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reddit buttons

Redditreddit have released reddit buttons for webmasters and bloggers to put on their sites to help spread the word about their posts.

They come in three styles. Give them a go and let us know how you find them. Do you actively promote social bookmarking options to your readers? Do you find they work or are readers becoming blind to them?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • I’ve just started putting them. Time will tell.

  • I was just trying them out, actually. It’s rather a pain to put your url in and wordpress is eating part of the code. If I can get them working properly, I’ll let you know if they help.

  • A.H

    I think that’s brilliant! i will surely be using it =)


  • I’ve used them for the past week or so and haven’t noticed many clicks from the social bookmarking sites, I’d rather think that people are blind to them than to think what that means for the quality of my posts!
    TBH, I’ll click the “post to delicious” link I dragged into my browser toolbar if I find something interesting before I’ll use a site’s link.

  • Great idea on the buttons. Thanks for the scoop.

  • i have used them extensively and yes, i get many clicks .REDDIT is the most useful.

    But i have been finding their use limited since these sites are used predominantly in USA,Europe,AU/NZ. For some reason or another Indians dont use them so extensively and since my site is India centric, not much of use for me.

    I now use Blogstreet’s India centric version, which also lets me pos
    t story links, but the readership of this too is limited , i feel, since its newly launched.

  • I’ve never been a terribly big fan of having those kind of links / buttons on my sites. I’ve had them at times, but always end up taking them off. I like to keep the clutter down personally, but if I had an extremely high-traffic site, then it might be worth it. A small percentage of many thousand visitors is still a pretty solid number.

  • Yee. It doesn’t work.

    I put this on here:

    In the button with url:


    I think better will be if i can add this to php code and it will be inteligent, display submit on every post or numbers of reddit on that post.


  • Is the idea behind this that for each article you write you should submit it to digg or reddit and then just let your visitors vote for them? Or is the idea that you would want one of your visitors to submit it?

  • I use the Sociable ( plugin for wordpress, it seems pretty neat and tidy. It’s not interactive or anything like this but it kills all the birds with one stone.

  • Thanks for tip! I’ve added this to my blog. :-)

  • I’m using Sociable also and it makes it very easy rather than having to fool around with code. You have a couple dozen buttons you can choose from, but I would only use the five or six most popular with your readers.

  • Hi,

    I have released the reddit button Plugin for WordPress which seemlessly integrates the reddit button code into the WordPress post.

    The plugin is available at

  • I’ve added it. Still have to play with the code to get it in the right spot (I’m still learning all this). Can’t hurt to give it a go…………

  • Mining the social bookmarking sites is an art it intself. But if done correctly can be very rewarding.

  • I added the reddit code yesterday afternoon and submitted one post. I just checked my visitor stats and have seen a 12% increase! Though my stats are quite low, it’s still nice to see some new traffic.

    Thanx for the tip Darren.

    David “CrazyKinux” Perry

  • Does anyoby use Blogger? I would like to set it on my blogs but I use Blogger which is not the most flexible solution for plugins.


  • Hey Marc,

    I use Blogger and it works fine (as I mentioned above – see, you just have to edit the HTML template. Look for the following words “PermFooterPost”, and paste the reddit code after ‘by .‘ Make sure you change ‘[URL]’ to ” in the reddit code.

    You should be in business after that. If not, email me: crazykinux [at]

  • Seems the code was removed when I posted my comments, though I see from your blog that you’ve got it working!

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  • Question about Reddit. When I post one of my articles it doesn’t seem to make it into the “new” que any more. (it used to). Any idea why this is happening? Is there a point where Reddit won’t accept more material from a website?

  • i did not understand the concept,where to add the code or how to register the url

  • I’ll give it a try