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Speedlinking – 15 December 2008

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of December 2008 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

A few links for you.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Darren, i am glad to hear that WP 2.7 is out and have upgraded my love blog – Cupid Blogger Dot Com to WP 2.7.

    So far, everything is fine – from plugin to CSS. What about you?

    Do check out my love blog at – Cupid Blogger Dot Com

  • Gotta love WordPress 2.7 :)

    It was pretty cool, my blog sent the first pingback to the blog post at Just sayin’ :p

  • You upgraded to WordPress 2.7 Darren?
    I am still not sure whether to upgrade or not as many complain that a few plugins are not working with the new version, so am still sitting and waiting for updates from all.

  • No Google gift!!, not that I ever got one anyway, times must be tough!, Google probably own Santa too, so its probably time to tell the kids all over the world this bad news;))

  • I’m sure I’m out of Adsense’s league in terms of gift eligibility, but it is interesting that even they are feeling the pinch (or at least acknowledging it).

    I imagine some domain parkers found the Adsense for unused domains program interesting.

  • Thanks for the links, Darren.

    I’m sure that Google is cautiously tightening its belt, even though we may think that they don’t need to. Although the goodie-packages of the past would be welcome to anybody, I can understand their not doing it.

    I have upgraded two of my three sites to WordPress 2.7, but am waiting on my main site to make sure all the plugins work. It amazes me that, knowing that 2.7 was coming and having the betas available, more authors didn’t upgrade their plugins. Oh well, they’re free, anyway…

  • It has been a while since I have seen the speedlinking on your blog but it is nice to have it back for atleast one day.

  • I was counting on that gift.

  • Just have to mention WordPress 2.7. Personally I like the new look and all of my plugins are working well. Just a word for those that like a little stability. The update is a massive overhaul to the user interface, presentation wise. Nothing is where it used to be. The say that everything can be accessed with fewer clicks but if you kind of like they way things are then beware, it is a big change. You may consider buyer a cheap domain to use as a test bed to see if you like the new look.

  • YES! Google adsense DIRECT for parking. Cut out the middleman. This makes perfect sense. I love it.

  • thanks for the link…..I will download now

  • You know things are bad when Google isn’t giving out their traditional Christmas goodies.

  • WordPress 2.7 is top-notch. Loved what they did with it. Really changed everything with it.

  • I love WordPress 2.7 new features and the new look.

  • I haven’t got the foggiest idea where my Adsense gifts are from previous years, so I guess I won’t miss this year’s, but I do find their excuse lame. They should have worded it differently.

    Gift giving is not an appropriate gesture? During hard times, gift giving may mean more than ever.

    They should have just been honest and said they have to watch their bottom line so their stock prices don’t plummet further. :P

  • Google is laughable! They make billions of dollars off of us and they act like they are hurting…..down right laughable.

  • I really always thought the gifts were a nice touch but in all reality if you are a medium to large publisher than you are making enough to have everything you want anyways.

  • I’m sure Google was just looking for an excuse to discontinue the gift giving. I don’t think this eco-crisis is hitting them as much as they want us to believe.

    It’s hitting us common Im’ers more so, and because of this we are working harder and most likely making Google even more money.

    I think a visit from Jacob Marley would fix things up at Google

  • I did the install a couple of days ago to WP 2.7 and I LOVE it. There were a couple of small issues during the installation. I have created a post on my blog so you can avoid these snags
    Can WordPress 2.7 Equal the Legendary John Coltrane?.

    Darren, thanks for your great blogging tips! blessings

  • The Adsense program looks pretty cool. I might have to test it out on a few domains I have and see how it works.

    Sorry to hear they will not be sending out Christmas gifts this year. I can understand why they have decided against it.

  • have = has

  • “their medium to larger publishers “–who are they?

    Is there a way you can give us a small sample of “their medium to larger publishers ?

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  • Probably a basic question for you but I’m learning as I go … I’ve seen the Upgrade alert button on our system but am worried it will mess up what I already have inputed.

    Do you know how it effects the current content already visable to visitors?

    Thanks for your awesome BLOG!

  • I feel the Interface in WordPress 2.7 is strange. I cant seem to find anything and it’s all a mess. Is it just me or have the organized it strangely?