How to Get Your Blog Mobile Friendly

Welcome to day 6 of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge where today we’re going to talk about making your blog mobile friendly.

mobile friendly

While to get your blog completely mobile friendly will take you longer than a single day today you can come up with a plan to do so if you’ve not already.

This task is VERY important. We’re getting to the point where half of your blog’s readers are probably viewing your blog on mobile devices and if your design isn’t good you could be losing them and also running the risk of falling in Google’s search rankings!

If you’re already mobile friendly – todays a great day to review your design not that front.

In This Episode

  • Why a mobile friendly design is so important for you to have in place
  • Questions to ask when reviewing your blog design on mobile
  • 2 Tools from Google to help you assess how your blog is performing on mobile devices
  • My Confession with Mobile Friendly Blogs
  • 3 Suggested ways forward if your blog is not mobile friendly – plugins, responsive themes and custom design
  • Some suggestions for those of you who already have mobile friendly blogs

Tools and Resources

Test Your Blog

WordPress Plugins

Responsive Themes

    • I’ve used Studio Press who offer fully responsive designs.

Need Technical Support?

      • If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of installing and getting plugins set up or installing themes talk to the team at WPCurve who offer WordPress support and do small jobs. You can either sign up for a monthly plan to get ongoing support or hire them to do a one off job.

Note: I am an affiliate for StudioPress and WPCurve. I’ve also been a user of both services and recommend them genuinely fro that experience and from knowing the teams behind them well.

Check out this Offer from 99designs

Also check out the great offer our friends, and new podcast sponsor, 99designs have for you (worth $99). They’re a fantastic place to go if you’re looking for any help with graphic design in your blogging.

I use their services and have worked with some great designers to create graphic design creatives for my blogs.

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