on a prime piece of Internet property for a full five years!
    Visit the MillionPixelPage.Net at: http://www.millionpixelpage.net/

  11. Can you believe that this kid is almost a millionaire only after 3 months of this site being active? This has also started a chain of other pixel sites, some being topic-specific or country-specific. There is even a pixel site created by a young, married couple wanting to travel the world. They are even offering to pay the first 1,000 bloggers $100 per post if they reach their goal of $1,000,000 – Check it out: http://www.milliondollarcouple.com

  12. Staring from today FaceTalks.com (http://facetalks.com) is completely FREE.

    You can choose a place on our homepage and put there a photo of yours, a description and a link to your website completely for free.

    The only thing we ask is that you comply with our philosophy, i.e. to show yourself, not just your logo. You can superimpose a little logo to your image if you want, but what is important is that the message comes from you!

    You image will be online for 180 days, then your cell will be freed again.

    To increase your visibility we maintain a list of popular faces, according to the views per day rate they receive.

    We hope you like our work.

    The FaceTalks Team

  13. eBay Pixel Page, http://www.ebaypixelpage.com offers the first ever eBay search engine alternative offering per pixel advertising for a mere 20 cents per pixel. The best part is as soon as you pay your image and link is automatically uploaded instantly. Worth a look.

  14. How much do you guys think will Alex fetch for those ‘last 1000 pixels’ on eBay? As I write this, his auction is already at $21,400, and there’s still almost 9 days to go! Amazing, and -as is this whole ‘pixel sites adventure’ SO inspiring!

    Rob / http://www.PixelSiteLinks.com

  15. I have to admit that I was a little jealous about Alex Tew’s success. I then made the decision to create my own concept called http://www.ebizproject.com launched in the hopes to attract advertisers who first believe that online advertising will play a key role moving forward, as well as others who want to have a little piece of Internet history in the making.

    I only started it a couple of days ago and I already have 4 major sponsers (who’s ads are still in the process of completing). Pretty wild – and I might be able to payoff my kids college once they go!

  16. I came across this ad on ebay for pixel ads on a established site. A teen is trying to raise money using this method to continue to the site. The site is http://www.itsteens.com.

    The auction url:

    I think it is good idea to invest in a site with contents than a pixel site alone.


  17. I watched this site from almost the beginning. It is amazing that a young kid like Alex can do almost every step in the process right, including hiring a US publicist to promote for him.

    So what’s next? A new idea in http://www.millionfans.com wants to get million fans in addition to million dollars by using digital photo ads. Should be interesting.

  18. I am happy for Mr Tew.
    Anyway I think PIXELS SUCK! Take a look here and you will agree:

  19. This guy came up with a simular idea, you can buy a stone from his pyramid an the one who bids the most gets the top stone…

  20. I’ve start my biz based on this pixel-ad line, the matter is regarding favicon: http://www.faviconbiz.com
    I think (and I hope) is a good idea too :-)

  21. Here’s a site that’s recieved some great PR recently and is considered the #1 most trafficked eBay Oriented Pixel Page.


    The eBay Seach Engine Alternative


  22. Enough about pixels! Personally, I am sick of them and prefer ’seconds’ anyway. That’s why I created advertseconds.com. Please help me publicize this damn site…it is hard enough with all this talk about Mr. Tew!!!

    Kind Regards, Baz.

  23. Just started a site, just for fun. Everyone else is heh..


  24. i feel here 2 things , what people can accomplish for selling pixels
    and then there are free advertising in which i do. , so whats the catch
    it took me over 6 mnths to hit 180,000 people
    now it takes him less than no time to make 1mill

    CRAZY CRAZY WORLD …. http://www.greenvilleonline.net

  25. To promote your account of casino, bingo or bets

    Ha been born a new Web type milliondollarhomepage.com but exclusively for casinos, biNgos.
    By single 20$ you have the possibility of including your own block of 10 xs 10 Pixels or what is the same… 100 Pixels. Il author assures that this block would be in index of the Web during a at least 5 period of years.
    You have the possibility of registering free in the Web and with your keys, you enter the Panel of administration where you find the tools necessary to create tu/tus blocks, with the title and direct link to your web. The mode of payment is with Neteller or Paypal.

    The Web it is http://www.casinobingos.com

    Source: ElPelaO.com

  26. A funny copy of the million dollar website has emerged. The Million Dollar Bush site allows you to purchase advertising pixels to cover a picture of Geroge W Bush, Cover the lies & Advertise .

    As a gay rights activist and small business owner and anti bush advocate, I advertised on their website. I suggest you inquire with them. I think it is funny and sends a message to Bush and also gives $100,000 to charity.


  27. Pixel Advertising Forum – PixelAdsTalk.com have already 225 active members and growing fast!
    Join and participate to the pixel advertising related discussions, share from your experience, learn how to use pixel advertising to market your business, learn how to promote your pixel site, etc.


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  28. Just started a site, just for fun.
    Another idea : no pixel to sell and in fact nothing to sell, just a site dedicated to personal donation http://www.mydonators.com

  29. While the world is awaiting for the dust to settle on the direction of pixel advertisement, I am seeing a great protential in using it as a vehicle for site promotion.

    Picture tells a thousand words Why do web browser took over text-based lynx and multimedia-messaging-service(mms) replacing short-messaging-service(sms)? Its all because of graphics and we human are visual being. Pixel Advert adds another dimension to your content portal/blog where visitors can view all your link partners in a graphical form. Whilst the old method of link exchange promotes only search engines’ link popularity ranking, Pixel Ads may actually generates human outbound traffic from site visitors.

    Having said that, I am now experimenting new site promotion via Free Pixel Ad For Site Promotion. We’ll will wait and see if this can eventually take off and become future trend of site promotion strategy.

  30. turns out milliondollarbush.com was started by a comedian from SNL… pretty funny.

  31. News from http://www.millionairepixels.co.uk

    ‘a Devon business with global ambition’

    Date: Monday 16 January 2006

    Australia asks Devon Designer for Help

    Devon internet businessman and web designer Alan Wheeler has launched an innovative web advertising service which has already attracted an international company to sign up.

    Bovey Tracey based Mr Wheeler has also been asked by Australian charity ‘Hope for Children’ to help them design and set up a similar web-based advertising service.

    His web-service http://www.millionairepixels.co.uk enables businesses to buy a square of pixels, on the web page. Customers click on the coloured pixels and are immediately transported to the advertiser’s web site.

    With each block of 100 pixels costing just £60 (60p per unit) it is, believes Mr Wheeler, one of the best value advertising and promotion options for businesses of all sizes and a potentially valuable boost to tourism related services.

    And, in the longer term, advertisers could end up bidding for space on what is being described as internet ‘real estate’.

    Mr Wheeler, aged 42, said “It’s a quick and easy way for people to find a service or firm and it also gives competitive advantage to the businesses because, with the millions of web sites available, this will draw potential customers to them much more easily.”

    “Without a doubt there are people globally willing to pay for quite gimmicky advertising solutions. The internet is a fast moving place with over eight million web pages added on a daily basis. For a website to stand out and generate sales it needs to stand out from the rest,” he added

    Last autumn university student Alex Tew set up the Million Dollar site and since then has been overwhelmed by the success of a venture intended to raise enough money to pay for his way through university.

    Alan Wheeler’s http://www.millionairepixels.co.uk is, he says, the next big step in the concept because, in effect, businesses are ‘leasing’ virtual real estate on the web to promote their businesses.

    Launched just two weeks ago, http://www.millionairepixels.co.uk has already won the backing of international business Optis Europe Ltd, an operations management company, which is using the site to promote its business.

    With more customers advertising it is, says Mr Wheeler, inevitable that like real property, some of the pixels on his site will become increasingly valuable for their ‘owners’ as more business is generated.

    However, the last 1200 pixels, or advertising blocks, will eventually be auctioned off in support of the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, said Mr Wheeler.


  32. Foggy says: 01/24/2006 at 3:46 pm

    Found another copycat that uses fashion models … interesting …

  33. Interesting article. This website is doing the same too… http://www.bcz.com/ Maybe someone can compile a list of similar sites that has been spawned since the commotion.

  34. Well ….. here is the best I have ever seen ….
    The Million Dollar Artwork – http://www.milliondollarartwork.com
    He wants to donate one million dollar for the Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
    Pretty good idea! Isn`t it?

  35. PixelAdsTalk.com – Pixel Advertising Forum have already 364 active members and growing fast. Registration at PixelAdsTalk.com is completely free and takes only a few seconds. Join and participate to the discussions and learn more about how to sell more pixels and the pixel advertising industry. http://www.PixelAdsTalk.com

  36. Here’s another one, http://www.everyonecandoit.com , looks like the idea is that anyone can make a million bucks, man I hope everyone really can! I liked this guy’s whole angle on ‘fad-vertising’ pretty funny phrase I hadn’t heard before. Well, hope he’s right!

  37. GetLessDebt takes the new pixel advertising format and targets it to Debt Consolidation websites. Instead of having random, untargeted advertisements GetLessDebt creates a forum or directory for users to connect to several different sites relating to debt. Debt Consolidation, Refinancing, Mortgages, Loans, Credit Reports, Christian Debt, Credit Counseling, Bankruptcy and anything in that realm.


  38. GetLessDebt takes the new pixel advertising format and targets it to Debt Consolidation websites. Instead of having random, untargeted advertisements GetLessDebt creates a forum or directory for users to connect to several different sites relating to debt. Debt Consolidation, Refinancing, Mortgages, Loans, Credit Reports, Christian Debt, Credit Counseling, Bankruptcy and anything in that realm.


  39. http://lapagede2millions2pixels.com/

    New pixels website by leclercq nicolas.

  40. I have also made a pixel advertising site where 75% of all the proceeds will go to charity. The URL is http://www.500khomepage.com. We also have a blog and have been google listed within 24 hours. If you are looking for somewhere to advertise please consider The 500k Homepage

  41. Hello there !

    That you like France or Not, come and see my own pixelsite with an image of France : http://www.monpremiermillion.com

    I hope you like it, BUT IF YOU DON’T WHAT DO I CARE ??


  42. I like what Alex did on his homepage, but I do not like how hard it is too see the smaller ads on his homepage. That is why I loved this one webpage when I came across it called Banners Bring Business at http://www.bannersbringbusiness.com They try to solve the problem of smaller 10×10 blocks by selling 88×31 blocks for the same price of $100. It is a neat spin off of a great idea.

  43. Hi,
    inviting u all to PixelAdMall.com The Best Place to Buy Pixels, and i have reasons to claim so. plus we keep coming up with Hot Promotions and Offers, be sure to check back regularly.

  44. I bought the big target in the centre of the MDHP, the daily response has been absolutely phenomenal (a peak of 5000 unique visitors a day). We’re just glad that we got in there early and took the chance with spending quite a lot of money on it. With regards to copycat sites – I’m looking for something with even 10% of the initiative, to no avail – any ideas???

  45. Joel Mason says: 02/05/2006 at 5:33 pm

    More spin offs, looks like the six million dollar page is starting to take effect:
    I don’t get it though, seems like there will be a million of these unfinished…

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