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More on Why You Need ProBlogger the Book [Video Tips and Bonuses]

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of April 2010 Video Posts 0 Comments

It’s been a couple of days since we launched the 2nd edition of ProBlogger the book and I’m hearing from many of readers who bought a copy that they’re finding parcels with it enclosed in their mail boxes.

The above video was produced by our publishers (Wiley) and is both a preview of the book but also holds some tips for bloggers from my co-author, Chris Garrett and I (filmed in Austin earlier in the year – one of the few times Chris and I have met in person).

In it we talk about some of the new stuff in the book but also talk about the challenges and benefits of blogging as well as each sharing 3-4 tips for bloggers wanting to make a living from the medium. View the video at full size here.

Bonuses for Owners of the Book

In my post earlier in the week when I launched the 2nd edition I mentioned some bonuses for those who buy it yet I failed to mention what they were. There are a growing numbers of bonuses included.

The bonus area includes:

  • a number of interviews with bloggers making a living from blogging
  • a video on installing WordPress
  • a pdf report with 102 headline ideas for posts
  • a pdf on blog traffic strategy.

Chris and I will be recording a few others in the coming week to add to this list. There are details on how to get access to the bonuses in the book itself.

If you don’t yet have a copy – it’s just $16.49 on Amazon.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks for sharing these bonuses with us. I’m so grateful for this great reference material – it was the first edition that helped me get my start. I had never visited the website, but I found your book and that led me here. I’ve been hooked ever since! :)

  2. The bonuses mentioned by you will be looking some quite outstanding features of the book will this book be as much as popular as the 31 days to build a better blog.
    Will be looking for the purchase of the book now or will be waiting for the review of the book written by Daniel at dailyblogtips. will be in two minds?

  3. I sure love bonuses.  Especially the “a pdf report with 102 headline ideas for posts”, sure helps create new paths for us to take.  As well, some may say it is only 102, but it doesn’t mean we can’t generate even more sub articles off of these.

  4. Looking forward to the book and bonuses. Thanks!

  5. I can’t wait to order your book! I’m just waiting for my next paycheck for my ad company and I’ll be ordering it.
    Keep up the great work!

  6. I bought the book this morning knowing nothing of the bonuses. What a great surprise. Thanks for all you do.

  7. I have heard good things about your book Darren, As soon as I have some spare cash i think I shall be getting it. What impresses me the most about problogger is that it gives out so much for free so anyone that moans about Darren selling a book is a lunatic!

    Your info over the past 7 months has really helped and inspired me, i never even though about blogging for profit until i read problogger, I have tried all sorts of stuff online to try and break from the rat race, forex trading, selling ebooks (failed before it even started) and even an amazon associates store, none of them i found interesting and none of them made any money.

    Blogging has yet to yeild me any significant financial gain, but I love blogging and helping others so the money is irrelevant at the moment. I am on the brink of launching my second blog, and guess what its a blogging tips site, it is heavily focussed on motivation and inspiring bloggers to trudge on through difficult times, and of course tutorials.

    People advised me not to ‘compete’ against you and the likes of dailybloggingtips and blogging pro, but to be honest i don’t see it as competing, I have my own spin on the subject, and try as I might I cannot find any other topic I would rather blog about. Who knows Darren maybe my blind ambition and relentless pursuing will one day make me successful.

    Thanks Darren for all your hard work over the years, you have helped a hell of alot of people, and you ask no thanks for it. All the best ;-)


  8. Mine should be in the mail today!! I can’t wait to see all the goodies! Just from being apart of this community has helped me develop my brand and blog!

  9. Great video. I plan to buy this book over the weekend. After purchasing and enjoying the first edition, I am very excited to read the new content.

  10. I’m so bummed that I just bought the first addition about 3 weeks ago…

    I’m sure that I will bite the bullet and place an order for the new one as well. The extras sound worth it.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  11. Chris, I didn’t catch it. What did they say about blogs or bloggers in Indonesia?

    Darren, I hope to get my copy soon. I expect the link to the bonus site comes with the book. Right?


  12. I’m never going to miss out on this book, I’m sure it’ll be wonderful!! I will be asking my parents for it, so may take some time.


  13. Great tips on the video!… Would love to write a post this summer for Problogger, get in touch :]

  14. Who doesn’t love bonuses? The bonuses alone are certainly worth the price of the book. You offer readers really great tips on improving their own blog for financial gain. I can’t wait to read it! :) Anyone who doesn’t buy this book is truly losing out. The video was great too!

  15. We have bought your new book, in the mail as they say.

    Thanks for the extras. That’s a classic case of “Under promise and over deliver!”

    Keep up the good work!

  16. I am getting this book !!! Cant wait to read it.

  17. Hi Darren and Chris

    I purchased your first book and read it within a day. I am looking forward to reading your new book. I have been using the ideas from your book along with the 31 days to build a better blog and I’m starting to see more traffic coming to my blog. I also have combine what I have learned from your blog with the insights I’ve glean from reading “Made to Stick”, by the Heath Brothers. This is a great book about making your ideas or blog sticky.

  18. The bonus bits look exciting and I am looking forward to getting my grubby mitts on the book. Unfortunately most of you guys will have read it by the time the boat arrives at Amazon.co.uk so I got a week or two to wait… Grrr!

  19. Emelie says: 05/01/2010 at 12:05 am

    Looking forward to it :)

  20. Wow, there are bonuses with it? That’s way cool. As soon as I found out about this book I decided to use the $23 I had set aside for “something to help with my blog” and got it… Should be getting it today! These bonuses are now icing on the cake. :) (Figured it’d be a better use of my funds than, say, something on website designs and coding…)

  21. just getting the first edition :)
    its great book and recommended for people who want make money from blogging ;)

  22. i’ve been a fan of your photography blog for about 6 months now. i learned about Problogger after reading about it from Decor8. i’ve been a regular visitor since.

    when you mentioned your photography blog in the video, your connection to Digitial Photography School wasn’t quite apparent to me, until just a few moments ago, when i opened my “Tips for the Weekend” email from DPS.

    the realization blew my mind. :) happy friday.

  23. Thanks! Just ordered my book from Amazon… can’t wait to get it!!

  24. Will definitely be buying this soon. All the bonuses you have are amazing. Certainly a great strategy is to write a book like this, and with the marketing and bonuses you give, it would almost be stupid to not buy it.

  25. Chris makes a very short and sweet point.

    ” It’s not going to be overnight”

  26. Darren, do those of us who buy the Kindle version get the bonuses as well? If so, how does that work?

  27. Got my copy today and post my take on the Introduction and the first chapter here at:


    Will take few more days to digest through the whole book The good part, however, beside the bonuses Darren has promised in this and other posts on the book, I also found a lot of excellent tips that I didn’t aware of its existence from Chris’ Copyblogger site.

  28. I liked this book, personally recommend all to read. it helped me in my site

  29. Farbeyondthestars dot com was started this last October and Ev is already up to 3000 rss subscribers, I think I success comes from what is driving the site creation, are you doing something unique and different that causes a movement or an idea? Or are you just another make money/seo/wordpress/zen/happy blog?

  30. Where do I get the book? I love this site, really helps me keep up to date. You guys are doing great things. Thank you.

    Aaron B.

  31. The video is Cool. I read your earlier book. Would love to read this one too :). It would have been really cool if i have got some discount coupons from anyone to buy the book ;).

    No prob, Will get one copy soon

  32. great video, thanks for sharing. I can identify with all that you are saying, although I am nowhere near you guys. One day, patience :)

  33. Thank you Darren and Garrett for a great video sharing. I just started reading the first few pages of your book and it is awesome

    Thank you and nice knowing you

  34. Hello Darren and Chris

    thanks for sharing this video, I really need this book, is there any discount coupons to buy this book ?

    Thanks :-)


  35. I’m probably going to pick up the problogger book. I’ve started my own blog a few months ago, but it’s been going nowhere. :( I’d like to find more tips on how to be a success in the blogosphere.

  36. Rachael says: 05/11/2010 at 10:57 pm

    For all this man’s hard work, the quality of both authors’ writing and the book itself are amateur at best. Also, there’s nothing in this book that you can’t get by saving your money and doing minimal searches on the Net.

  37. I decided to pick up the book for my iPad via Kindle. Can’t beat $9.99. :)

    Looking forward to reading it.

  38. You are really wonderful and I am following the lessons and articles day after day and I’m trying to learn because my blogger is still bad
    However, you will approach the success and will get the book soon
    Thank you for sharing

  39. Good deal, will pick this one up for my new Ipad. And yes Ive been making a full time income online but it took 3 years! I have not be able to make a successful blog yet (only websites), but I am working on it. Blogging is one of those seemingly easy things. Just post, but so much more is involved, and an X factor that is found in any industry.

  40. I’m enthusiatic about this project.
    I’m writing lots of content, which I consider good, but I haven’t been spending time in improving the overall quality of my blog.
    give me some ideas

  41. After reading your book I managed to turn my once small website http://www.real-e-money.com into a real business. My website is now very wellknown in my country and I get many many visitors.

    Thank you!

  42. I bought your 1st edition of your book and it is now my “pocket book”. I’m looking forward to buy this one and I can’t wait to read it!

  43. Man, I love your site.
    I saw that you close comments after 90 days.
    Why is it so ?

  44. I manage several blogs for myself and clients and the first edition helped me improve my skills and value to my current and future clients. Now I’m reading the 2nd edition via Kindle Reader on my PC and iPhone.

    How do Kindle readers access the bonuses?

    Thanks again for everything you do.

  45. I read your 1st edition of ProBlogger and now i shall purchase your second edition book as it is very good for a blog promotion

  46. Interesting! But you might want to check your comment plugin more carefully. You seem to be receiving some dodgy comments. I had the same conflict myself. So nowadays I look at everything with extra care.

  47. I am not really a fan of ebook, but i am going to get this one.

    love and regards,

  48. I admit, I have not been on this webpage in a protracted time… however it was another prize to see It is such an noteworthy area of study and ignored not later than so numberless, uninterrupted professionals. I gratefulness you to eschew making people more knowing of reasonable issues.

  49. I currently use a Lexmark, I’m OK using the quality but I am really unhappy with how quickly it goes by means of ink. I have to have a thing which could print good quality documents and not drain me dry while using expense of ink.

  50. you can’t. even in death somone will usually remember you one day and criticize you. you cannot please everyone, so do not even attempt.

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