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Take A Tour of ProBlogger HQ

Posted By Darren Rowse 6th of September 2007 Video Posts 0 Comments


“What does your blogging setup look like?”

This is a question I get quite a lot – so today I want to invite you to come along for a short tour of my home office.

It’s a fairly simple setup really although I do try to make it reasonably comfortable as I’m sitting in it for long periods of time each day.

I’d love to see your blogging setup – post a picture or video to your blog or to flickr or YouTube (etc) and leave a link in comments below.

Products mentioned during the video include:

The only other thing that I didn’t have out today was my headset which I use daily on skype. I have a Plantronics DSP-400 USB Headset which has been a big improvement on my previous headset.

Update: two other elements of my office that are normally in place (but were not present when I filmed because they were away as a result of us just having been in selling house mode).

1. White board – I use my white board a lot for planning.
2. Coffee cup – it’s a permanent feature next to my mouse. I’m actually toying with the idea of getting a coffee machine for my new office!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks Darren – Our broadband connection is quite slow, and it worked better early in the morning.

    You have a great office set up, and that huge screen is brilliant.

    The chair is expensive though. I have gone through a lot of office chairs, and I still can’t find the right one. If I’m not sitting in the right position, I get really bad shoulder pains. Does that chair really make a massive difference?

  2. You tidied up of course before you made the video:)

  3. Very nice post. I like the awesome Moleskine notebook.

  4. My “office”.
    Complete with baby and animals.


  5. It looks to clean and quite that it is hard to imagine there is a lot of action going on ; )

    Good initiative!

  6. Latest photo of my setup. It would be perfect if it was closer to the bathroom. :)


  7. Here’s my world headquarters…I call the Evil Scheme Hatchery (South) — we spend 7 months in Florida, and 5 months in Toronto where I have a similar space.


  8. I enjoyed the video..

    I also want to upload some of my videos on my blog too.

    But I don’t know how to do that…

  9. Oh by the way, it’s nice to hear my favourite blogger’s voice :)

  10. There, I just finished uploading some pics of Nusuni Dot Com HQ:


    Messy, heh.

  11. Darren, you have a very clean office! I like the minimalistic style.

    Here is mine: http://www.sergevc.be/blog/?p=204


    You know that room isn’t usually that clean..

  13. here is a pic of my setup, i just recently moved to San Diego, CA so i don’t have a desk yet. And yes that’s a can of beer, it helps sometimes :)


  14. the other image is a thumbnail, this is the real pic

  15. Hey Darren,

    Here’s a link that shows my mobile podcast setup.

    For now I’m just audio podcasting, but eventually will probably add video blogging to the rotation too.

    I’m new to blogging, and find your sit very helpful!

    Thanks. Nate

  16. I am living out of boxes right now, I can’t even shut the door to let people know I am blogging! :)

  17. Hi Darren,

    thanks for the video, I really enjoyed watching it.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. Very nice setup, Darren

  19. Great Darren! Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m always fascinated by others’ work environments. Here’s a shot of mine!

  20. http://www.ryanpaul.ca/workstation.jpg

    I do my blogging mostly from work. This is my office.

  21. Hi,
    I miss the bottle brush and the accent. I miss home !

  22. Did I just see my dream computer!? I am so jealous right now. :) Anyway, thanks for sharing us your HQ Darren!

  23. Hi!

    Very nice office!
    It’s very clean…is it usually so?

  24. Darren,
    everything you do in your blog, video also is great. every visitor ,even in first time they come always impressing, including me.
    nice job. and be great. actually I do some blogspot (free blog). like labnol that have great income by minimize risk. here:

  25. Great post as usual, Darren. Wow, what a clean, tidy set up! Mine is cluttered and a mess!

  26. i think its a great website made by a great man i have got a lot of inspiration by it

  27. Here is my setup… oh to be a college student.


  28. Being a little skeptical of almost everything in life… it sounds to me that the whole notepad and pen to write down ideas is nonsense. I mean seriously… how many people REALLY write down ideas for a blog?

  29. That’s a very clean work space you have there! I have kinda the same chair at my office. Very comfortable to sit on, and expensive. I have always thinking why some bloggers have so many monitor.. :D

  30. I think you’ll find a lot of bloggers do Ryan. I don’t take my laptop with me everywhere – so writing (terrible old school – sooo 1990’s) is the way I capture ideas.

  31. Here’s the workspace for Seovice A who’s who of online marketing :) It’s not clean but neither are we !

    Take a look and do get involved…

  32. Nice setup. Do you feel a need to use any Windows software? If so, what you do? Do you have a virtual machine with WIndows running? I

  33. Avinata – havn’t really had too many occassions when I wished i had a windows machine. I guess I could set up Windows on my mac (you can do that these days) but there’s very few things i can’t do with a Mac version of a program or some alternative.

  34. Clean, nice, simple arrangement. That is the requirement of a success blogging environment. I like the plants!

  35. Very cool setup. I use a PC myself but am seriously considering going back to Mac. Those Apple monitors are amazing.

    Hey, if you get a chance, check out my new site at http://www.buildwebsuccess.com

  36. Mine set-up includes a new desk wife got me for my birthday last month. Not much added except there is usually a mug of tea on there.

    Several Moleskine notebooks and pens including a Space Pen too.


  37. Really nice setup. That’s one of the keys to success. :)

  38. You can see mine at http://www.myspace.com/rockandrollreport. It’s not normally that clean though but I just installed a new PC and threw a lot of stuff in boxes. Next purchase is a MacBook!

  39. I’m surprised you don’t have an ergonomic keyboard. Thats the first thing I always get when I’m buying a new setup. If your wrists and hands hurt blogging sucks.

  40. Very cool………….mine in very basic…….buh thinkin bout upgradin ma monitor to bigger screen….hmmmm

  41. Almost a year ago I made a movie of my “bloggerbox”.
    It’s the Samsonite case I carry with me when I go visit a conference to blog about, filled up with gear like 2 camera’s, video, flash, microphones, audiorecorder and so on.
    Unfortunately the video is in Dutch at:

  42. Here’s my brand new setup. It’s really not much more than a folding table in a small, spare room, but a few week’s ago I was working from a corner of my dining room. So it’s an upgrade.

    Deb Ng’s office

  43. I haven’t visited for a while so firstly, really nice redesign and I loved the video!

    Really nice office – meaning the tasteful array of Apple products, I’m a Mac fan too with an old Imac 400 G3. In fact very old and has a few compatibility problems but it’s still going!

    I’m hoping my blogging will be able to provide me with a newer one some day…

  44. I’m a frequent reader but not much of a commenter here. However, I video’d about my day as a wahm a couple weeks ago. Here is the link


  45. Awesome video Darren! I love your set-up, but it struck me as a little “too clean” for a blogger (I imagine you cleaned up a bit before doing this, right?).

    Also, I LOVE moleskin notebooks. I’ve been using them for several years now and they are my constant companion away from the house. I’ve written down many inspired ideas in my own moleskin. I’m glad you pointed that out!

  46. Great video!

    I love seeing where other bloggers work.

    Here’s my desk space:


  47. Thanks for inspiring my boyfriend :-) I like the flowers, they add a nice touch to your setup.

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