How to Come Up with Hundreds of Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

Day 11 is one of my favourite days and one that is going to pay off over the next few days and weeks of blogging.

It’s all about answering that question ‘what should I blog about today???’ that may bloggers struggle a lot with each day when they sit down to blog.

The idea today is to spend some time ahead of time answering that question so that next time you sit down to blog you can get straight into creating some great content.

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In todays Episode

  • A trap that many bloggers face when it comes to coming up with ideas for their blog
  • Two reasons why brainstorming ahead of time what to write about is so important
  • A process I used on Digital Photography School to come up with hundreds of blog post ideas (enough for my first couple of years of blogging)
  • A variety of other techniques and suggestions for coming up with blog post ideas – some which are based upon some of the previous episodes in this podcast series including setting up alerts and subscriptions you set up yesterday, emailing a reader, heading to the forum or group you’ve joined, social media accounts etc
  • How to tap into your own problems, questions and challenges to get content ideas
  • The challenge to set up an ideas collection system (I mention I use Evernote)

A couple of visuals from the exercise I suggest today:

1. describe the change you want to take your blog readers through:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.36.10 pm

2. break down that change that you wish to bring:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.36.29 pm

Your Challenge Today

Brainstorm at least 10 blog post ideas that you could use in the days and weeks ahead. If you can come up with more – please keep going while they’re flowing but do capture them!

Don’t get into writing the posts yet – just brainstorm. Tomorrow we’ll take the ideas to do something with them so tune back in then with your ideas ready.

Further Reading on Todays Challenge

Tell Us How You Went with Todays Challenge

  • How did you go with todays challenge?
  • How many ideas did you come up with?
  • Did you find it easy or hard?
  • What post idea are you most excited about writing?
  • What tool/system do you use to capture your ideas?

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