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Re-Tweeted – Top Post Titles

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of April 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

After the success of last week’s Re-Tweet project where I asked my Twitter followers to submit posts around a theme I thought I’d give it another go this week.

This week I asked followers to submit their best post title (and URL) from the last month on their blogs.

My hope in this (like last week) was to give the rest of us a little inspiration in the writing of our own posts – particularly the titles. You see the title of a post is such an important thing – it can mean the difference between your post being read or not.

So here are the 116 submissions (where people submitted more than one I’ve only included the first) that I received from my Twitter followers. Surf them – link up to those you connect with and if you’re on Twitter follow as many of this great bunch of bloggers as you can!

  1. Twit from PHP with cURL by @tosoAplos
  2. Phase One: In which we rickroll a desk – by @CleverUserName
  3. Stu Talk #1 – Practical Community Identity by @theunguru
  4. Being (Online) Social by @radix33
  5. Dude Broke His Foot by @dwendland
  6. Vintage Slug Advertising by @neonbubble
  7. A Salty Chocolate Bar by @wildhoney
  8. Save the Developers! Upgrade Your Browser by @idesignstudios
  9. Creating Stop Signs for Site Traffic – by @jasonboom
  10. Terms of Use – Are they Pointless by @aflusche
  11. 4 Ways to Kick Your Blog in the Butt by @GrantGriffiths
  12. Meeting God at Wells by @pastorshawna
  13. Are you ready to take off or to land? Be the pilot of your business plane! by @terencechang
  14. The Importance of a Day Off by @10kthings
  15. St. Palm Patrick’s Sunday by @coffeesister
  16. Change the Rules, Then Cross the Street by @jacobm
  17. 10 diet friendly snacks that satisfy your need for sweet by @afexion
  18. How Do You Facebook? by@davidgiesberg
  19. If You Do Not Comment On This Post You Fail At Life by @UniKid
  20. Getting people to read your blog i.e. Linkbait by @nickclarson
  21. Real commitment or lipstick on a pig? by @trib
  22. Do You Have Secret Business Syndrome? by @bigbrightbulb
  23. Hate Destroys the Hater by @jnbammer
  24. 17 Habits of Highly Popular Bloggers by @skinner
  25. Terrorism – Why aren’t you afraid yet? by @koreyk
  26. Winos have smaller brainos by @deege
  27. Colorful Cardamom Roasted Cauliflower by @Sundaydinner
  28. And oh, BY THE WAY… by @ericablonde
  29. Start Spreading the News, I’m Leaving in May by @rhyswynne
  30. You are not where you think you are! by @gCaptain
  31. Taking Criticism: Are You A Dinosaur by @SHurleyHall
  32. Oops, I did it again: bubbles, balls and burn-out by @jonathanfields
  33. Fuel Cell Cars :: ride into the future by @cdhinton
  34. Go Go Gadget Ads by Doubleohd
  35. Right Off! by @GoonSquadSarah
  36. Beyond Blogs: The Conversation Has Moved Into The Flow by @stoweboyd
  37. How We Got A $1608 Cash Back Rebate Check by @bargainr
  38. Adobe Photoshop Express & The Mindless Photo Rights Grab by @jimgoldstein
  39. Stallion Battalion by @splitbrain
  40. Last Meal In Singapore by @texasag90
  41. #176 Nahin Saab, Kuch Nahin Bachta… by @dybydx
  42. No Hype But Some People Should Probably Read This by @AndyBeard
  43. Wallet Mouth? How You Spend Speaks To How You Want To Be Seen by @SCartierLiebel
  44. adopt/adapt/apply by @dydimustk
  45. Holding Hands is CHILD ABUSE! by @thepsychoexwife
  46. Hard Lessons for Entrepreneurs by @sbpalding
  47. Take great photos with a point and shoot! by @sduffyphotos
  48. 13 Ways to Move Big Files on the Web by @charpolanosky
  49. Why Not Be A Tiny Cocktail Sausage? by @anneplamore
  50. Don’t Drive Angry: Stepping Back from a Failed Internet Marketing Campaign by @portentint
  51. Jamaican Me Crazy! by @theblanchard
  52. Wardrobe Essentials For College Girls by @collegefashion
  53. Online Storage – MediaMax’s High Tech Extortion by @MadLid
  54. Apple Is a Mean, Hot, Devil-Woman by @MattJMcD
  55. London breaks with theatre show and hotel by @aroberts
  56. 60% of Photoshop Users are PIRATES! by @auer1816
  57. The 007 Twister by @OldManMusings
  58. Ahhh… Umbria by @soultravelers3
  59. Why New Tech Doesn’t Need SEO by @brianlburns
  60. 1 marshmallow or 2? A study on the benefits of delayed gratification by @glbguy
  61. He was the best of candidates, he was the worst of candidates… by @sorenj
  62. First Draft Mantra: Make It Crappy by @QRW
  63. Holy Cow! Beatle Bob Is In Blender! by @patrikd88
  64. Get Your Sleep Or You Will Be Fat & Sick by @myrnaweinreich
  65. 7 Mountain Biking Confidence Killers by @UltraRob
  66. When The Rich Wage War, It’s The Poor Who Die by @TwisterMC
  67. 40 Things to Do with Your Old Socks by @DebNG
  68. Me and My Cash Flow Problem by @MMarquit
  69. Seven Wonders of the Fashion World by @jaybol
  70. Hit Me! SolidWorks and “21″ The Movie by @solidsmack
  71. Jason Calacanis – Just the Opinion of a Simple Kansas Girl by @hawksdomain
  72. UK Circuit RIder 4.0 Round up by @LittleLaura
  73. Police 2.0 – To Protect and to Twitter! by @carterfsmith
  74. Weight Loss Success: Core Commitment and Support Podcast by @queenofkaos
  75. Understanding The Visitor’s Psychology: Becoming One With The Reader by @tibipuiu
  76. Audrina Patridge Explains Why She Accidentally Took Naked Pics by @SheaJ12
  77. My Funniest Frugal Fix by @Lynnae
  78. Ten CD/Book Release Party Don’ts by @deegospel
  79. Tweet me on TWITTER, Tweety! by @RhodesTer
  80. Never Underestimate Commenting by @whojaybe
  81. Registration walls and user exodus water falls (or, how do you get people to comment on your stuff?) by @ebrage
  82. Conscious Breathing-More Than A Health Benefit by @myrnaweinreich
  83. Sony DIME Press Event – Foam City, Miami by @hawridger
  84. You Can Always Monetize Web Traffic by @FeedbackSecrets
  85. How To Install DOMtabs on WordPress by @problogdesign
  86. The Joys of Scaremongering by @OwenC
  87. When Good Friday is just okay by @jakebouma
  88. Broadband Speed Test: How To Estimate Your Real ADSL Speed by @ikaronet
  89. TheJetsBlog.com & SportsNet New York Agree to Partnership by @thejetsblog
  90. Enemies Are Important: Branding Your Website With the Right Villains by @doshdosh
  91. Gangsta Rapper = Future Good Husband? by @AGoodHusband
  92. I should stop reading and start doing! by @infektia
  93. Hard times in Al-Andalus by @azizhp
  94. There Is No Future In This Architecture by @schmutzie
  95. 6 Tips For Better About Pages by @jamieharrop
  96. You Gotta Have Friends by @Teeg
  97. Don’t Tell Your Friends You Make Money, but Tell Your Friends by @ianternet
  98. Where Karl Does His First Video Post Naked by @karlerikson
  99. 50 Uses for Plastic Easter Eggs by @Raesmom
  100. Is Your Ann Arbor home Stinkey? by @missycaulk
  101. Apple, La La, and Goat by @stshores24
  102. Happy St. Patricks Day! by @Sorka
  103. Please Don’t SPAM My RSS Reader by @chrisblackwell
  104. Accredited Home Lenders – the kid that touched the stove again by @morganb
  105. The Great Manic Depressive: The Markets by @RhodyTrader
  106. Engadget leads World Top 100 Blogs by @digitalfilipino
  107. 30 Fonts that all designers must own by @justcreative
  108. Classic Mod Daylight for Sale by @Remiss63
  109. Cancer Fatigue: It Feels Like Death by @susanreynolds
  110. How Twitter Helped Me Meet My Deadline by @amypalko
  111. How To Recruit a Small Army by @chrisguillebeau
  112. Instant Head Relief by @lordlikely
  113. 5 Keyword Research Tips to Finding the Questions Your Readers Want Answered by @MartyJ
  114. What The Heck Are Emoodicons? by @johntunger
  115. Lessons learned from a stand up comedian by @JoshAnstey
  116. Beer And Milk = Bilk by @Neil_Duckett

As always – if you want to participate with these projects in future – follow me on Twitter and keep your eyes peeled for the next invitation to play.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks for the plug, Darren. Some good reads there! :)

  2. Woo Hoo i made it, thanks Darren!

  3. And thus another day of procrastination courtesy Darren Rowse.

  4. Thanks again for the re-tweet Darren… even more to read through this time – great to see.

  5. Thanks for the link mate.

    *chuckle* .. 116 .. that’s quite a bit of effort in sorting through all those.

  6. Thanks for the retweet, Darren. It will take a while to sift through all those.

  7. I waited and watched for the request for submissions and never saw it. Kind of bummed about it.

  8. Thanks a lot for the linkback Darren. I very much appreciate it:P

  9. Thanks! Those titles are inspiring. A few of the titles I even recognize from my RSS reader.

  10. Thankyou for this. I love how my #6 and the following #7 seem almost connected; slugs and salt.

    Better put aside some time to start reading through.

  11. I will take a look at these. Hopefully one of my humble posts will eventually contribute to the quality content of your blog!

  12. Hi Darren,

    Thanks for adding me to the list.

    These are really interesting and exciting projects you are running.

    Keep up the great work. Have a great day.


  13. Thanks for the link love!

    Lots of good content here…

  14. I like the diversity of the topics. It’s gonna take a while to go through the list, but so far I’ve found some great stuff.

  15. Thank you Darren for this opportunity. Getting a link back from your blog is really awesome.

  16. Thanks for including my post in this collection. There certainly is something for everyone here. Looking forward to the next challenge.

  17. Wow…116 submissions. I better get busy reading! Thanks for the resources and the link!

  18. Great idea to involve your readers.

    Here’s mine:
    Pig Out: A Roundup of all things Bacon

  19. Thanks for the plug, Darren!

  20. Great idea…and great follow-through. Thanks, Darren.

  21. Darren,

    Thanks for including my headline even though it came it came in late!

  22. Thanks for the link, Darren! And what a fun way to use Twitter. I’ve been trying to figure out useful and interesting ways to incorporate tweeting into my blog, and you’ve been a great inspiration. Thanks!

  23. Really great list, Darren! Next time I hope to make the cut .

    Loving all the great tips…and greatly enjoyed your April Fools.


  24. Really great list, Darren! Next time I hope to make the cut *grin*.

    Loving all the great tips…and greatly enjoyed your April Fools.


  25. Darren, you probably get this a lot but “you’re the man!!!”

    Thanks for the plug, appreciate it. I’m going to have to go through a bunch of these…


  26. Thank you for including my own humble effort, despite its late addition!

    Truly, you are a top chap INDEED.

    Many thanks!

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