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  • Did you get one?

  • not yet – but I’m in Australia and in the last two years the gifts have taken an extra two weeks to get to us here.

  • The photo frame looks good, but I’d be happy to receive a Christmas card.

  • Cool. Maybe I’ll get one. :)

  • any idea what the revenue limit is for these? I’m certainly not a 6-figure blogger, but you could classify me as a mid 4-figure one.

  • last year my friend got USB drive with Google logo on surface

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  • I got mine. :) I never end up using the Google gifts though (guess I’m not enough of a techy), so it’ll probably get re-gifted to someone else this Christmas. Still that’s one less present I have to buy, so thanks Google. :)

    As far as the cut-off, I think you have to be making at least 2,000 USD a month or so.

  • Jennie

    I got mine today, it was cool but I dont have the memory card.

  • I got mine today too. cool gift. I really didn’t expect one since I only spent $250.00 per month this year. btw, it doesn’t come with the memory card (SD).

  • not bad :)

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  • Does anyone know the cut offs for sending out gifts like these?

  • I have confirmation from Google that they sent me a gift, but it has not arrived here. Does anyone know how they are shipped in Canada – via FedEx or UPS or what? It’s a long shot, but I’d dearly love to track this down.

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