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Social Media Marketing – Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of November 2007 Social Media 0 Comments

Maki from Dosh Dosh has put together a great post titled The Importance of Social Media Marketing: Why You Should Learn and Master it which I think gives some great arguments for bloggers to familiarize themselves with (and participate in) the social media scene.

Probably the most compelling article is an example that he gave from his own experience:

“I recently launched a new blog a months ago and took around 20 hours to create a feature article. I subsequently promoted it on various social websites through my own influencer profiles. I also sent out emails to large sites in the same niche.

The article eventually got to the Digg, and Reddit frontpage and received over 140+ reviews on StumbleUpon. It accumulated well over 800 unique links, including some from very heavily trafficked websites. Some of them alone sent more traffic than the frontpage of

The article is more than a month old and it is still receiving incoming links. Subscribers are up by over 800% and I received around 12K pageviews everyday for the first month. Bear in mind this is only a one month old site.”

What a great example. Maki’s written a lot more in his post – the full thing is well worth the read.

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  • Thanks for the article Darren. I’m a newbie in this problogging scene. I have started using Stumbleupon. I haven’t touched facebook nor the other social media sites. Man, my wrist hurt already. How do you guys handle the mouse? What do you use to keep your wrists from getting CTS?

  • Excellent!
    I like that inspiration!

  • I submitted my first post on about how I quit my day job to blog to Stumbleupon a couple of weeks ago. It got 132 page views from 83 unique visitors within the first hour and 199 pageviews from 146 unique visitors over the course of the day.

    I find with Stumbleupon that when a submission is picked up on there is a short, sometimes intense burst of traffic which then peters away. On the other hand the visits that a submission to are more long lasting.

  • one of the best way to get links and traffic is to write good content. We can take example from Maki as he gets linked from many popular sites.

    thanx for the article Darren and Maki thanx again for putting up such a wonderful post. Maki from Dosh Dosh rocks!

  • I love stumbleupon, today was a pretty slow day for my blog, only 66 unique visitors before I left work. I stumbled one of my posts (no I don’t stumble them all, very selective) when I got home I had over 300 visits from stumbleupon :)

    And before I hit this submit I have 438 visits, from other sources now too, not just stumble

  • Thanks Darren, excellent information. I found it interesting that Maki doesn’t go the route of commenting on other blogs but solely focuses on social media networking. His previous post (linked in his article) about how to go about contacting and establishing relationships with those users who are influential on the social media sites was also very informative.

  • I have had good experiences with StumbleUpon regarding traffic… the problem is that conversions are really low. Maybe the social media marketing attract many people looking for information but not much for products or services. But, I guess for a person making money from ads, it is a excellent marketing way.

  • Social Media Marketing.

    Add to my long list of marketing techniques to put into motion. Great article. Great information. Great idea.

  • I can promote on stumbleupon pretty well… but I still haven’t hit digg or Oh well. One of these day’s I’ll get it.

  • They key part here is the “influencer profile thing”.. and that’s why among all the social bookmarkings i love stumble upon the most, imo its the easiest to create an influential profile on stumble upon more than any other…
    as usual a comprehensive post by maki..

  • Wow writing a feature article in 20 hour, real great hard work good luck ! . Social network is the key to take your message to other bloggers.

  • It’s a great article :) I’m sure that she got the benefits :D congrats to her..

  • The only problem with traffic from a Digg homepage is that it is not often quality traffic.

    Some members Digg without even visiting the site. Many Web trackers offer TIME SPENT ON PAGE per visitor, analysis. What is problematic is the extremely short amount of time those visitors who do visit – remain. Also the return rate is low.

    In terms of Reddit – they do not even link directly – they use a redirect link, thus depriving sites of valuable backlinks.
    Netscape use to be a valuable backlink, but with the latest domain name change for their social site, the link value has been taken away

    It does appear the Stumbleupon will bring a flow of occasional traffic for a period after the buzz has subsided.

    But it is good to get those additional backlinks with wordy anchor text – unless Google decides to filter out any impact from those sites – they do have the potential to give an extra push in the SERPs

  • hmm….. i Agree wuth you. Social bookmark is very-very traficcking in my blog :)

  • Sometimes all it takes is on kick-arse article to get you noticed. Get some viewers to head over to your site and if you have quality content they’ll stick around.

  • Ok, so I have tried the social network and bookmark sites and have one big question:

    Is it ethical to submit your own stories?

  • “Is it ethical to submit your own stories?”

    Kevin Rose does it :P

  • Thanks for this link, I have been futzing around trying to figure out how to make the copious amount of available social media work for me… this may help.

  • CB


    Do you guys think there is a role for memetics to play in this area?

  • Dan

    It works!!

    I own a small Blog-network and can vouch for the social-marketing method. In less than 5 months i have 50% of my visitors or over 500.000 hits a month coming from social networks!!

  • hi Darren.
    I read Maki’s post. It explains the usual, nothing new. The points he listed are already beaten to death everywhere, so not anything more for me to learn.
    Sorry to disappoint you.

  • – sorry to have linked to something that you’ve obviously done so much research into and understand better than the rest of us.

    How about you write a post with something new then and shoot me a link so we can be dazzled by your own wisdom on the topic?

  • Hey I’m new to all this, any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if all this internet marketing is really going to work. But I’ll keep trying. maybe theres a better niche out there, if someone knows of any shoot me a line.

  • I just wanted to post an update about the post I stumbled:

    “I love stumbleupon, today was a pretty slow day for my blog, only 66 unique visitors before I left work. I stumbled one of my posts (no I don’t stumble them all, very selective) when I got home I had over 300 visits from stumbleupon :)

    And before I hit this submit I have 438 visits, from other sources now too, not just stumble”

    Anyways I just checked and I’ve gotten over 1500 visits to that single post cause of stumbleupon! And its an off-topic post too!

    I love stumbleupon, but I’m never going to stumble my own post again, don’t want to risk getting banned.

  • Appreciate the information. I am new to blogging, I am a lender and wanted to educate individual about there personal credit. There is so much information out there. I found that most people had no idea what was on there credit report. So I created one of the most unique resources on the web for quality information in regards to credit reports, secure credit cards, identity theft software and quality articles. I have just trying to get the message out there. Any advice, I am running feed burner to all Blogs ?

  • We have over 180 pages of articles on health and wellness topics at Planet Berry. How do we get these shown or looked at via this service? Looks very interesting to us.

    Thank you.

  • nice..good idea…me also trying..congrats….!

  • One thing I have to say about social marketing is that it’s very time consuming. Between creating Squidoo pages, posting responses on Yahoo Answers, Tweeting, Stumbling, Digging, Blogging, etc., etc., etc., all in an effort to create links to my main website, I find I have no time for creating new pages to my site. I hope eventually it’s worth the effort.

    Yes, it’s true a good stumble on Stumble Upon will increase traffic immensely. But, I find it’s very fleeting, and does nothing for profit. At least, not my profit.

    It seems since the explosion of social marketing, there’s way more competition for keywords now, as the community sites are ranking higher in the search results, knocking many of us into the hinterlands.

    Ah, but enough of my complaining. I have to go Tweet my Squid. Time’s a wastin!

  • Very new to all these but can understand the importance of it. Thank you for this great informative article.-Dita.