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TeachingSells offers a $1 Sneak Peek

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of February 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

teachingsells.pngOne of my favorite resources for teaching people how to make money from building online communities is TeachingSells.

Produced by Brian Clark of CopyBlogger fame this course has so much amazing information packed into it that it is difficult to digest it all. Actually when I say it’s a ‘course’ I should probably describe it as 9 courses (I’ll tell you why below).

Usually priced at $97 for 3 months access (a bargain for what you get) TeachingSells currently has a $1 for 7 days promotion running.

Yes for the cost of just $1 you get 7 days access to every single piece of information on the site. When Brian told me about this earlier today I was amazed.

9 Courses not 1

I mentioned above that TeachingSells isn’t a course – it’s 9.

The way TeachingSells works is that new teaching is added to it regularly in nine different courses. The first five courses (the Core Courses) are now fully complete and three of the last four (Advanced Courses) are well under way with more content being added each week.

The 9 courses are:

  • How to Create Content That Sells
  • How to Effectively Market Interactive Learning Environments
  • How to Create Killer Multimedia Content with Quick and Easy Tools
  • Seven Profitable Business Models for Interactive Content Developers
  • Your Blueprint for Building Membership Sites with Open Source and Low-Cost Software
  • Educational Marketing: Persuasive Promotional Content That Prompts Action
  • Advanced Positioning and Creative Adaptation Strategies
  • Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Niche-Focused Membership Sites
  • Multimedia Storytelling – When the Medium is NOT the Message

But you can get all this on the TeachSells site – and considering that it’s $1 to sample everything that’s already been posted (the majority of it) you’d be crazy not to go and check it out for yourself. It’s the perfect offer if you’re not sure it’s the right resource for you – taste, see and then decide.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Looks like i`m off to Teaching sells to get me a bargain

  • Amazing prizes..
    Teaching by Brian Clark.. It is worthy to try

  • You know what I’d pay for? Having the Teaching Sells course in a book. Ebook, download, PDF, printed… I don’t care. But having one resource where I don’t have to manipulate the website would be worth my money.

    Until then, though, I’ll settle for interactive website. Brian’s info rocks and it’s a real pleasure to read through every course. Been lovin’ it since day one.

  • Now that’s generous. Tactical too, though. There’s a lesson to be learned even from this!

  • Looks nice and you have nothing to lose, 1$ is nothing!

  • I can spare a Mcsandwich to check out Brian’s teachings. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read his work before. I may be a target audience member for this $1 marketing tactic. Genius!

  • That is very cool – thank you so much for telling us about it, Darren! I’ll definitely be getting that today! :) You and Brian are two of the bloggers whom I visit religiously each day!

  • Thanks Darren for the tip. Will definitely check that out!!

    James, I agree with you, putting all this in one type of book would be awesome!

  • Just AMAZING!! You have got to be stark, raving MAD not to go check out TeachingSells!! You’re talking about TREMENDOUS amounts of useful information, ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR!!! An entire week’s access!!

    I know, i’ve been taking this course for 4 months. I am driving EVERYONE crazy talking about it in the community where I reside!!!

    Pay the $1 and do yourself a BIG FAVOR and read it ALL!! They explain everything!

    This WILL change your entire life FOREVER!!

    Remember where blogs were about ten, twelve years ago?
    That is where ILE’s are today.

    Absorb all the revolutionary information TeachingSells has to offer and change your life for the better today.

  • The price now is $97 per month according to the sales page.

  • This is really a great offer. I will give it a go.
    Thanks for letting me know.


  • It is really worth to check it out. There is great stuff in there!!

  • Thanks for the tip. I signed up for the course.

  • I joined Teaching Sells early on and have been learning ever since. For $1 you can’t wrong, but the course is more than worth the $97/month.

    Brian’s changing the way I think about doing business online and there’s a lot of useful information even if you’re not looking to build a membership site.

    Great advice on creating content, business models, and marketing.

    The best recommendation I could give is that after my 3 month membership I expired I signed on for another 3 months and have every intention of continuing when it’s time to renew again,

  • Unfortunately, when I tried to subscribe the credit card facility that Brian offered, it didn’t work.
    (My PayPal payment side is restricted due to someone else trying to use it, so PayPal was not an option)

    Brian refused to answer my email regarding this.

    I asked that they offer me a free $1 pass due to their problems – no answer.

    I looked up Teaching Sells 3 referral sites and about half the pages were 404

    The principles of ‘Teaching Sells’, rings true to me – but the ethics of a lawyer don’t – and this is clearly one sham to do your homework on.

    I challenge Brian to validate to Darren, ‘Teaching Sells’ membership of over 1,000. From what I’ve seen, I don’t believe you Brian.

  • Hi Darren,
    Can you please validate that everything that Brian puts out front with Teaching Sells is true – I believe in you – and because of that I believe you, when you promote people.
    A reminder – he’s a lawyer
    He said he took credit cards – and he doesn’t
    And he sounds good – but I don’t think he is, because when I try to pull up his referenced websites – half the pages come up 404 – and he’s got over a thousand members – come on now, because at 97 US a month by over 1,000 that’s enough for him to be fully functional –
    Hey, the concepts great
    *****It’s a Five Star Concept
    Francis O’Gorman, [email protected]
    Edithvale 3196.

  • >>A reminder – he’s a lawyer

    I used to be a lawyer, but you remain a closed-minded and prejudiced individual. Hope that’s working out for you.

    The whole reason behind the $1 trial was to let the content speak for itself (hard to pull a “sham” that way). Yes, you need a PayPal account. Sorry for the convenience of handling your subscription yourself, which is a far cry from the typical strategy of keeping people subscribed by making it hard to cancel.

    We’ve received no emails from you, Francis. Not anywhere, not once. But don’t worry, my time’s too valuable to do business with small-minded people.

    Best wishes and good luck.

  • @ Francis – Before you smack someone, it’d be a good idea to find out why Copyblogger has 30,000 readers compared to most blogs that barely break 100.

    PayPal also does take credit cards, if you sign up and follow the PayPal process properly.

    Lastly, if Darren put his credibility and reputation on the line for someone, you might do well to follow your own beliefs and reason out that he’s done so for a good reason – because the value is worth it.

  • Thank’s James and Brian,

    I am purely stating my experiences in trying to get started with Teaching Sells as it looked so good.

    However if you interpret that as: “you remain a closed-minded and prejudiced individual. Hope that’s working out for you.”

    Then that’s where you’re at – and that’s fine with me.

  • Oh, by the way Brian here’s Kims reply from your office:
    From: ‘Teaching Sells’ Sent: Tue 26/02/08 3:55 AM

    To: Priority: Normal

    Subject: RE: More Teaching Sells Articles Soon Type: Embeded HTML/Text

    Alert: The users email-address has been added to the addressbook


    Thank you for your interest in Teaching Sells. Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to accept payments through PayPal.

    We are considering other payment options, but don’t have a specific time frame for when it would be implemented.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Kim S.

    Customer Support

    Teaching Sells