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Social Media Love-In: Phase 2 Coming Soon

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of July 2008 Social Media 0 Comments

Social-Media-Love-InWow – when I posted an invitation this morning for ProBlogger readers to promote their social media profiles on this post I didn’t know what would happen – but I suspected it would be fun.

It’s been almost 9 hours since the post went live and over 280 readers have participated and I’m getting emails and tweets from people saying that they have had more people follow/befriend them today than they’ve ever had before (update: Lara just told me that she started getting friend requests minutes after adding hers).

The Next Phase of the ProBlogger Social Media Love-In

In another 15 hours from now (24 hours after the post went live) I’m going to close the comments section on the previous post. It’s not that I don’t want this to continue – but it’s going to enable me (or rather my good friend Lara from Anubis Marketing) to make this ‘Love-In’ even more useful.

You see Lara is going to spend tomorrow compiling everyone’s submissions into lists of the different social media sites so that instead of everyone having to trawl through every comment looking for the social media services that they use you’ll be able to quickly add everyone from your services quickly from the one list.

We’ll start with Twitter (it seems to be the most popular) and make a page with just all your Twitter profiles and go from there through the other services.

This means that we’ll end up with a directory of social media accounts from ProBlogger readers.

Why the Love-In?

As I said in the launch post for this Social Media Love-In – my hope is that this will help the ProBlogger community to grow and make it’s network stronger and more useful. While you’re all blogging on a lot of different topics – you’re all bloggers and the potential for you to help one another grow your blogs is quite massive.

You won’t find everyone that you add from these lists helpful – but hopefully they’ll give you a head start in finding other bloggers like you who are interested in putting themselves out there to connect.

What comes from it is really up to you and how you choose to use the compilations of profiles that we collate over the coming days.

So Add Your Profiles

As I write this you have less than 15 hours to add your profiles to the launch post (not this post). The comments on that post will be closed at 5am tomorrow (Melbourne time) to enable Lara to get the lists together. Depending upon how this goes we may have a 2nd round of submissions – but there’s no guarantees so add your profiles to make sure you’re included.

Just make sure you use the words ‘social media’ in your comment or we can’t guarantee it won’t get sucked into our spam filters.

Thanks to everyone for participating – it’s been a lot of fun already and I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes us.

Update: Okay, comments are closed on the other post. I’m working hard at compiling everything into lists, and we’ll update you soon on how that’s working out! Thanks everyone! – Lara

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Awesome! I can’t wait!

  2. Wow! I’ve just got home from World Youth Day and there’s a chance to boost my profile. Prays work :)

  3. Sweet idea. It will be very cool to scan everyone’s profiles by the networks, that way we can find the ones we use most. Well done, Darren.

  4. nice one Darren. . .I saw what you did there

  5. I’m pretty sure that Twitter will be the main one, and Digg / YouTube won’t be too far behind.

  6. Excellent Darren,
    You’ve really done so much for the online community.
    Good on ya


    PS- Again, Good Health to you and your Family.

  7. Waiting for the same, true its hard to add individually each of 280 commentors one by one :)

  8. me too waiting for the list…

  9. waiting for the new post

  10. Because of the interaction involved, social media marketing (SMM) can take more time than search optimization (SEO) does. Love Poems

  11. Great idea – that’ll make it much easier to find people

  12. Excellent idea!

    One suggestion – if you’re going to make this list accessible online, use the ‘target=_blank’ tag for the twitter links.

    That way, your blog won’t be smooshed by folks clicking over, clicking back, clicking over, clicking back, etc.etc.etc.etc.

    I always use this technique when networking via twitter – it makes the response times much faster.

    Data points, Barbara

  13. Well I actually haven’t started using social media to market my blog…but I will start within the next 15 hours so I can get my name on the list

  14. I’m excited! I met a bunch of people yesterday and I hope to meet some more.

  15. Thanks, Barbara… I’m the world’s biggest “blank” advocate, no worries!

  16. Yes Twitter, Digg & Plurk in that order. Thanks all who’ve linked with me. Please give me some time to go through all the alerts I received. And Lara’s compilations will make it easier for me to initiate some linkage. :)

  17. It’s a great idea and I’ve already made new friends from that post :)

  18. This was a great and fun idea Darren!! Social Media is always great for website promotion but this makes it even better.

    Thanks for taking the time Darren,

  19. I have had more networking offers because of this than any thing else I’ve ever done online. Thank you everyone for your add’s and thank you ProBlogger for making this happen! Great idea!

  20. Great idea. I’ve already made friends and I was one of the last ones to post. ;)

  21. Update: Okay, we’re nearing 600 entries… I’m sorry, Barbara, but I’ve changed my mind. LOL

    Here’s a tip though: If you press the ‘CTRL’ key when clicking, the links should open in new tabs (if using FireFox or an updated, tabbed IE). This goes for any site, and you can actually click right through 10 or 50 and just have them all open in new tabs.

    I’m sorry if that doesn’t work for you, but given the amount of compiling going on here, with the amount of posts, I need to be as time efficient as possible. *shrug*

  22. Lara – that’s a very time-efficient option, and I’m already using it to open about 50 social media links at once from the launch post!

  23. Excellent idea Darren, thanks.

  24. very cool!

  25. Hey Darren,
    Thanks 4 your hard work, you’ve really helped a lot of us jump start our pages. Dave

  26. If Lara wants help doing the compiling, this Lara is available to assist. :-)

  27. Hey Darren,

    Thank you both for providing this!

    And Lara thanks for compiling it, that’ll make things easier. I added a few people before I had to go to sleep, but want to follow more.

  28. This is a really cool idea. I think I got mine in just in time. Thanks for the opportunity to grow my blog. I really do appreciate it.

  29. Lara,

    If you compile the list in a HTML editor like HTMLKit, or even in word, you could add the target=”_blank” using a search & replace so that you don’t have to do it all manually.

  30. @ theaardvark – Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s actually absolutely fastest when I can simply copy from the comments page in WordPress and paste right into the post. I don’t want to deal with the required cleanup of using MS Word, and I’m too much of a hand-coder when it comes to using editors. I’d want to make it more perfect that way. With 600+ comments, there’s just no time for me to be a perfectionist. ;)

    Seriously, it’s actually quite easy for you guys to just hold down the “CTRL” key (at least on PC’s, I’m not aware of what key you press on a mac to do this) and open new tabs with each click. Or have your browser settings set to open links in a new tab.

    I apologize that I can’t accommodate for each individual preference, but at least I offered up a tip that would make it easy on everyone! :) I get to copy/paste with lightning speed, and you guys get to open the links just as quickly if not moreso… we all win this way!

  31. @ Lara Fabans – Thank you for the offer! I’ll let you know if and when my left hand cramps up! ;)

  32. Mixedbrains says: 07/23/2008 at 2:50 am


    You can use linky in firefox to open up to 100 links at a time.

    if you need help with anything let me know

  33. This is pretty awesome! New to the site, like what I see.

  34. Great response and I can also testify that my new friend requests have had a big jump.

    I am also taking this opportunity to group my friends in terms of the content I share. Just like creating blog a blog post with a specific reader in mind, I would like to do blogging-specific tweets just for bloggers. That way all my new Problogger friends can hopefully enjoy great info that my affiliate marketing friends would otherwise glance over… and visa versa.

  35. Way to go Darren! You’ve probably started a new blog craze and catchphrase “Hi – I’m from Problogger’s Social Media Love-in – let’s connect!”

    Can’t wait to find out where this experiment takes us all!


  36. Mixedbrains says: 07/23/2008 at 5:52 am

    Also @Laura,

    I have the complete list saved in a spreadsheet.

    I can sort them by site or by user. Email me if you need anything.

  37. One thing that is cool about this love in is that it isn’t just one-on-one connections. I just realized this when I added Ed Healy on FriendFeed and noticed that he had amongst his subscribers several other of my new contacts. That’s when I understood that we are becoming a community; a group of interconnected people with common interests. Quite a few of us are already connected on several sites which helps to connect everyone to everyone else. This is a pretty powerful little experimen.

  38. Excellent, consolidation is a great idea. I was going to suggest a linkedin or facebook group, but I’m glad there will be an element of ‘post-processing’ to maximise utility of the ‘experiment’. Keep the love coming :-)

  39. What are the negative impacts of creating a social media profile?

  40. Hey gang, the lists are on the way… we’re going to release one list a day, starting with Twitter.

  41. The idea is so cool… I have been having a blast meeting new people.

  42. It just gets better and better! Good idea and grouping the different social media sites like that!

  43. Sorry everyone, please don’t publish your social media stuff here on this post… we had it open on the other post for 24 hours, and closed it for a reason. (It got over 700 responses!) I will not be including lists placed on this post, and I will not be checking the spam filters…

    It’s entirely possible that Darren will open it up again in a few months or something, but as of about 3pm NY, USA time, submissions were closed. That doesn’t mean you can post them here… sorry.

  44. mixedbrains says: 07/23/2008 at 2:45 pm

    Just some advice too. Prob better not to add 400 people your digg profile all at once. :)

  45. looking forward to round 2. Round 1 was great for my subscriber numbers and followers on various social media.. Thanks darren!

  46. Tom Laine says: 07/23/2008 at 8:53 pm

    Oh, what a shame, I missed this one while on holiday… Should always keep the laptop with me I guess. I hope you guys decide to open a new one soon to give us late-Nates a chance to participate. Anyway, a great idea indeed! More of these please!

    Tom Laine

  47. This was really a good idea. :) Nice initiative Darren.

  48. Awesome!

    I’ll definitely go for it.

  49. bummer, is the launch post closed? I really wanted to be part of it.

    Can you make a tiny exception?

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