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Search for an Affiliate Program that fits your Blog

Building-A-Better-Blog-2Today your task in the 31 Day Project is to carry out a search for an Affiliate Program that fits your blog.

Those of you not interested in monetizing your blog might want to go back to one of the previous 12 days in this project to repeat one of the earlier tasks (you can’t do these sorts of things enough) – but for those of you who are making money from your blog (or wanting to) through affiliate programs – this is an exercise worth doing from time to time.

New products and services are constantly being released in all manner of areas and it’s highly likely that in the topic that you write about there are some undiscovered affiliate programs that you might not have found yet.

It’s easy as a blogger to become a little complacent about finding new income streams for your blog – but this can be a trap. For starters you could be missing out on some new affiliate program that could be making you nice money – but secondly one of the problems with affiliate programs on blogs is that because many blogs have a loyal readership, readers do tend to become blind to affiliate programs that they’ve seen you promoting before.

The simplest way to find new affiliate programs is simply via Google (type in ‘your topic affiliate program’) but it can also be worth spending a little time digging around in some of the larger affiliate networks like Clickbank, Linkshare, Commission Junction or to even look in Google AdSense’s Referral program (where there are new options being added all the time).

Another way to find them is to check out other websites and blogs in your niche to see what affiliate programs they are promoting.

This is an exercise that I’d recommend you do every month or so as you’ll be surprised what programs pop up.

Let us know how you go in your hunt for new affiliate programs in comments below. How do you find them? Which ones convert best for you?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hi Darrent, can you recommend which network is the best, Clickbank, Linkshare, Commission Junction or Azoogle? Does some of the affiliate offer overlap for these networks?

  2. I just started using Commission Junction and I’m pretty happy with it so far. Their website seems a little slow sometimes, but they have a good variety of vendors and they’re pretty easy to customize.

  3. that is tru – there are multiple and many blogs out there that release products everyday and they need to be exposed and one of the ways marketers do that is affiliate programs

    I like them because it gives me a chance to expose the new product to my list or others on the net

    as per the list of affiliate programs I do not like CJ that much as it does not produce a high conversion and soon my acct was deleted

  4. I also just started to sign up with commission juntion but unfotunately the clickbank didn’t approved affiliater from Malaysia. So sad to hear that. Anyway problogger, good information

  5. I never really consider advertising on my blog. I could see the attraction and I think my decision would be different if the site was more popular.

  6. Never had good returns with affliate programs I tried before. Or perhaps it’s just too early for my blog?

  7. The idea behind this tip is to try an affiliate program you have not looked into before, or to look beyond what you’re already using in case there are newer options than the last time you did your research. Darren has written a few times about Amazon’s program, and it’s very popular. But taking a second (or third) look at CJ or Linkshare might prove very fruitful because new advertisers are joining all the time.

    There could be lots of reasons why affiliate ads have not worked for someone. One of the problems with affiliate ads is that it becomes YOUR responsibility to know your readers well, and thus what kinds of ads and products they might find interesting. A service like AdSense solves that problem, however you’ll only be paid for clicks (whereas an affiliate relationship would have rewarded you for the subsequent sale).

    Google’s referrals are similar to CJ and Linkshare, and one of their advantages is that you don’t have to wait for each advertiser to approve you (it can take several weeks in some cases — and it especially stinks when you’re not approved and get no proper explanation about what needs to be fixed about your site). However, I’ve also had a problem that Google keeps showing ads from products I never chose, and which I tihnk are completely irrelevant for my readers.

  8. I use a combination of Clickbank and Linkshare affiliates.

    Clickbank has great ebooks on just about any topic you can think of. I think it’s best to try the product before advertising it on your site however, so the question is really what ebooks interest you?

    Perhaps those ones will interest your readers as well.

  9. Another good place to look for affiliate programs is at Associate Programs. There is a really extensive database there for everything from memberships and virtual products to physical products and services. That´s where I head when I need a new way to monetize.

    Also, it´s a great idea to just surf sites that are related to your keywords and if you find a product or service site, check to see if they have an affiliate program. You can do this any time you come across a website that you like.

  10. I went to Linkshare to give them my contact info. Because I am a B2B pretty much, their affliates seem to work best with what I do. But, I also like to comment freely on my blog about what is going on in the business/marketing world. Some may find this offensive or a conflict of interest. But, it’s all part of the gig. What do you recommend in that instance? I’ve put a really long blog post up on how bad customer service has gotten….It is something of a rant, but actually has some strategy buried down in the middle and ends with a slam on the telephone and cable companies. However, reading through it, anyone in business might relate or take offense to it. I thought about what you said about only deleting two posts in the years you’ve done your blog and I am already thinking I have to delete one in order to attract the right advertisers and that is not what I want to have happen. Originally I didn’t want to have advertising on my blog for that very reason, and now I think monetizing my blog when it’s time, since I’m new, is a good idea. It will help be able to keep it going and I am adding a value to the readership once I launch it.

  11. Uh, don’t mean to sound naive, but what is an affiliate program?

  12. Linkshare I’ve found doesn’t relate that well to the potential of blogs. They seem to be too strict in how they let people join particular programs. Whether that’s Linkshare or the actual affiliate company, not sure.

    CJ is great. Clickbank also.Just make sure the products are relevant.

  13. I’ve definitely found that different programs fit different sites. I run several blogs. Amazon works well on one, and eBay works great on another. It all comes down to who’s reading and what the context is.

  14. Linkshare and cj are the best

    testi – http://www.testi32.com

  15. I actually got contacted by a merchant looking for affiliates. I haven’t been using it effectively yet, but I’m hoping my new layout for cigar reviews helps that. I add a Buy it Now link next to the price. My only problem is I need to cover more of the cigars they carry.

  16. google affiliates kinda suck … but ain’t chitika an Affiliate program ? i am pretty happy with chitika atm .

  17. The Google Adsense Referral program is getting pretty interesting – starting to compete with mainstream affiliate apps.

  18. I’ve made a little bit of money from Adsense, but not even enough to pay my hosting fees. I’m not blogging for the money though, I just love doing it!

    I recently canned my Amazon affiliate program because they are selling dogfighting magazines – which is something I’m very much against.

    So I signed up with Commission Junction. Haven’t made anything yet, but I like the variety of programs they offer and the easiness of implementing new links onto my blogs.

    Maybe in a year or two I might start making a little more money. But in the meantime, I’m perfectly content writing quality content for the small group that reads me on a regular basis.

    Great Post!

  19. Been trying out CJ, Linkshare and of course, Google. All provides very professional services. Now it comes to how is my blog converting. A big topic…

  20. I am having a decent success with CJ. The most important thing to be successful with any affiliate program is choose the right programs which are extremely relavant tou your blog topic. And never try to promote the product, just create a need for that product and leave the rest to merchant :)

  21. I dont thnk you can go past social networking for finding great affiliate programs. There are plenty to choose from out there (social networking sites AND affiliate programs). Obviously you want programs that line up with your blog. I LOVE the one associated to my blog. In fact, it inspired me to START a blog.

    Another program I like though is http://www.abundancebydefault.com. But if you look at that one it has NOTHING to do with my blog. So my plan would be to set up a SEPARATE blog and have appropriate product placement for it.

    You will be amazed how effective related programs are for your blog compared to the “default” landing pages for these same programs.

  22. Repost- Sorry the URL didn’t work. That’s no use to anyone. (Hopefully Darren can remove the “dud” post) :-)


    I dont thnk you can go past social networking for finding great affiliate programs. There are plenty to choose from out there (social networking sites AND affiliate programs). Obviously you want programs that line up with your blog. I LOVE the one associated to my blog. In fact, it inspired me to START a blog.

    Another program I like though is http://www.abundancebydefault.com . But if you look at that one it has NOTHING to do with my blog. So my plan would be to set up a SEPARATE blog and have appropriate product placement for it.

    You will be amazed how effective related programs are for your blog compared to the “default” landing pages for these same programs.

  23. If you have pasted google adsense code on your site. I think you can’t paste Clickbank, CJ or anyother competiting code on the same page. Please check the program policies friends .

  24. Amazon and AdSense are performing well. I’ve just started to dabble with RSS advertising via FAN too!

  25. I use IndieClick and Adsense, but would love to find something new to replace IndieClick with. I keep their ad at the top of my site ( http://CrownDozen.com ), but get paid pocket change. Anyone have any recommendations for youth-minded or hipster-centric ad networks?

  26. I have heard of clickbank and linkshare but I haven’t heard of commission junction. I’ll have to try them out over the next month or so and find out how they do.

  27. Making money online is a great thing but it is important to carefully choose ad and affiliate networks.

  28. Wow, there were so many affiliate programs and i wasn’t even aware of them?

    Thanks for this.

  29. Cj is best. try them even on blogs.

  30. I search alot for new affiliate programs and as a general rule I go with the ones that are in my niche area but ones that pay high commissions if possible around 50% – 70% is the commission rate you should be aiming for.

    Thanks for this post, it erved as a reminder to do a new search every now and again as it keeps promotions fresh!

  31. Great post, darren! I have been working on a good way to utilize zazzle’s affiliate program to help monitize my blog. In fact, I get paid an extra commission on products that I actually design! I think eventually I will have worked out a “store” page with “timmyjohnboy.com” products. Have you heard of this and what’s your thoughts on zazzle?

  32. Thank you for all the great information in this 31 day event. I have only been blogging for a few months and I am learning so much from people like you. I have yet to find an effective way to monetize my blog but hopefully that is coming.

  33. @timmyjohnboy, I’ve used the Zazzle API and have found that it works and converts very well! There are 10,000’s of affiliate programs out there, it’s just a case of finding them!

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