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Google AdSense Christmas Gift Arrives – It’s a Digital Photo Frame

Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of November 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

Every year Google sends its higher end AdSense publishers (what the cut off is no one really knows) a gift to thank them for participating in the program.

Last year it was a a little pack with a usb hub, usb light, wireless mouse, usb flash drive etc and the year before it was a glowing FM radio.

This year reports are starting to surface of the gift arriving at some publishers homes – it’s a digital photo frame. I can’t find any pictures of it yet but here’s the specs of it according to one publisher:

  • 3.6 inch TFT digital photo frame
  • 960 x 240 TFT screen, 16 mega-color
  • Picture: JPG format
  • Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV and records WAV itself
  • Video: ASF only
  • Media: Internal memory and SD card, comes with sample slideshow in memory
  • USB 1.1 interface
  • Power: 4 AA batteries or USB 5V or AC/DC power adapter

Us Aussies tend to get these gifts a week or two after everyone else – so if you’ve got one already take a picture and shoot it over to me and I’ll post it.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I never knew they did this. Another thing to aim for I guess. Congrats on reaching that level.


  2. Nice! I got the gift last year, but this year’s income is way down with AdSense. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. I never know that Google will do this for its publishers. Congratulations for those publishers who have reached this level.

  4. lucky guys :p

  5. Man, I would love to have a Digital Picture frame! I guess going from $3 a month (maximum) to $22 this month on the Back of the Boony Dolls for this years cricket isn’t going to get me a picture frame, is it? ;-)

    Oh well, I am coming up on at least one payment at least.

  6. […] As I read in a few other places, this in an annual event for people who do well with the Adsense program. Well, thank you Google! […]

  7. Anyone figure out what kind of crazy JPG format this device uses? Nothing I export from photoshop seems to do the trick, and the manual conversion program is too much hassle to do 1 by 1.

  8. […] Two days ago I posted that Google are sending their top AdSense publishers digital photo frames. […]

  9. Yay, I got one, it’s the neatest gift! Thank you Google! I was sooo confused though, we spend alot on Adwords and make some on AdSense, so we love Google anyway. :)

    After a short little Google search, I found the answer to my question, lol. Congrats everyone!


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  11. Wow!! I’m waiting for the Digital Photo Frame too…..

  12. Hi, we had no idea this was happenning until a knock at the door this morning from UPS! Saw no picture posted yet, so put one on your women’s health website http://www.obgyn.net. Really excellent. Wonder what this is worth but not selling! Going to our daughter to give her bragging rights! Enjoy- Bruce


  13. I wanna digital photo frame too XD XD
    Last year G sent me nothing :( :(

  14. […] Originally Posted by Paul Clerkin I got one last year as a adsense publisher not an advertiser a little zip up pouch with a memorystick, and various bits and bobs for a laptop – usefull Your monthly earnings must be impressive They’ve already sent this year’s toy to Problogger: Google AdSense Christmas Gift Arrives – It’s a Digital Photo Frame __________________ Armchair.ie | work|Blog Tips|Seo tips|EU Domain ScandalTechie Toys| Gadgets Do you want your vbulletin site to be search engine friendly? Click here for info […]

  15. If you can figure out how to display edited photos, please add that info here. I have tried everything i can think of, just get error messages.

  16. I can’t get images out of Photoshop or Picasa to work either. I can only transfer the original photo from my digital camera. Lame! I found a software product called TVwriter which got it to work… but its not free and is over US$50! Anyone…?

  17. Oh, the image I got to work was shot out of a Canon XT at 8megapixel! At least it can downsample well enough. But I’ll only be able to put a few photos on if that’s the only way.

  18. I got one the other day. Really neat! I agree with the photo formatting…pain in the butt…but I am extremely grateful.

  19. Got one a week ago. Pics won’t upload. This present is a curse, not a gift. Everyone at the office was jealous, now it sits dead on my desk. I guess the theory is correct. Original photos from any digital source are valid, but once you tweak in photoshop (which is what any real talent does), they do not work. I wish I had a solution. Meanwhile, I’m ready to throw this piece of crap in the trash. All it is is a cheap frame engraved with the Google logo. The universal international plug is the most valuable part in the box.

  20. Just read here: http://www.googlecommunity.com/about15484.html that you can use the Windows XP Image Resizer PowerToy. I haven’t tried… but I will soon!

  21. I just received a package via Fedex and wondered what the hell it was, I hadnt ordered anything from the US… lo and behold a digital photo frame… shame there was no SD card as I use compact flash !


  22. Save a jpg @ 1024 x 768 , works every time, any kind of pic. Just trying to work out which way to save the asf to get some movies on there too.

  23. This thing is junk, trying save pic in all size, doesn’t work

  24. THE ANSWER>>>>>OK–here is the scoup, save the editied photos again using MS Paint. They will display,no problem. Everyone w/ a PC running Windows has Paint.

    I hear they will also display if saved using Photo Impact.

  25. […] Har inte hört talas om andra svenskar som fått en, men det borde rimligen finnas många. Har du också fått en julkapp? Lämna en kommentar. Du kan också läsa mer hos Problogger. […]

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