How to Convert a Casual Blog Reader into a Loyal Long Term Raving Fan

It’s day 5 of our 31 Day Challenge and today is a pretty simple one that could take you just a minute or two (although you could take a few moments extra and do it multiple times to extend the impact).

The task – is to email one of your blog’s readers!

send an email

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In This Episode

  • I share the 3 things I would always do in the early days of my blogging any time anyone left a comment on my blog
  • I share the impact that I saw doing this had on my readers (and how even 10 years later some of those readers still comment today on ProBlogger)
  • I suggest how you can extend todays exercise to make an even bigger impression on your readers – if you have a few more minutes

Todays exercise is super simple. In fact last time I talked about it on ProBlogger someone commented saying it wasn’t worth doing. But here’s the thing – this kind of action adds up over time.

Like I say in todays episode – do this every day for a year you’ll have made an impression upon hundreds of people – each who could become daily readers to your blog and whom have their own networks that they might just promote you to.

While we’d all love a big rush of overnight traffic as a way to grow readers the reality is that this one by one converting of ‘surfers’ into loyal ‘readers’ is the way that most blogs grow and this is one way to do that.

Give it a go and let us know in comments below how you found the exercise!

Further Reading

I mentioned this same idea in a post on ProBlogger – The Power of Personalisation.

Also check out this great presentation that Pat Flynn gave. He did this same talk at the ProBlogger Event last year and it had a big impact and talks about how to convert casual readers into raving fans. I think today’s exercise very much fits into an activity that could play a part in doing just that.

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