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Shiny Media launches Propellerhead and Catwalk Queen

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of October 2005 Blog Networks 0 Comments

UK blogging network Shiny Media has just announced two news blogs – Propellerhead and Catwalk Queen.

Catwalk is a being billed as ‘your own personal online stylist’ and takes a look at how to look like your favorite celebrity. It complements the other fashion blogs that Shiny already has – they’re building quite a reputation in that area now.

Propellerhead is a tips blog for those with PC Problems (and what Windows user doesn’t?) with hints, tips and cheats galore.

Both sites feature Adsense ads, Propellerhead also has Chitika ads (something I think would do well on Catwalk Queen as well).

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  • Oooh! I’ve always wanted a propellerhead!

  • Those two blogs are like yin and yang, night and day, his and hers…

    I just got the strangest urge to set them up on a blind date! They’d be perfect for each other!

    In no time at all there’d be little Propellerheads and Catwalk Princesses all over the place.

  • hehe – nice one Bonnie!

  • Both of the sites looks great, especially Propellerhead.

    But why I don’t find any rss feeds?

  • EngLee – both sites have RSS feeds. You’re not finding them since you’re probably not running a browser with RSS autodiscovery. For example Firefox, Safari and Maxthon all display a special icon when you’re on a site that has a feed, and they even let you subscribe from within your browser.

    Autodiscovery of feeds is a great feature, which I note that Darren isn’t using here. Then again, neither am I, which I should probably fix right away – especially since I believe (but don’t quote me) that some search engines use the autodiscovery tag in your html to find your RSS feed.

  • I stand corrected – I reloaded this page and the RSS icon appearred. Apologies to Darren – great to see that he’s using autodiscovery.

    I must admit that I’m amazed that the default WordPress install (ala my blog) doesn’t come configured with it.

  • Thanks for all your kind comments. All the best from Shiny in London, England.

  • Libgeek,

    Both my WordPress blogs came with teh “autodiscovery RSS feeds” enabled by default. Maybe you have an old version of WordPress? Mine are 1.5…something. if you have an old version i highly suggest upgrading. It was REALLY easy to do.


  • It still helps to have a feed button on the page as well.

    I thought Propellerhead might’ve been about the software company, Reason music sequencer, etc. Ahh well…