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Shiny Media launch The Googly – Cricket Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of March 2006 Blog Networks 0 Comments

The Googly

I’m an Aussie and I’m proud of it – so when a blog launches on our national sport (ok, one of them) my ears prick up.

UK blog network, Shiny Media have just launched a Cricket Blog by the name of The Googly.

Now this is not a blog that will appeal to every reader of ProBlogger as it’s on a game that many around the world just don’t get – but it’s going to have a massive potential audience. When you consider that countries like India (with a population over over 1 billion people) play (and are rather obsessed about watching) cricket you begin to see the potential for a blog like this.

It’s a blog that looks like largely being monetized by AdSense at this point but I suspect they might do ok with affiliate programs down the track – especially if they decide to explore betting affiliate programs (lots of money goes down on cricket matches in some parts of the world).

My only sadness – they beat us at b5 to the punch as we’ve been working towards our own cricket blog for a while.

I don’t tend to announce new blogs these days – but this one’s going straight to the news aggregator!

PS: it’s going to be great to be able to be a reader of a UK Cricket Blog during the next Ashes series when their team gets completely trounced!

PS2: Apologies to readers in non Cricketing parts of the world who have no idea what I was just writing about – feel free to ignore this post :-)

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  • Still sore about the last Ashes then are we? :-)

  • Cricket? Is that anything like basketball? ;)

  • More than sore … we want them back. Just doesn’t seem right the best cricket team in the world not having them ;-)

    Now when are you Americans gonna get into cricket – sure beats baseball (I’ll duck for cover now as rotten tomatoes and eggs get hurled at me) ;-)

  • The only thing we do with crickets here in the states is go fishin’ with them.


  • hehe

    Tim – not sore, just looking forward with anticipation for a chance to crush the Poms

    A1Arcade – yep – very similar to Basketball…… (humor him ppl)

    Martin – very true. We were robbed

    PaulV – very sad – you don’t know what you’re missing.

  • “Cricket? Is that anything like basketball? ;)”

    No. It’s sort of a hunting meets rugby meets skiing sort of deal. Very difficult to explain. ;)

  • Geez I’m glad footy’s back…..

    I think The Ashes is about the only interesting series going around at the moment. I honestly can’t think of another test series opponent that’s interesting to play right now except for England.

  • oh – footy will be a good season this year….although i think my beloved Blues will continue to struggle.. :-(

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  • Yep … I can easily see the Blues struggling … again :-)

    As for the mighty Pies … this is our year, or maybe next year … or the year after :-(

  • I don’t think so Martin, personally I see a West Coast v Fremantle Grand Final :-)

  • More like “lets watch those South Africans get their own back against the Aussies here in SA”. hehe.

    It’s high time we gave u Aussies some stick! ;-)

  • We’ve got those Ashes and we’re keeping them. You shouldn’t have mentioned cricket – you don’t know what you’ve started.

  • I’m sure there’s room for more cricket blogs.

  • Great! I have recently started a Cricket Blog and would like to compare notes with them about it.