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The First Giveaway Begins!

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgThe very first giveaway is an easy one:

How to Enter

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment below in the next 7 hours that includes the words “I LOVE SEO!”.

One entry per person. We’ll close this off in 7 hours at 5.30am Melbourne time (that’d be 3.30pm in New York and 8.30pm in London). At this time we’ll launch the next giveaway).

Please note that you need to leave a valid email address in the email field of your comment or we can’t notify you.

The Prize

12 of you that leave this comment in the next 7 hours will be randomly selected to win a copy of Aaron Wall’s famous SEO Book ($79 value)! I interviewed Aaron here if you want to learn more about him and the prize.

We’ll notify the winners in the hours after the competition – we won’t be publishing names of all winners as there will be hundreds of you over the week ahead.

(Don’t worry if you miss it – have you seen the prizes yet to come?)

PS: if your comment doesn’t appear straight away – don’t stress. It’ll probably be in our moderation queue which we’ll clear before choosing the winners.

Update from Lara: WOW! That’s the only thing on my mind right at this moment (aside from knowing I need to go through this MASSIVE list and pull the random 12 winners out)! You folks are really impressive, and I know that Darren’s going to be floored when he sees that the final tally on this post is 764!

Someone had asked if posting the phrase verbatim was important, and I’m glad that the majority of you took that thought to heart ahead of time and posted, exactly: I LOVE SEO!

Yep, that was one of the requirements! It didn’t matter what else you had in your comment, as long as you had that phrase exactly. So please keep that in mind for the rest of the giveaway, gang… it’s meant to make sure you’re paying attention!

Don’t forget to check out the next giveaway… it’s for 500 of you!

And the winners are:

Ian Stewart
Tony E
A. Marques

Congratulations to all, now stop looking here, and go check your email! ;)

  1. I LOVE SEO!

  2. I LOVE SEO. Although I don’t understand everything about it, I LOVE SEO. (Do we get bonus points for mentioning I LOVE SEO more than once? :-))

  3. and I love SEO !

  4. Seo is great. I LOVE SEO.

  5. I LOVE SEO! It’s the HTML that is giving me fits. Because the doggone theme is written in Catalan.
    Oh well. I think it looks nice.

  6. No matter where I go… I LOVE SEO!

  7. I love biscuits, I love Disco Stu and I Love SEO !!!

  8. Wow, you sure do know how to through a party! I LOVE SEO!

  9. Jeffrey Ing says: 10/03/2007 at 4:10 am

    when we all see free stuff, we all say I LOVE SEO!

  10. I LOVE SEO!
    And want to create one more link to my site

  11. I love SEO, now please send me the book!!

    (also here’s a cheeky link to my blog


  12. An Ode to SEO…

    Oh! how I LOVE SEO!
    Let me count the ways.

    Thank goodness I’m better at SEO than Poetry!
    (Actually I’m better at almost anything than poetry!)

  13. I LOVE SEO! and why shouldn’t I? It’s fun and challenging. ‘Nuff said.

  14. You know what? I LOVE SEO!

  15. jotrys says: 10/03/2007 at 4:25 am


  16. Make my website grow
    “I LOVE SEO!”

    Let those keywords flow

    I really have to know!
    I LOVE SEO!!!!!!

  17. I LOVE SEO, baby!

  18. I LOVE SEO!

    That’s great blog contest!

  19. I love SEO :)

  20. I LOVE SEO SO MUCH ! =)

  21. SEO is fun!

  22. I LOVE SEO!
    Great prize!!!

  23. I LOVE SEO too :) so much so that I almost read all of the comments

  24. I love SEO! :)

  25. I LOVE SEO!, yea I really really do ^_^

  26. I’ve learned so much from problogger these last few months. You know what else? I LOVE SEO!!

  27. I’d love to be able to say- I love SEO.

  28. I LOVE SEO! and contests! Thank you, Darren, for running it, and all the donors for making the prizes available.

  29. so does it have to be something funny, or is it enough if i write i love seo? oops, just did it!

    meh. sorry for that. its not enough sleep.

  30. I Love SEO! As if it were my mother!

  31. I Love SEO!

  32. And Darren I know you love SEO alot because this competition will definitely get you more than enough linking in the blogosphere.

  33. I LOVE SEO!

  34. I LOVE SEO! :)

  35. I LOVE SEO! At least I will after I read my prize. ;-)

  36. suzanne y says: 10/03/2007 at 4:58 am


  37. Of course I LOVE SEO!Who wouldn’t?

  38. Whoo, more than 700 comments… That´s why I LOVE SEO.

  39. I LOVE SEO!

    ..and feel like a dirty whore now. On the one hand, I’ve gotten lucky with search terms the past few days and seem to be on the verge of doubling my traffic. On the other hand, it all seems like a waste of time.


  40. boyscout says: 10/03/2007 at 5:03 am


    (Especially when it works better than expected *LOL*)

  41. I LOVE SEO!

  42. I LOVE SEO

  43. I LOVE SEO!

  44. I hate SEO.

    I love PPC.

  45. i love aaron wall
    i love SEO for my blogs and sites
    i love aaron wall’s seo e-book

    and would love to win it!!!!


  46. I LOVE SEO

  47. Brian Keavey says: 10/03/2007 at 5:13 am

    I love SEO!!

  48. I LOVE SEO. Really, I do.

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