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Got 30 Minutes? Learn How The Ninja Turns Blogs Into Real Businesses

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of August 2011 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Skip the Backstory and Take me to the Free Video and MindMap!

In 2002 I started my first blog without even the hint that blogging would be anything more to me than a hobby.

Over the years that have followed I began to see the potential of blogging to make money and began to experiment – growing blogging from a hobby, to a part time job to a full time job and beyond.

The evolution of my blogs was wonderful in many ways but meant I ended up with…. a bit of a mess.

A couple of years ago I sat down to do some strategic thinking about my blogging and realised that I’d created something that resembled a house that had had many extensions added to it.

It all worked – but it was far from the strategic business that it could be.

Really what it needed was an Architect.

Meet the Architect

Today I’m excited to introduce you to someone who in many ways has become the Architect of my business – The Web Marketing Ninja.

The Ninja has literally added 0’s to my blogs revenue with his advice. He’s smart, humble, warm hearted and ethical (and a little shy). Just my kind of online marketer.

Regular readers of ProBlogger already are familiar with the Ninja – he’s been guest posting here for a year or so.

Get inside the Ninjas Mind with this Free In Depth MindMap

But today the Ninja is stepping things up a notch and is going to reveal an in depth overview of how he approaches helping blogs transition from hobbies to businesses.


I was meeting with the Ninja recently to talk about a product launch that I’m doing and as we chatted I realised this guy has so much great strategy in his head that we just had to capture it somehow.

I issued him a challenge – get your approach down and share it with ProBlogger readers. Off the cuff I suggested he create a Mind Map outlining what he does.

Little did I know that the Ninja would not only create a MindMap – but he’d also go on to create a complete 31 chapter guide to online marketing complete with a heap of other tools for bloggers!

We’ll launch the full online marketing kit that he’s produced in the coming week or so but in the lead up to it I’ve asked the Ninja to share the Mind Map with ProBlogger readers today and to talk us through it step by step in a video.

The free video he’s created is not for the light hearted – it is 30 minutes long and is a meaty overview into the topic of online marketing. You’ll need to set aside some time, make yourself comfy and grab something to take notes with to make the most of this.

The Ninja is a little nervous about presenting it – it’s his first foray into the public limelight – but I love his gentle and yet smart approach and trust you will to.

The video is completely free and we’re not asking for your email address to watch it. We’ve also included the actual MindMap as a free PDF download too.

It is part of the lead up to launching the Online Marketing Kit but I’m confident that it’ll provide value to any blogger wanting to make money from their blog – whether you go on to buy the full kit or not.

Check out the Video and Download the Mind Map here.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. WebMarketingNinja says: 08/24/2011 at 10:29 am

    As Darren mention — I was a little nervouse recording this video — I’m used to being on the other end of this stuff! But I do hope you all get something from it.

  2. Fantastic resource, thanks for posting it – now to invent the time machine to take me back to when I first started. I think I need a DeLorean and 1.21 gigawatts and I’m good!

  3. I’ll check out the video and the Mind Map Thx!

  4. Mr.Darren Rowse i m in my early stages of blogging and actually needed a kind of stuff like this. I will apply this strategy to make my twitter tips blog more beneficial to others./

  5. Thanks for sharing the video with everyone Darren! I did sit with a cup of coffee and heard it till the last word. For a freelance writer, it was an eye opener!

  6. It will be good to have some of the Ninja’s professional experience. The mind map and the video will be worth it.

  7. I´m about to start a new blog and started to put all the stuff together. You saved me a lot of time. Thank you for sharing this!


  8. it seems very interesting, i will definitely do a try to this video and mind map.

  9. Excellent architecture for online marketing. But just who is the Ninja?

  10. Cant wait for the launch.

  11. Hi Darren and Ninja,

    Thank you so much for sharing this valuable video and PDF. What the Ninja shared is not only extremely helpful, but can save bloggers tons of time in their quest for an online income. My favorite part was where he discussed “Who you are”. If we don’t realize, from the beginning, we’re building a brand online (whether we’re trying to, or not), we’ll have a tougher time when we do decide to monetize our blogs if how we’ve projected ourselves is different than how we want to be perceived later.

  12. this looks pretty interesting..will check out the video and download the mind map for sure..

  13. it’s a great video that contains a lot of good points to learn for those aspiring blogger/writer who wants to share their thought to many and the same they’re earning. I’m sure you’ve hit the right market for this post!

    – Jack Leak

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