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Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

Posted By Stacey Roberts 18th of June 2016 Blog News, General 0 Comments

Reading Roundup: What's new in blogging this week / ProBlogger.net

I have to say, my favourite link this week has got to be the first one – the interview with Rand Fishkin. I love a peek behind the curtain into how other people have been successful! So much this week to get your inspiration on – I hope you find something that resonates.

What it’s Really Like to Start an Ultra-Successful Company: Meet Moz’s Rand Fishkin | Copyblogger

I love this super-comprehensive post about Rand, and how he got to where he is. The long and winding road to overnight success!

How to Get Subscribers For Your Blog: 7 Fresh Ideas | HubSpot

Make the most of what you’ve got – wherever you’ve got it.

Facebook Marketing Tips for Any Budget | Edgar

Have I convinced you to spend money on Facebook yet? I hope so! Even if you don’t have much to spare you can still see great results.

7 Reasons You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website in WordPress | Entrepreneur.com

Speaking of convicing, I do hear a lot of chatter about different types of platforms to build a blog on, business or otherwise. I’m a huge fan of the customisable and flexible WordPress, and here are 7 more reasons why.

The Ultimate Guide to GIFs: How to Create Them, When to Use Them, and Why Every Marketer Needs Them | Buffer

I bloody love a GIF, they usually add an extra comedic aspect I really enjoy. Embrace the GIF!


Skyscraper Content the Right Way: How to Truly Help Your Readers | Content Marketing Institute

So much to think about here – it’s not a tactic I use myself but I can see how it would work if you do it well.

10 Social Media Blunders that Cost a Millennial Their Job – Or Worse | Money

Oh these are cringeworthy, but may we all learn a lesson from them.

Zuckerberg: I am not a lizard | CNET

If you missed Mark’s Live Video Q&A you can catch up on all the highlights here – Jerry Seinfeld even makes an appearance and gets Zuck himself to talk about stuff he never thought he would publicly. It’s great.

5 Simply Awesome Email Automation Funnels to Build Today | Jeff Bullas

It’s alllll about the engagement, people!

Social Media ‘Outstrips TV’ as News Source for Young People | BBC

I don’t know if you’d call me a young person, but we watch about zero TV these days (except for Masterchef) and we definitely don’t get our news from there any more. I’m not surprised at this research, but what does that mean for people with online businesses? How can you be where the eyeballs are?

So do you pronounce it jif or gif? Are you on WordPress? Do you get your news from TV any more? Let’s chat!

About Stacey Roberts
Stacey Roberts is the Managing Editor of ProBlogger.net: a writer, blogger, and full-time word nerd balancing it all with being a stay-at-home mum. She writes about all this and more at Veggie Mama. Chat with her on Twitter @veggie_mama, follow on Pinterest for fun and useful tips, peek behind the curtain on Instagramand Snapchat, listen to her 90s pop culture podcast, or be entertained on Facebook.
  1. a writer, blogger, and full-time word nerd balancing it all with being a stay-at-home mum. She writes about all this and more at

  2. Rounded up beautifully Stacy. A great collection of blog posts.

  3. Roundups are the great way to share ideas. This roundup is really helpful.

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