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ProBlogger HQ 2.0

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of January 2008 Video Posts 0 Comments

A few weeks back I mentioned in passing that I’d show you my new office in a video. I never quite got around to that – so thought I’d show you today.

It’s not a whole lot different to last time in terms of desk and equipment but the outlook and room itself is a lot brighter and more comfortable. One thing I forgot to mention in the post is that this house not only has central heating for winter but for days like today (which will go over 42 degrees Celsius or 108 Fahrenheit) it’s got evaporative cooling.

As I did last time I did a tour of my office – feel free to show your own Blogging HQ in comments below. Do it as a post, post a picture to flickr or a video to youtube – and include the links below.

Here’s what readers shared last time (here and here).

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Wow, it’s impressive how organized is your desktop and office. I sent link to my boyfriend, to try to inspire him.

    I don’t have an office, because I live in a small apartment, but part of living room is my office. There is a picture of my small office (= computer table) at Flickr with notes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bibi/2186024492/

    All the other books (more than 1000) are in other two rooms, including the bedroom (and unfortunately, because I know it isn’t healthy).

  2. I think my favorite part is that mac on your desk. And don’t you love that new keyboard! I loooove mine.

    I’d put a picture of my office, but I have to flush first… :)

  3. The new office is much nicer :)

    Here’s the new and improved video tour of the Internetling HQ with your host, Greg. Hope it makes the batch:


  4. Really looks neat and tidy unlike my desk.

  5. wow! sweeeetttttt…

  6. As an Interior Designer and Blogger, I am quite impressed with your office. Very neat and well organized. Maybe a little color could be used on the walls other than that it is great. BTW…love the shutters!! I also struggle with the cord issues, especially when you have a desk with an open front. I work at a glass top desk and have to deal with 2 cords, one from my laptop and the other from the telephone. Otherwise my mouse and printer/scanner is wireless. I am anxiously awaiting the time when they will be able to have a longer battery life for laptops…then that cord could be eliminated too. Thanks for the video. Great friendly concept.

  7. I have been comtemplating get a Mac for some time, but I have been a PC user since the beginning. My only hesitation is the learning curve.

  8. I like your set up, nice and simple. Here is a picture of mine

  9. Spectacular setup Darren! Well organized and very high tech.

  10. Nice one Darren, here’s mine :

    P.S. : Love your accent!

  11. Hey Darren,

    Might went to get some cable rings mounted under the desk and run some braded sleeving (http://www.techflex.biz/) to keep the cables protected and out of the way.

    You could even drill a hold to drop the cables down if you were feeling adventurous.


  12. Hi
    i like your office tour. It seems that your office is much clean and nice than mine. You can see a picture of my desk on my blog at http://www.blogger-help.blogspot.com.


  13. Congrats Darren on your new office setup. Looks quite nice and clean.

  14. Much cleaner than mine. Nice space.

    My area is dark and cluttered but it works well for me

    Success For Your Blog World Headquarters


  15. calaelen.com – World of Warcraft Blogger (german)

    My Blogging Place :-)

  16. You definitely have a nice office. I personally love the natural light combined with the white shelving. It definitely brightens up the room! I’m sure it’s a pleasure to use as well.

    I’ve just begun blogging on my news site Geeks’ End. In my latest post I’ve included pictures of my work environment. Enjoy!


  17. I am in the Middle of moving to my new house as well so my HQ is down for right now but I post from my work and wherever I get a chance to post from :)

    I like your new HQ :) it is similar to my new HQ that I am buying on Jan 14th this monday so to say !

    You think I should take picture before and then after?

  18. Awesome set up Darren! How do you keep your table nice and clean like that? You know, with all the kids that might lurk around ;-)

    Anyway, are you OK with 31st floor blogging set ups?


  19. Nice, mine is not quite as nice but it servers it’s purpose, I really like the window, I have a big window and there is nothing better than to open the blinds on a nice sunny day and let the sun shine in.

  20. The window in my house is great, and i look one hour per day

  21. Looks awesome organizationally! Except as an artist, the walls look a little bare for my liking!

  22. Nice setup and verry good job. Greetings!

  23. here is my current setup.

    its’ really not an office but in a little nook in my apartment.


  24. Love the new setup! Here’s to another year of happy blogging

  25. Here you go, a quick overview and picture of my home office setup. Also included a picture of the thief who is availing himself of my hospitality. Thief!!


  26. Two monitors increases productivity SO MUCH. I now have 3 monitors… adding the fourth one once I “update” my HQ :)

    My Desk:


  27. Nice new set-up. Hope you enjoy the house!

  28. Your alcove totally needs a “ProBlogger HQ” neon sign! Not sure whether the Mrs would go for it though :)

  29. my earning is not enough to make office like that yet. but its great HQ 2.0, i am sure soon you going to get bigger office than that.

  30. Not as tidy as your’s (still working on it) but brand new office furniture arrived less than a week ago! The HQ for VAdirectory!


  31. Hi Darren,

    You look quite relaxed
    have you now got a new 2008 worthy badroom as well?


  32. Great setup – but alas, missing two things: a “think” couch and a bar fridge. Or is that in one of the other cupboards? ;)

  33. Did look neat – the main problem with my desk is that I keep forgetting to tidy up. You find random glasses of water from yesterday, which I admit, I should do something about, but hey :)

  34. Darren,
    Any chance you’ll have your videos captioned some day? I’d love to be able to understand what you’re saying. :)

    I don’t dare show the world my blogging space until I can clear a path to it.

  35. Nice, clean and well-organized. I really appreciate the uncluttered appearance. Good show!

  36. take a look at decluttered.com – one of the nicest places on web where you can find a way to declutter your desk :)

    yeah, how to mask those cables under your desk

  37. Wow, nice place there.. mine? I’ll let you know when it’s ready :)


  38. Nice one darren – good luck with you new place. forget the cable ties etc. as soon as you have put the ties in place and have decluttered you know what with happen….the mac/pc goes down and you have to access it and then you have to spent 3 hours cutting away at ties and cables :) it’s no good having a tidy desk – its not right and its not normal.
    all the best

  39. The office is great. I love the fact that you can put the desk in the middle of the room and that you have a view of the outdoors. I would recommend putting some sort of interesting garden feature outside of that window if you don’t have anything interesting to look at through that window. I think what you did with the alcove going into the office is great, but that picture should be hung in it, not sitting in it. One bump into the wall could sending hurtling out. I didn’t notice a ceiling fan and I know how hot Australia can get. I would install one of those. I loved the window style and the plantation style shutter, but you do need color on those walls, like the rest of the house. I really hope your not going to leave it white like that. I’d love to see a tour of the whole house when you get a chance. I’m always fascinated by other peoples houses. One of my favorite Sunday activities is going to open home tours.

  40. Greeting from Ireland! So Glad to have discovered your blog, loads of info and I do Love your new office sooo Tidy – Will that last :O)

    I will be dropping in here again!

  41. Pretty nice office I am sure the rest of the house is beautiful
    Kepp going.

  42. I think the best part of that video is that keyboard. Way awesome!

  43. Dude, you’re tall!

  44. Great setup, thanks for sharing.

  45. Your new office really looks great.

  46. Thank you for showing us your office. Your wireless Mouse/keyboard was kindda coooooll

  47. Pretty cool office great setup. I’m jealous

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