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Sign Up with Me for ‘Partnering Profits’ and Get Some Great Teaching

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of November 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

partnering-profits-white.pngBrian Clark from CopyBlogger has done it again. He’s launched what looks to be an amazing new teaching resource to resource those looking to build successful online businesses. It’s called Partnering Profits – and it’s a simple teaching resource focussing (as the name suggests) on ‘praetorships’.

It is made up of two main components:

1. A 150 page manual that focuses upon topics like:

  • Piecing Together the Partnership Puzzle
  • How to Prove You’ll be a Good Partner
  • 10 Places Profitable People Like to Hide
  • How to Become a Partner Magnet
  • Are You Partnering With the Devil?
  • Boring But Crucial: Contracts, Legal Entities, and Finances
  • Smartly Dividing the Spoils
  • 5 Partnering Models That Work (one chapter for each)

2. Four Expert Tele-classes with some very successful online entrepreneurs – Jeff Walker, Jon Morrow, Rich Schefren and Brian Clark (a great lineup with some great experiences between them – learn more about each on the Partnering Profits page). Brian’s also bringing in a few extra guests along the way – one of whom looks like being me.

Of course you also get transcripts of the calls and access to their recordings if you want to come back to them or can’t make the live calls.

As a topic I really think that Brian and his team are onto something with this one. Partnerships have been a core part of my own online blogging success. I myself have always ‘stumbled’ into them (with a lot of luck) and so I am looking forward to some actual teaching on the topic.

Free Preview Call and Chapters from the eBook

Not sure if this is a course for you? That’s OK – Brian is offering a free one hour preview call to give you a taste. The call will include information on the course as well as actual teaching from Brian himself and John Morrow.

The call is tomorrow – so you do need to move quickly and register to get access to it.

You also will get some free sample chapters from the eBook and get on a Newsletter with free tips and techniques on ‘partnering’.

To get access to these free tasters you need to register with a first name and email address.

Having spent time with Brian on a number of occasions and having taken part in his last training resource (TeachingSells) I am confident that this new course will be of a high quality and hold a lot of practical and applicable information to those of us involved in online entrepreneurship.

I’ve already registered for the free call myself (and am already planning on doing the rest of the course) and am looking forward to listening in. I hope you’ll join me!

Get more information and signup for the free call at Partnering Profits.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Sounds like and interesting course, one worth checking out. You can’t go wrong with a free preview and sample chapters.

  • Do you think this blog will be worth the investment for a blogger like me who has only 300 RSS subscribers on his blog and who is not an A-List blogger yet?
    Or is it only good for the big time bloggers and internet marketers

  • It’s a great project from Brian Clark!

  • Hi Darren – I missed Teaching Sells by a few hours, which was annoying. And it looks like you’ve got to stay on the waiting list until someone dies.

    So I signed up for this book through your link as soon as I saw this. It sounds like just the kind of thing I’m looking for. Thank you.

  • I suppose it will be a good ebook. But the landing page for the ebook was fantastic. It isn’t a surprise, though, considering that it comes from someone who is an expert in copywriting. :-)

  • @Ryan – It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have – my first collaboration I had no subscribers but it still paid off hugely. Check out my free ebook for more details on that, but to answer your question – it is totally worth it because you have more to offer than you might think.

  • Great opportunities for new bloggers for sure!

  • Ryan: We’ve actually tailored Partnering Profits to be specifically for beginners. If you can, catch up with us on the preview call. We are planning on talking about this exact issue.

    PS: Thanks for the promo, Darren. :-)

  • Hello,

    Well, i would like to suscribe, but i can only enter my name and my email, there is no “submit” button. When i press the Enter key, nothing appears.

  • Yes…, this is a great news for Partnering Profits to get amazing new teaching resource to be your successfully.

  • Aweber is handling registrations on the page, and they have been down today. Sorry for the trouble, but please check back later to register if the form is not working properly.

  • I like the idea of this and will give it careful consideration before signing up.

  • This is interesting. I am not planning to register. As I am not ready at this time. However, I am very interested in knowing how this will work for you and the other lucky blogger! :)

  • i recently wrote a post about the possible benefits that a brand partnership may yield — i came up with 10 benefits (organized into 5 categories) — thought some folks who are interested in Brian’s book might be interested in checking out my list and giving me feedback — — thanks.

  • i have NOTHING to contribute to this post but…i just wanted to tell you that i bought your book yesterday and…it’s been very helpful so far!! and it’s isn’t badly written either:) i’m a subscriber to your blog but i very rarely comment…because i am brain dead in the technology arena.
    thanks for all the great advice!