How to Come Up with Hundreds of Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

Day 11 is one of my favourite days and one that is going to pay off over the next few days and weeks of blogging.

It’s all about answering that question ‘what should I blog about today???’ that may bloggers struggle a lot with each day when they sit down to blog.

The idea today is to spend some time ahead of time answering that question so that next time you sit down to blog you can get straight into creating some great content.

You can listen to todays episode above or in iTunes or Stitcher (where we’d also love to get your reviews).

In todays Episode

  • A trap that many bloggers face when it comes to coming up with ideas for their blog
  • Two reasons why brainstorming ahead of time what to write about is so important
  • A process I used on Digital Photography School to come up with hundreds of blog post ideas (enough for my first couple of years of blogging)
  • A variety of other techniques and suggestions for coming up with blog post ideas – some which are based upon some of the previous episodes in this podcast series including setting up alerts and subscriptions you set up yesterday, emailing a reader, heading to the forum or group you’ve joined, social media accounts etc
  • How to tap into your own problems, questions and challenges to get content ideas
  • The challenge to set up an ideas collection system (I mention I use Evernote)

A couple of visuals from the exercise I suggest today:

1. describe the change you want to take your blog readers through:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.36.10 pm

2. break down that change that you wish to bring:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.36.29 pm

Your Challenge Today

Brainstorm at least 10 blog post ideas that you could use in the days and weeks ahead. If you can come up with more – please keep going while they’re flowing but do capture them!

Don’t get into writing the posts yet – just brainstorm. Tomorrow we’ll take the ideas to do something with them so tune back in then with your ideas ready.

Further Reading on Todays Challenge

Tell Us How You Went with Todays Challenge

  • How did you go with todays challenge?
  • How many ideas did you come up with?
  • Did you find it easy or hard?
  • What post idea are you most excited about writing?
  • What tool/system do you use to capture your ideas?

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  • Sarah Schultz

    I would like to share that you incorrectly cited the source for “Why Brainstorming is Essential to Blogging.” That is found on my site not written by The SITS Girls.

    • Hi Sarah – you should check the site because the first page doesn’t identify you as the source, at least not where I saw. The second page does. I have subscribed and confirmed my subscription but couldn’t download the Brainstorm Printable – maybe you can tell what I’m doing wrong. Thanks.

    • apologies – will get that fixed up for you Sarah.

  • This was fun Darren – while you were talking I managed to list 14 ideas. I’m sure if I spend an hour at it I’ll be able to hit the 100 mark. Will be working on that this weekend.

  • Coming up with the ideas is never the problem right now. It’s the time to execute them all. But, I need to sit down and be more focused on how I accomplish them.

    • Agreed! I have a whole bunch of “draft” posts that are just hanging out waiting to be finished.

    • that’s tomorrow’s episode 🙂

  • Today’s challenge has actually had me thinking perhaps I need to split out and have two blogs. My main blog (Single Mother Ahoy) started out as being about my life as a single parent, and was based around parenting and lifestyle – but lately I’ve been writing about blogging and social media, and my pocast has been about social media.
    I have a business where I blog for clients and teach them how to use social media; there’s a website for that business, but I’ve never actually done much with it. I’m wondering whether I should begin putting all of my “practical/business” posts on there instead – but then it’s two blogs to maintain, two blogs to promote and suchlike. I’m not sure I’d be able to get the business blog up to scratch when I feel like I’m still working flat out to get good traffic on my original blog!

    • It seems like you should be able to do both on one blog if you can set it up correctly. You might want to check out this blogger’s website to see how she does it:

      She is a pretty successful blogger in my town.

      • Thank you Trynia, that’s really helpful. I think I need to do some work on the design of my blog so that I can display by categories rather than in a linear fashion!

        • For me I think it could work either way but probably depends on the type of clients you’re wanting. If you want clients in the parenting lifestyle space that it could work all together but if you wanted clients in other spaces it might make more sense to break them out into separate things.

  • Oh Amanda, if you write that Autocorrect post I’d love to read it!

  • Everyday I’m impressed with each new challenge. I like the idea of keeping in mind and building on “where is the reader when they arrive..where do I want them to be.” The Evernote tip is great and I’m taking a look at it. Doing this daily helps me to keep focused so here I am. I often have ideas floating around in my head but then tend to forget when it’s time to write. So I find myself hunting around for a topic. My ten includes certain topic formats I love to follow, such as “The Case For…” and “Monday Eats.” Here’s just a few:

    1. The Case For a Hanging Chair In Your Apartment (already working on this one)
    2. (Monday Eats) Stacked Sundae – Some Call It Dessert, I Call It Dinner! (this comes under my food photography efforts)
    3.Heat Loving Plants For Your Apartment Balcony
    4.XX Cool Apartment Bedrooms To Make You Feel Cool
    5. Can You Stacation In Your Apartment?

    • Thanks Shirley – glad you’re finding this helpful and that it inspired that great list of ideas.

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve been on your site Darren, and it’s the first time I’ve seen your podcast and I just want to say, I really like this template. I manage a podcast for one of my clients and, while it’s nice, the layout of this one is so user friendly for visitors, I think I might use this format 🙂 That is if it’s available as a wordpress theme.

    Also, the podcast is great. I’m definitely adding it to my iTunes.

    • Thanks Andrew – appreciate the feedback. We hacked this one together ourselves so it’s not a template but hope it provides some inspiration. Appreciate you stepping by and adding us to iTunes. Would love to grab a review for you if you have a moment too 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply Darren. I posted a review on iTunes earlier today and started listening to the podcast while I’m driving and working. Smart choice moving into this new medium, I’m sure your audience will only grow larger.

  • These podcasts are definitely helping me to narrow down my focus of my blog! I’ve been realizing that mosts of my blog posts have been stand-alone posts with no real voice behind them. I think it’s because I figured that no one was actually following my blog from day to day or post to post. Of course, now I’m worried that if I narrow my focus too much I will lose some of the readers that are currently following me… but I think in the long run, it is better to write for a particular audience rather than trying to write for everybody! So my goal for today is to come up with 10 ideas for posts that have a strong voice and that fit my newly narrowed focus.

    While I don’t want all of my posts to be about feminism, I am writing from a feminist perspective with the goal of my readers becoming more inspired, confident, and knowledgeable on social-political issues. As for my 10 post ideas, I luckily just started a mini-series on inspiration which will take up at least 4 posts as I write about 4 people who have inspired me.

    1.-4. Profiles of people who have inspired me.
    5. Entitlement and how people in the majority (by ethnicity or gender) feel that they “deserve” certain things, while people in minority groups oftentimes feel that they don’t deserve it or don’t belong in successful careers
    6. Is it okay to leave your drink unattended at a coffee shop?
    7. The need for a pronoun that is not gendered
    8. Thrift store shopping in your 30’s: What to buy and what not to buy
    9. Finding friends in adulthood: A How-to Guide
    10. What no one ever told you about growing leg hair as a woman in the U.S.

    • Love that these podcasts are helping Trynia! Well done for coming up with those 10 ideas – they look great!

    • Pete Reece

      What a great list.

  • I was impressed with the depth of content on your DPS site. I am aiming to build a serious amount of good content on my own. This is going to take plenty of hours reckoning on 2-4 a week that’s 200 in the next 12 months, should be a sound start.
    Finding things to write about isn’t too hard, I use Evernote to list them by rough category at the moment the topics are hitting the 70 mark within topic there are probably 10-20 posts some much more some less. Of course some of mine will be cyclical but I’ve decided to build them year on year (Garden TODOS for examples) rather than write it all at once.
    I’m also seeing a division of content between sharing professional material to other designers/landscapers and to clients but then at the end I want them all to be more inspired and better informed so I’m going to use categories initially rather than split the blog.
    It’s late, I have a big day at a clients open house and garden tomorrow and the bread I baked, late, is just about done. Happy Weekend all.

    • Love that you’re taking a long term approach with this one Rosalind!

  • StartUp Communty

    The Best Practice! Big THX 😉

  • I like the idea of writing posts that relate to each other instead of writing about a random topic every time. That’s something I have to think about.
    Meanwhile, I came up with a list of ideas for posts (my niche being weight loss, fitness, and healthy lifestyle):
    1. Find a powerful reason to change your lifestyle
    2. Tips on how to work exercise into your day
    3. My first, and very easy, workout routine
    4. How to put veggies in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner (that one could be three different posts)
    5. Measure your progress with non-scale victories
    6. My favorite strength and cardio moves (could be two posts)
    7. How to keep a food and exercise journal
    8. What you can learn from fallbacks
    9. My review of dieting apps
    10. Blogs to follow for weight loss
    I am excited to write about all of these topics. I will probably need to take lots of pics and maybe even some video. Exciting!
    As for capturing my ideas, I have a notebook I write everything in. Somehow, I just can’t keep track of notes on my computer. I am old school in that sense! Also, I am now following several of the nice people who have contributed to the comment section, and there are many awesome blogs out there. Looking forward to the posts you are all listing here!

  • Sam Walker

    This 31 days is definitely challenging me. I recently sat down and brain-stormed a heap of ideas. Obviously doing it regularly is a great habit to form. What I am constantly finding myself challenged with is developing my elevator pitch and determining what it is I want my readers to gain from our blog. I know that should be a no-brainer for me and yet I still seem to struggle with it. Our blog is only a few months old, so we are still finding a voice and adding a few categories as we progress. We have just moved to Cambodia so it is a whole new world in terms of everyday life and experiences.
    But here’s a few I have come up with today, off the back of recent experiences and what I am learning during this challenge:
    1. What to do when you develop health problems in Siem Reap
    2. Why travel insurance is a must and a few things you should know before you choose your insurance provider
    3. Staying healthy and eating well in Cambodia (possibly two separate posts)
    4. The burger crawl – where to find the best burgers in town
    5. The Diamond project – Meet some beautiful grandmothers and one grandfather being supported by a children’s home/NGO with regular food supplies
    6. The Landmine museum and the Aussie blokes who support it
    7. Plastic Free July – progress report – how successful was it, what we have accomplished this month
    8. Profile story – Sothy – a passionate English teacher who is fighting his own way out of poverty while trying to help others – why he inspires me
    9. Things you need to know about internet access in Cambodia
    10. What you need to know about drinking water in Cambodia
    11. Great travel tips from other bloggers
    Came up with more than I expected in just half an hour. Hopefully more will come from this with a bit more thought.
    And for capturing ideas I scribble ideas on random bits of paper and I have a word doc on my computer. I keep meaning to look into Evernote. Must do that.

    • Jerry Everard

      You’ve got some great ideas there Sam – love the idea of the profile of the English teacher, and the unusual angle of the landmine museum – which makes a lot of sense in Cambodia, but I bet not many are aware of it. Keep up the good work 🙂

      • Sam Walker

        Thanks Jerry. I have a million ideas. I’m a journalist and a story teller by nature. My real challenge is finding those “Shareable” ideas, which is what I was trying to do with this list.
        And I’m glad you like the idea of the profile on the teacher. I have a profile category set up on my blog. I call it meeting people, until I come up with something more original. I wasn’t sure how popular it would be with readers but it was kind of a selfish indulgence of my own. Features and profile stories are my favourite kinds of writing. My intention was to post one a week but it hasn’t happened yet. They are harder work than most blog posts – especially when dealing with language barriers.

    • wow – great list of ideas there Sam!

      • Sam Walker

        Thanks Darren.

  • Jerry Everard

    In the course of brainstorming and creating this list I remembered I had collected a number of audio soundscapes to give my blog a new kind of post – hence my latest post
    My list:
    1. How to beat jet-lag
    2. Then and now: Salisbury Cathedral
    3. Researching your destination
    4. How to record soundscapes while travelling
    5. Eating out in Van Gogh’s night cafe
    6. Edit your soundscapes on the go
    7. Packing for all climates at once
    8. The ergonomic desk in your hotel room – and other hotel room tips
    9. Top scams to watch for in France
    10. On the importance of shoes

    Some I’ve already pre-written so I can schedule them for regular release. Looking forward to the next one! 😀

    • great list – there’s a couple there that I’d read!

      • Yes, looking forward to some more interesting posts, Jerry. I loved your Rhone post.

  • Kent McDonald

    Thanks for this podcast and the whole series. Wanted to share a couple of thoughts.

    1) I’m in a good spot right now with respect to thinking of things to write about as a book I have been writing is in the final stages of completion with a publisher, and a friend of mine has been nagging (oops, not supposed to call it nagging, I meant strong suggest) that I share excerpts from the book to whet people’s appetite, so I plan to do that over the coming days. The practice of generating 10 ideas will be helpful for me to decide which bits I’m going to share.

    2) The technique you shared about getting people from where they are to where you want them to be is so simple, yet so brilliant. I realized while listening to the episode that technique can also be a useful technique for stakeholder engagement on IT Projects. In fact one of my ideas will be to describe this technique (with proper attribution to you of course) and how it can be applied to stakeholder management. Thanks!

    • you’re welcome Kent. Glad you found it useful – very cool to hear how it’s helping. Thanks for sharing.

  • A quick contribution today. It’s wet and cold and rainy here in Melbourne. Perfect weather to take myself off to a coffee shop and brainstorm my list, which is exactly what I’m going to do. In the meanwhile, I wanted to suggest that Wunderlist is a great app for capturing blog ideas on the move. I use Evernote a lot as well and it’s a great way to create searchable repositories of data but I find it’s task functions a little clunky. Wunderlist is available on all platforms and let’s you create buckets of lists that can include notes, urls and subtasks. Super handy, check it out. ( Now, where’s my umbrella…

    • So, I did end up at shut-in at a coffee shop while it rained cats and dogs outside, and managed to come up with a list of ten post ideas. Here they are:

      1. List post: 5 LEGO Instrgammers who’ll change how you think about toy photography
      2. Interview post: 5 Inspiring LEGO Instagrammers share their favourite shot ( a followup one-question interview to the list post)
      3. Link post: 7 LEGO blogs that champion the power of the brick
      4. Review post: My favourite childhood LEGO set
      5. List post: 5 Instagrammers who are tackling their Ultimate Goals (and what we can learn from them)
      6. Interview post: 5 successful Instagrammers share their secret to realising their goals (again, a followup, one question interview post)
      7. Resource post: The essential tools in my mobile photography toolkit
      8. Discussion starter: 7 places I want my Ultimate Goals to take me, and why
      9. Review: This geek reviews “American Nerd: The Story of My People”

      10. Teaser post: My super secret LEGO ideas project

      As you can see, I like LEGO 🙂 I’m pleased with the posts I came up with and how they return to the elevator pitch your guidance helped me devise previously (and have since added to my about page, :

      “This Geek’s Goals connects one guys day-to-day interests with his Ultimate Goal List, demonstrating the power of goal setting and the joys of geek culture.”

      Also pleasing, I came up with more than these 10 ideas AND I came up with a list of concepts for new Instagram shoot set ups I’d like to plan for and capture in the coming months, some of which will feed in to posts in the future.

      This was a good process to go though, so thanks Darren for another excellent tip.

      Keep well all,

      • what a cold weekend it was Mark – glad you used the time well!

        I’ve just started using Wunderlist recently – not sure I’ll use it for ideas as I use Evernote but it’s been great for me to use for to-do lists.

  • Really helpful, right away went into GGl Caledar as I liked how yours looked color coded- as i”m very visual. Wanted to share a great blog post by Harsh Argawal over at his blog ShoutMeLoud. It’s a post on title idea generators and he has 1 in particular I found to be awesome, it actually generated too many ideas! But his post is here:
    Of course then one should consider SEO and reader concerns. The tool I liked best was called: TweakyourBiz. And it divides into categories like “list,” “sex” (where your title somehow relates a word to sex.)
    Example of one that comes up in Celebrities- I put “business blogging” and a result was “Business Blogging Like Brad Pitt.” These fun titles might work for promotion on social media, but perhaps the more staid and straightforward ones as actual titles. And I found that the silly ones like the one mentioned actually stokes my brain to make that connection between two apparently disparate things.
    So try one of these tools- hope this helps!

    • Pete Reece

      I’ve bookmarked Harsh’s blog Vivinne – could be very useful.

      • Yeah I did find the title generator got my brain going, now I”m combing through and tweaking.

    • good work Vivinne!

  • So my thing is basically the healthy, wealthy, and wise woman (my idea of superwoman!). In my head it comes together fine but I am struggling to pull it all together in the real world. These podcasts are really helping so I appreciate it!! Here is my list of 10. I’m looking forward to writing these!

    Favourite low carb high fat breakfast

    Studying while working full time

    Making your own cosmetics

    A favourite recipe

    The introverted team player

    What not to wear in a business casual office

    how I balance work, study, play and exercise

    Why I still use a paper diary

    My creative space

    What I learned from my nieces and nephews about life

  • I can see why this is your favourite Darren. What a great way to identify blogging ideas. It’s so simple, yet so effective. Thank you.

  • Pete Reece

    As with several of you, I found the reader A to B approach very instructive. It’s made me have a re-think about my elevator pitch already and exactly what I would wish for my clients after reading my blog over a length of time. I think I’m nearly there with that. I’ve got quite a lot of ideas for posts and that list won’t be affected too much by the above thinking but it may help me to relate one post to the next as Darren suggested. This is such good stuff. I feel really energised by it.

  • These are all great ideas. After you decide on the topics for your blog, you can use my book, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, for blog post ideas.

  • trixi


    I’ve been blogging since 2009 and the praises for ‘problogger and Darren’ would always come up in many of the fb groups I belonged too. I ignored them…continually…until recently when someone mentioned the 31 Days to build a better blog podcast and I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I’m hooked and the first thing I do every morning is listen to your podcast (sometimes even before I’ve had my coffee). I love the podcasts and although I don’t do the challenges, the podcast usually sparks up an idea for something else I can do with my blog. In this podcast when I had to describe the change I want my blog readers to go through, I realised I was missing out the middle bit. My readers where parents wanting to sew (or craft) with their kids and I was giving them sewing project tutorials but I was missing out all the middle bits of how to actually get parents there.How to thread a needle, how to actually sew etc etc.The podcast was just like a kick saying …yes this is the important part…the how to of being able to do the project not just the tutorial! So in short, thanks 🙂

  • Came up with a Journey and a few ideas. Don’t think I’ll be stuck ever again. The Journey idea is a killer!

    My Reader Journey

    The Joomla Beat podcast blog is here to help people get from one point in their design and development career to a big thriving business or a successful solo one. Either way, they need to be awesome and grow what they do.

    Need to take people that know nothing or know WordPress to being full Joomla processionals. The Content will take the users through a Journey on the website from beginners to advanced users and then giving niched content in the form of Front End Development, Marketing & SEO, Site Management and Extension Development all depending on the strengths and direction the reader wishes to go and specialise in.

    Differences between Joomla and WordPress
    When would you use Joomla over WordPress
    Pros and Cons of WordPress
    Pros and Cons of Joomla
    Things that Annoy Me About WordPress
    Beginner Security Tips for Joomla
    Quick setup and Go with Joomla
    Looking at the Last 6 months of major security Vulnerabilities in Joomla Vs WordPress
    Top 5 things I Love about Using and Building Website with Joomla!
    Installing Joomla
    Finding and Installing your First Joomla Template
    Setting up Content and Menus in Joomla
    Setting Up a Contact Form
    What is a Theme in Joomla not a Template
    Anti spam Features in Joomla!
    Learning Resources and Getting Help with Joomla
    The Joomla Support Forums
    How Does the Joomla Organisation Work
    How to Volunteer for the Joomla Project

    Increasing Your Email List Conversions
    Advanced Security Tips for Joomla!
    Using RSForms to Create a Single Page Checkout Shopping Form
    Integrating BrainTree payments with RSFormsPro
    GravityForms Alternative for Joomla!
    Send an SMS from Your Website
    Turbo charging Your joomla website
    Module Management
    Difference Between Modules in Joomla! vs Widgets in WordPress
    Extending Joomla with Extensions
    10 Tips when Picking a Good Joomla Extensions

    Using AdminTools to help Secure Your Joomla Website
    Using MyJoomla to do a Security Audit
    Using Watchful to Manage Multiple Websites
    Using PowerAdmin to Manage and Build Your Joomla Website
    User management in Joomla
    Creating a decent self managed backup system
    Storing Backups on Amazon S3
    Creating multiple access groups and setting access in Joomla
    Tools to help managed your web design web development business
    Project Management Tools
    Proposal Writing Hints and Tips
    Best Software to Use to Run Your Digital Agency
    Working in Teams to Build a Web Project
    Tips on Hiring a Development Team
    What to Ask Your Future Development Team before Starting a Project with Them
    Outsourcing your Development to a decent Development Team
    How to spot a bad developer
    Waterfall project management vs agile development and management methodology
    Tools to Help Your Online Productivity
    Going Completely Remote and Leaving that Office Cubical Behind
    Working with Overseas Developers
    Create an Intranet with Joomla to Train Staff and Developers

    Resources to Learn How to Develop Joomla! Extensions
    Where to start learning Joomla Code
    Supporting Joomla Bug Squashing While Improving Your Joomla Coding Skills
    Joomla Developer Conference
    Git and Source Control
    Git Workflows for Small Teams
    Managing Developers
    How to Make Money Selling Extensions
    What Have the Top Joomla Extension Providers Done to Earn More than 6 figures per year!

    SEO & Marketing
    Top 10 Things to Think About When Search Engine Optimising a Joomla Website
    Email Marketing Platforms, comparisons
    Planning Your SEO Strategy
    Content Strategy for Your Joomla Powered Website
    Publishing Tools and Publishing Work Flows in Joomla
    Basics to SEO with Joomla
    Where Do I Define Page Titles in Joomla
    Where to Place Metadata in Joomla
    Global SEO Settings, Best Practises
    5 Mistakes You Should Not Make with SEO
    Search Engine Optimisation with Joomla!
    Pros and Cons of SEO with Joomla! Vs WordPress
    Adding Social Sharing to Your Joomla Website
    Integrating Social Media on Your Website
    Using Google Ads to Drive Traffic
    Using Facebook Ads to Build Your Audience
    Learn How to Install Google Analytics on Your Joomla Website
    Understanding Google Analytics
    Best Joomla Extensions for SEO
    Understanding Joomla’s built in Microdata Schemas
    Social Media Tools to Make Your Live Easier
    Auto Schedule Your Social Media to Success

    Understanding Templating
    Creating Styles in Joomla!
    Assigning Templates to Menu Structure
    Header Code in a Joomla Template
    Making a Module position
    Bootstrap templates
    XML files in Templates
    Understanding Responsive Websites
    Choosing the right mobile website build

    Creating an Online Membership Website with Joomla
    E-commerce and Joomla
    Selling Software on a Joomla Website
    Creating a Membership Forum
    Using Joomla for Email Marketing

  • The one thing I use which allows me to post more is Press This from WordPress. I am able to add a bookmark to my browser and when I come across an article or blog I want to write about, I just select Press This and a composition box pops up with the link to the article I just read. From there I compose my own post and publish straight away.

  • Hi, thanks for the series… I struggle with the opposite problem. I have too many ideas and limited time to write them (being a one man hobby site)

    I usually put out content if I think it is more time sensitive, but here is list of 16 posts I am planning (some of them are series so it’s actually more than 16)… one day, with your help, my blog will start generating revenue and I’ll be able to spend more time on it and create all the content I want 🙂

    1. Stated vs Actual Incentive – What really motivates the flow of $$$ Eggs, green power, etc

    2. Trump 2016 – A streetonomic look at the campaign (brainstorm diagram already drawn up)

    3. Hints to reduce credit card debt – a lending post which does not focus on home loans, plus addresses an important issue helping people manage cc debt problems

    4. How Does Salary Crediting work? – this was one of the 6 tips to pay off your mortgage faster. Create a more detailed explanation so that the 6 tips readers can link to it, and promote as own post

    5. Principle vs Interest – how much of your repayment reduces your loan, and how much is interest? Interest is like paying rent to the bank for holding their money..

    6. Bitcoin breaks USD $300 begining of a rally or time to shortsell? Leverage off success of former post about storm brewing for BTC, which was very successfully promoted in Bitcoin trading forums…

    7. Greece – the Case against Bitcoin – opposite opinion link post explaining how being in the EU and having the EUR has taken away macroeconomic tools which could have saved Greece… a universal currency with no central bank (Bitcoin) has the same problem….

    8. Rd to RG146 – a side blog I started to accompany my studies, plan is to blog the essential information and create some new calculators related to the learning… this is on the back burner but I want to get it done

    9. USANA, Amway Herbalife Nuskin Compensation Plans – leverage of organic traffic I get from ‘can you make money in MLM?’ post. Give a 4 part series in streetonomic explain in one in terms of: What you need to spend, and how many people you need in your team to make money

    10. Aussie Dollar Outlook: Short selling ahead – a ‘playing with money’ post giving our pov of the AUD and Aussie economy and why the next few years will be tough

    11. Wow Homes et al – playing with money look at these first home buyer groups… what do you get for your small deposit, what are the limitations are there any dangers?

    12. Vendor Finance – another one from the backlog been wanting to post on this for a while.

    13. Zombie Coins – an estimated 30% of Bitcoins mined so far are thought to be zombies (not touched for more than 18 months) Most of these believed to be lost forever… how does this impact the ‘fixed supply’… will there be any bitcoin left by 2140, or will they all be zombies by then?

    14. Denver Dimes – a little FYI about the U.S fiat that many might not know

    15. The power of a deposit – Australian mortgages are changing.. it’s shifting so that the bigger your deposit, the better your deal..

    16. Financial Planning risk profile – a playing with $ look at how financial advice can be automated very simply.

  • I found this episode to be my favorite! The simplicity of the straight line method was an ah ha. It created a lot of ideas for each of my blogs. Now if you just have a simple tip like this for gaining more time. LOL

  • Darren thanks for all these tools listed! I’m on a roll right now with ideas.

  • I’m impressed that everyone shared their 10 blog ideas. I revisited this podcast after listening to later ones. I’m surprised at how much easier it was to develop ideas after listening to the whole series thus far. I have six major topic areas that inspire me as relating to Family history. I generated 60+ but had to quit to care for the kiddos. I can easily see how you came up with 200 posts! So here’s my list for two of the six categories:

    Topic Area One: Why are you doing this? (what are your goals)
    * Finding a name for the temple… let’s learn about your people and find the names in the process
    * Write a story for a school project…
    * I’m naturally curious…

    Topic Area Two: Beginner Basics: It’s not what you think

    – What are the stories in your photos?
    – What are the stories in treasures of your home?
    – What stories can you capture from people (before it’s too late)?
    – Don’t pull out the chart until the perishable is preserved?
    – You need to talk to people for vital facts, can you do that?
    – Picking the program that’s right for you
    – Protect the living
    – Find a Family History Consultant… they’re your partner in this venture

    Okay… that’s 11 that I’m will to share. And like I said, there are plenty of other ideas I have generated before time ran out. Thank you Darren. I really think I can do this.

  • Jérôme Delacroix

    Couldn’t agree more on this: refrain as much as possible from entering into writing mode while brainstorming. At times, it is quite tempting. But then you will lose the benefit of massive blog post idea generation. Thanks, Darren!

  • Lauren Antley Wynn

    Hi, Darren. I stumbled upon this podcast quite by happy accident. I’m a total blogging nube with just 8 followers and only four posts thus far. Since my blog is a bit more philosophical than practical, the A to B took me a while to conceptualize, but I managed to get it down on paper. My blog is The Shared Art Experience and it’s intended to help people discover – or rediscover – their hidden artist, be that painting, music, writing or any other artform. Now it’s time to go back to podcast #1 and work through the whole program. I’ll be sure to check back in and let you know what results I’ve achieved.

    Mahal for sharing your expertise!

  • Just wanted to share how much I am enjoying your podcast. I am a new listener and am jumping around rather than going through the course sequentially. I have LOVED all the episodes so far but your technique for coming up with post ideas by mapping the transformation from A to B really resonated with me and now I have a renewed inspiration. Thank you.

    I also appreciate the clarity with which you explain the topics and the awesome sound quality of the recording (I can hear you clearly over the ropey engine noises of my very old car!)

    You are now officially my favourite blogging podcast. Glad I found you!

  • Gazzali Maidin

    Hi Darren

    Great advise

  • The A to B process is the best thing I’ve ever heard for getting your mind right about setting a theme, tone, and mindset for developing the culture of your blog. Thank you.

  • Lana Hirth

    Found this episode particularly helpful for planning ahead for next
    year. Also, it really helped me to put myself in my reader’s shoes in a
    way I’ve never seen before! I really emphasised with them and saw the issues they may have more clearly. Thank you.

  • I love the timeline idea. My person is one who desires optimizing wellness but doesn’t have a plan/organization to do so. When they follow me they will develop a skill set to confidently implement positive changes over time.

  • Christie Adams

    The A to B is a really good tool for us ‘visual learners’
    thank you

  • There’s something about pen and paper that makes this creative process much more engaging, isn’t it?

    I really liked the “Point A -> Point B” tip, and I ended up making a tree of thoughts! It was very productive advice, thank you!