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The Million Dollar Homepage

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of September 2005 Blog News 0 Comments

Want to see an enterprising online idea? The Million dollar Home Page is an attempt by one young business student to pay his university fees by selling advertising on a site – one pixel at a time. A pixel costs $1 and there are 1,000,000 of them up for grabs.

You have to buy them in 100 pixel blocks ($100 a pop) but people are buying them and he reported on his blog yesterday that he’s already paid for his 3 years of college fees completely.

Of course – a lot of those buying pixel are poker pages and affiliate programs by the looks of things – but he’s doing ok out of it and is reporting that each advertisers is getting good click-throughs for their money.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Rubin says: 02/05/2006 at 5:46 pm



    how many websites are there on the net which need advertising, !!!

    seems like every website that needs advertising buys a space, then this guy gets his site finished!!!

    and to my knowledge there are over 3,000 of these!

  2. the reason that some of these sites will succeed and other will just vanish is quite simple.

    take http://www.thesixmilliondollarpage.com a u.s. based website which has a huge publicity machine backing them.

    they’ll be appearing on television, radio and in print telling their story.

    certainly, this is already driving traffic to http://www.thesixmilliondollarpage.com

  3. i saw the two guys from http://www.thesixmilliondollarpage.com on abc news last week — and they are amazing.

    if anybody will succeed in selling pixels, these two young guys will.

    first, they’re media savvy.

    second, they have a great website at http://www.thesixmilliondollarpage.com

    third, they’d send out smoke signals to generate traffic to their site. they probably generated more traffic to their site in one week from a national magazine story to a national television spot than anybody else.

    my money is on http://www.thesixmilliondollarpage.com

    they’re just too smart and they’re going to be everywhere.

    i’m buying 10 pixels tomorrow!

  4. So many have copied the original and arent getting anywhere – because it’s not original.

    If you want to innovate and be successfu you have to up the game to the next level.

    After seeing the original MDHP i came up with an idea in January and implemented it in Feb. Sicne then i’ve been more successfu than i’d hoped for.

    I’ve created the worlds first ever tactical advertising game, the first time a crossword has been used for advertising and the worlds first interactive pixel advertising-style site. And it’s working enough for me. Alex just opened my eyes to an idea i never had before, i woudn’t call it copying, not at all – it’s developing it to the next generation.


  5. Concept is simple now implementation is important.
    check it out for 12 exclusive categories.
    Nice ,viewable images.
    Cool graphics.

  6. i came across this site, its a refreshing twist to the billion dollar quest and its hillarious too. think of truman show for a toy cymbal monkey. the my billion dollar homepage.


  7. The most expensive domain in the world http://www.thebestpixel.com

    You need: http://www.thebestpixel.com

  8. I believe that Alex’s site still generates some indirect value for advertisers at least by improving their visibility in search engines. It has a PageRank of 7 and many still continue to add links to it (by the way, this article has just added one link). So, getting the link from website with such a high PageRank for as low as 1$ it is clearly a reasonable investment.
    Good luck to all the copycats :)

  9. surya says: 07/25/2006 at 2:59 pm

    what an idea? such brilliant ideas in young minds will change the entire world.i wanted to know how he lead his site from hackers.

  10. I just launched a totally unique project that is slightly based on the milliondollarhomepage. But it’s original to that and I think, more fun :)

    It’s called http://www.awesomemillion.com.

    Essentially, for $1, a user gets a custom designed webpage at Username.isReallyAwesome.com. Examples here:

    So we’re really targeting fun here. It’s made for people to laugh, and taunt their friends and put smiles on their faces. But, we consider it a unique and original idea and we’re trying to get some media attention (of course, right?).

    We have what we believe to be a strong story. Our press page:

  11. Congratulations on a great web site. I am a new computer user and finding you was like coming home. Continued success.

  12. […] Among those who are on the “pixels or links for sale” bandwagon is a guy featured in this story from E-Commerce News, about yet another enterprising young man who figured out a way to improve upon the Million Dollar Page idea. This time, the young man is Brandon Rowe, and his project is called the Link Experiment. He’s simply auctioning off space for your links on his page and so far he’s made a tidy $9,120 and has an Alexa ranking of: 26,403. […]

  13. Want Value? Two words: ADVERTISING PYRAMID They’re going for quality vs. quantity.

  14. Yet another one…
    Since I already had a web directory and free classifieds site, it was relatively easy to make a free pixel page to show this data in a crossword puzzle format: http://www.sywords.com

  15. My similar site. (NEW)

    The Delusion: A Million Generous People Might Each Give Me A Dollar, If I Asked Them Nicely.

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